Tuesday, April 7, 2015

@tonybrookband: Tony Brook at Daniel Day/ Dream Mecca Studios, Fri Apr24, 8:30pm w/ Evan Maddox on Bass & Andrew Kilpatrick on Drums

Tony Brook just released his 6th and 7th full length records, "Live from the 280 Boogie", (listen to selected cuts here ) with longtime sideman Evan Maddox on Bass and Drew Kilpatrick on Drums, the first ever live record released from   the  music festival from Waverly, Alabama, and "Songs from the 20th Century" with cuts written by Brook back in the 20th Century. It contains live cuts as well as studio cuts of popular Brook songs with a few special guest musicians.
Tony's popularity has been growing since he has been touring Great Britain from South Hampton to Aberdeen and all points in between, including several appearances on BBC Radio with Stephen Bumfrey and Keith Greentree .
A critically acclaimed songwriter, Tony Brook songs have been recorded by Legendary Alabama Blues Man, Billy Earl McClelland, the late Wayne Mills, and Kenny Heard to name a few.
Tony has played Venues across the U.S. and Europe (watch videos here) and has performed with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Steve Young, Johnny Neal, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings’ Band.
Tony has opened up for such acts as Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Government Mule, Tensely Elis, and Sam Bush.

In addition to his two latest releases Tony has written, recorded and released:
Tony Brook and the Blues Healers, "Live at the Supper Club"
The Tony Brook Band, "Cross and Chain"
Tony Brook, "Cardinal Sin"
Tony Brook, "Alabama Panorama"
Tony Brook Band, "Guerilla"

Tony Brook releases can be found at:


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