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This one is kind of self explanatory: 

2Blu and the Lucky Stiffs 

After Two Glasses

Amanda Caudill

Andrew Brasfield 

As A Nation Dies

Atticus Avenue 

Beyond Me 

Bill Ledbetter Project

Brad Cornelius Band

Brian Futch


Catherine Shaw Price

Daze of Broken Fate 

Domenion Band

Dopus Pennington 

The Dozens

Edward Hartline 

Eyes Like 20

Final Weapon

Gentleman Zero

George Griffin 

Glass Jars 

The Green Seed

Horses As Is 

Hunting Delilah

Hutch Edwards Project

Jackson Walls 

Jasper Coal

The M-80s 


Moth Face  


Rachel Hebert

Royal & Toulouse

Rus Spills Band

Sassy Brown Band 

Scott Grant 

Street Party in Liverpool

Throng of Shoggoths  

True Blue

Who Shot Lizzy? 

Blogs by artists: 

Blogga Pleaze

Polymath Moshpit

The Life & Times of Thomas Trussell

 The Dirt is Red

 Broken Rail

The M. David Hornbuckle Internet Archive 

Lucina Horner

Harmonic Rambling

An Indie Musician's Life 

Black Veil

Lucky Man Presents 

Indie Locale: Thoughts on Music, Books, Life, and Travel