Sunday, January 4, 2015

@TwoStateNation - 5 Piece Female Fronted Garage Rock Punk Blues Fusion from #Bham -Listen Up

I am Shellina, the lead singer for Two State Nation... Hi! 

My friend and I started this band because we wanted to make a statement in Birmingham.

We wanted to see strong female musicians in rock in our town like we grew up watching. We love Joan Jett, Karen O & Courtney Love, females that have something to say and aren't afraid to do it and be called "unpretty". 

We want to fking rock. I hope that is okay to say and doesn't offend. I have been around this town a long time and I've seen so many wonderful female performers. We have an abundance of great soul singers, jazz singers, songwriters, beautiful voices...but we felt we lacked that rock aggression like we would see with all the guys in town?

We are loaded with dude fronted rock bands that kick ass! We just wanted to be able to make music that would be respected by the guys and loved by the girls. This may sound like a Martin Luther King Jr. Speech but we are serious that we don't want to just play gigs. We want to be known for the right reasons!

We are musically literate. We write and are inspired by poetry and classical writing, but we don't want to sound like a bunch of self inflated ass-hats just trying to over compensate for lack of talent. We aren't afraid to be ugly or sexy depending on your swing.
We just want to make sure our fans come to our show and sweat and are entertained to say....damn that was a SHOW!

Why spend $10 to see a local band and forget their name afterwards? 
This town has been so good to us! We are so new and we felt afraid to finally start playing after being in the crowd for so many years, but we have been given so much support, by fans and by our fellow musicians. It's meant so much to us.

Sorry to have written a long plea but sometimes I find this town can be too plastic and we just need to be real. We are a band. We WANT to rock. We WANT to play. We want to be heard. We WANT to change shit! We WANT to rock people's face off and do more and we aren't afraid to admit it!


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