Friday, February 5, 2016

The Dirty Clergy "Rattlesnake" Coming Soon! @ClergyRock

I admit to a pro Clergy bias as I begin to write this. Following these guys throughout the years I just like them a lot! Solid guys! Solid band! Solid sound! 

Almost the score to a rock-n-roll musical, "Rattlesnake" combines characteristics from multiple genres, multiple sounds and spins them into a smooth creation for a superb experience. At times the listener is transported to a traditional rock setting, but with the creative roll and almost cultish qualities of a Rocky Horror Picture Show sound track. 

It captures your interest like a story with undertones of American standards in an evolution of sounds from The Boss to Buddy Holly, from T-Rex to Nirvana. All, but none of the above, The Dirty Clergy make of music their own stew, diverse ingredients combining to form a unique flavor. Not harsh, but enough spice to wake the spirit of a sound, "Dirty" in the tastiest way.  

Look for "Rattlesnake" to be released soon: