Saturday, July 11, 2015

Very Simple Reminder of How Our Tagging System Works. #SHARE with #Bham

This tagging system has really helped me keep up with shows taking place on any given date in Birmingham.

You can let people know whatever you want to on each given day by tagging with this system.

I don't care if you tag that your brother is going on his first date, or that you are having doughnuts on that day or whatever, if you are so inclined. I personally will laugh at you if you tag things that are not important. But go for it.

It's simple.  

Easiest thing to do is either bookmark the page linked here, and just check each day as listed:

Or You can simply click on any link similar to this: #BhamJul11  which is simply the number symbol...or..."hashtag." Everyone should know how to do that by now. So # then the abbreviation for Birmingham - Bham, then the first three letters of whichever month you wish to search- Jul, then the number of the day of the month- 11. See...?

That should really be all I have to say. 

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