Saturday, July 11, 2015

Very Simple Reminder of How Our Tagging System Works. #SHARE with #Bham

This tagging system has really helped me keep up with shows taking place on any given date in Birmingham.

You can let people know whatever you want to on each given day by tagging with this system.

I don't care if you tag that your brother is going on his first date, or that you are having doughnuts on that day or whatever, if you are so inclined. I personally will laugh at you if you tag things that are not important. But go for it.

It's simple.  

Easiest thing to do is either bookmark the page linked here, and just check each day as listed:

Or You can simply click on any link similar to this: #BhamJul11  which is simply the number symbol...or..."hashtag." Everyone should know how to do that by now. So # then the abbreviation for Birmingham - Bham, then the first three letters of whichever month you wish to search- Jul, then the number of the day of the month- 11. See...?

That should really be all I have to say. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Well Holy Crap! Have You Seen the @SecretStages Line-up? #BhamJul31 #BhamAug1

It's funny how when I was first talking to Travis Morgan about writing something about Secret Stages I asked him for a list of the bands. 

I was going to go through and listen to them all and decide my "angle" or just how I wanted to approach sharing anything about Secret Stages. 

Now, I envision him on the other end of our communication thinking I must have, psychically, if not physically, maybe both, sounded exactly like Goofy from the Walt Disney cartoons. 

"Uh shucks, Hayuh Trayvis. I wont to uh leeyusin to all them bands. Theyun I uhl a wuhrite somethin! Uh-hoy"

And he would then, of course be obliged to respond as Mickey and say "Uh-huh! Yeah. Goofy...maybe you want to just pick a few of them to write about. OK buddy?"

And then Goofy would try to do it his way in spite of Mickey's good sense, and things would wreck, and break and everything would get muddy, and then we would be living in our hilarious Disney cartoon.  If that's your thing.

Well, kind of...

I do have to admit I'm just flat out intimidated by the sheer scope of the Secret Stages line up. Given that it doesn't claim to be a giant festival, or pump itself up through a bunch of hype, one might be inclined to mistakenly "just" consider it a small, home grown affair. 

Well, home grown the idea may be. And home grown the message and mission, yet it is anything but a "small affair."

Touting over 60 bands, this festival is exposing Birminghamians to music from around the country. It's obvious when you look at the bands and the schedule what this thing is about. It's a musical gateway.

Secret Stages has created an ebb and flow of creativity and connectivity that allows local bands to play alongside their peers and fellow musicians from all over the country. Some of these bands are well established and known commodities. But the vast majority are "need to know" bands, bands that are on an obvious track that makes Secret Stages a perfect opportunity for local listeners to catch them while they can. 

Hand picked, this list represents verified talent, so it isn't just a case of a handful of hacks that will hurt your ears. It's an opportunity for people to hear some good music, lots and freaking lots of it, and to catch some acts they can brag at having "seen when."

Birmingham in and of itself has become a force to reckon with in the national music scene. We've churned out, or been home to, many musicians who have not only developed commercially viable music, but also business models that have allowed for sustainable careers in today's changing music industry. You are far less likely these days to spend your money on some flashy, over produced band with a staff of promoters, than you are to spend a few bucks for a download or a slight bit more for an album from someone online, at any of the number of sources, self made, self managed.

This changing marketplace, changing music industry plays right into the concept of Secret Stages. This is your chance to get a live sampling of music while also having a good time at an affordable price.

As for the pricing, well that's pretty hard to beat. Granted, you just will not be able to see all of every show. It would be impossible. So I can't say you will see over 60 bands for the price of a ticket. But, well, you can see over 60 bands for the price of a ticket. You just have to decide who, when, where and how much of what you want to see.          

If you jump on it, until July 22nd,  you can get in for a mere $25 for the whole weekend. Even if you can't get your paycheck until the 23rd, you can still get an entire weekend for only 35 bucks.
You VIPers also have a more pricey option, which you no doubt can afford.

I still haven't had time to listen to all the bands. But that there...that is part of the draw.

Secret Stages is a real Birmingham thing. We should all be proud!

You know where: Downtown Birmingham
You know when: Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st

The Acrostics (Auburn, AL)
…and the lawyers (Montgomery, AL)
Bear Medicine (Lexington, KY)
Bo White Y Su Orquesta (Charlotte, NC)
Bonnie Montgomery (Little Rock, AR)
Brass Bed (Lafayette, LA)
Buke and Gase (Hudson, NY)
The Burning Peppermints (Birmingham, AL)
Captain Kudzu (Opelika, AL)
Cash Lansky (Tucson, AZ)
Chad Fisher (Birmingham, AL)
C1ub:A.M. (Birmingham, AL)
Coupler (Nashville, TN)
Culture Vulture (Savannah, GA)
Dalmatian (Macon, GA)
Dasher (Atlanta, GA)
Dead Balloons (Birmingham, AL)
Dot.s (Atlanta, GA)
Droves (Birmingham, AL)
Early Walker (Fayetteville, AR)
Eleven Year Old (Birmingham, AL)
Eugenius Neutron (Birmingham, AL)
Ghost Trees (Charlotte, NC)
Gold-Bears (Atlanta, GA)
\\GT// (Birmingham, AL)
Holly Waxwing (Birmingham, AL)
Holy Youth (Birmingham, AL)
Jabee (Oklahoma City, OK)
Jake Xerxes Fussell (Durham, NC)
The Kernal and The New Strangers (Jackson, TN)
Landlady (Brooklyn, NY)
Mega Ran (Phoenix, AZ)
Muuy Biien (Athens, GA)
Onawa (Asheville, NC)
The Pass (Louisville, KY)
PRECUBED (Pensacola, FL)
Raindeer (Baltimore, MD)
Real T@lk (Atlanta, GA)
The Regiment (Detroit, MI)
RMVBM (Auburn, AL)
Ryan Schaefer (of Royal Bangs) (Knoxville, TN)
The Sheiks (Memphis, TN)
Seratones (Shreveport, LA)
Shaw (Birmingham, AL)
Solid Sender (Birmingham, AL)
Spaceface (Memphis, TN)
Star Mic (Atlanta,GA)
Stay Tuned (Denver, CO)
Swampbird (Little Rock, AR)
Sweet Crude (New Orleans, LA)
Taylor and the Puffs (Birmingham, AL)
Temperance League (Charlotte, NC)
Through the Sparks (Birmingham, AL)
Timber (Birmingham, AL)
TONE (Washington, DC)
Tonk (Raleigh, NC)
Twin Limb (Louisville, KY)
Velouria (Birmingham, AL)
The Vibe Doctors (Jackson, MS)
Waking Astronomer (Atlanta, GA)
White Reaper (Louisville, KY)