Open Mic & Jams

This page is for regularly scheduled open mic & jams.We do the best we can to keep up. If you know of one, please tell us we're missing it. Or if you know one has cancelled, let us know. Always confirm with the venue before heading out.
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Tell me if I got them all email:


  • TP Millers in Kinberly: Open Mic every Sunday at TP Millers from 7 till 11


  • Black Market Bar and Grill, 5 Points, every Monday with Zach Doss
  • Blues, Soul, R&B Open Mic - @Wellington's Bistro
  • Legends Sports Lounge- W/ Lee Lee Tha Prezdent, We welcome all genres: R&B, poetry, spoken word, rap, jazz, and gospel! All musicians are welcome!

  • Wingin' It with Glen Butts at Champy's Alabaster every Monday starting at 6pm.

  • Henderson's open mic night with Aretta Woodruff and Henderson's Heart & Soul Band! 
  • Bar 31: Rick Carter Singer Songwriter night
  •   Open Mic w/ Finney James, Oak Hill Bar and Grill,   Homewood
  •   Moody Blue Bar in Moody: Sign up 7PM, Music around 8.




Birmingham has lots of cool open mics.

Music music play play woooo!

Lots of cool musicians.
 Good Times!
 Goooood Times man!


  1. Curious as to how many of these are willing to let under 18 musicians play?

  2. Recently moved into town, I will have to try some of these out! Do you have a recommendation for a good place to try first?

  3. Has anybody got & open mic night going on tonight ( I play / write funky reggae country songs) but I'm not a red neck ( not that there's anything wrong with that lol) or jam session going on that needs a good drummer ? If not happy festofus to you all.


  4. I have an up and coming artist that rap which i would love to get into your open mic. How do I go about doing that.