Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Mr. @LionelRichie of Tuskegee Alabama

I'll admit to being a bit of a snob about music when Lionel Richie was a big hit in the 80s. I had been pummeled for years by bad, industry driven music and cliched videos. Not to mention I was full of teenage angst, and disco was still a thing of the present. 

What a good thing times have changed. Right?

Now mainstream music is industry driven, disco is a thing again and I'm full of "grumpy old man" angst. 

But I've got to begrudgingly hand it to Lionel Richie. He started doing his thing in the 60s, rolled right on through the last 5 decades and still looks pretty damn good on his world tours. 

He was Born in Tuskeegee, Alabama, starting out in several different R&B bands, until he settled into The Commodores... And geez...who doesn't love "Brick House?"


Now the 80s pissed me off, pretty much just all together. Saturday Night Live turned ridiculous and milquetoast, the United States was putting its foot in all the messes we've now submerged into completely, and we were shooting up love songs to distract our souls. So I wasn't fond of the direction of music with all the sappy love songs. 

And solo Lionel Richie, man does he make a love song. 

These days I do my best to hover above my own bias about love songs and the "default complacency propaganda" of the music industry.

 I can watch Lionel Richie's older stuff, and, well... respect the man.  It's moving stuff. The official video is very sweet, reflective of the childlike side of the 1980s, with the world denial which was prevalent in our culture at the time. Good thing denial is no longer a problem.

The music? The words are beautiful. The music, well produced. 
And did I mention, the love song part?

Lionel Richie is still bringing in large crowds, and in fact, as the US has done, so has Lionel Richie, spreading his stuff everywhere. 

In his mid sixties now, he tours the world, and has become even more popular. He has even become a hit in many Arab countries, performing in Morocco, Dubai, Qatar and Libya. 

In 2006, John Berman of ABC News reported "Grown Iraqi men get misty-eyed by the mere mention of his name. 'I love Lionel Richie,' they say. They can sing an entire Lionel Richie song." 

First of All, Servants of All,
We Shall Transcend All
Berman was told that Iraqi civilians were playing "All Night Long" the night of the US invasion. 

Richie has been touring every year as of late, with his 2015 European tour set to begin in early February.

So with all this, I guess I gotta say Lionel is still kicking ass. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

@PreserveJazz Festival Taking 2015 Off

In a statement today the producer of The Preserve Jazz Festival held at Sloss Furnaces has announced there will be no event this year.  

This comes only days after the announcement there would also be no BAAM Fest this year.

Dear PJF Fans,

After a great deal of thought, I have decided to take a sabbatical this year from producing the festival.

Thank you for your loyal support over the last 8 years and we may consider a return in 2016 with a rebranded/new jazz concept.


#BhamFeb7 at Henderson's - Birmingham Black & Minority Arts Alliance: Art, Music, Dance and Spoken Word

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#BhamJan28 - Preview: @HankandCupcakes with Amen Corner and Press @BottletreeCafe Wed Jan28


Hey Y'all!
Hank and Cupcakes here from Brooklyn, NY. 
On 1/28 we play our Bham record release show at The Bottletree w Amen Corner & Press
Our new album Ca$h 4 Gold was recorded in Brooklyn and parts of it were tracked in the subway stops in NY, Central park and even the Natural History Museum! 

Here are three music videos from our new record so you can get to know us: 

'Cocaina' (we shot this video with our iPhone!)

'Bat Your Eyelids' (shot on the Williamsburg Bridge in NY in reverse)

And if you're into that kind of thing, here is a chin-face video for our song 'Relax'

Can't wait to play for you, see ya at The Bottletree!
Hank & Cupcakes

Sunday, January 4, 2015

@TwoStateNation - 5 Piece Female Fronted Garage Rock Punk Blues Fusion from #Bham -Listen Up

I am Shellina, the lead singer for Two State Nation... Hi! 

My friend and I started this band because we wanted to make a statement in Birmingham.

We wanted to see strong female musicians in rock in our town like we grew up watching. We love Joan Jett, Karen O & Courtney Love, females that have something to say and aren't afraid to do it and be called "unpretty". 

We want to fking rock. I hope that is okay to say and doesn't offend. I have been around this town a long time and I've seen so many wonderful female performers. We have an abundance of great soul singers, jazz singers, songwriters, beautiful voices...but we felt we lacked that rock aggression like we would see with all the guys in town?

We are loaded with dude fronted rock bands that kick ass! We just wanted to be able to make music that would be respected by the guys and loved by the girls. This may sound like a Martin Luther King Jr. Speech but we are serious that we don't want to just play gigs. We want to be known for the right reasons!

We are musically literate. We write and are inspired by poetry and classical writing, but we don't want to sound like a bunch of self inflated ass-hats just trying to over compensate for lack of talent. We aren't afraid to be ugly or sexy depending on your swing.
We just want to make sure our fans come to our show and sweat and are entertained to say....damn that was a SHOW!

Why spend $10 to see a local band and forget their name afterwards? 
This town has been so good to us! We are so new and we felt afraid to finally start playing after being in the crowd for so many years, but we have been given so much support, by fans and by our fellow musicians. It's meant so much to us.

Sorry to have written a long plea but sometimes I find this town can be too plastic and we just need to be real. We are a band. We WANT to rock. We WANT to play. We want to be heard. We WANT to change shit! We WANT to rock people's face off and do more and we aren't afraid to admit it!


#BhamJan30- @roshambeauxlove @KickTheRobot @JSTGC - Fri Jan30 10pm @TheNickBham

"Hey Everybody, It's Kyle Iconic from Roshambeaux! We're really excited to be back in Birmingham! It's been WAY to long. We have a lot of new music to show you from our next release due out summer 2015 and we're bringing one of our favorite bands Kick the Robot with us! These guys are sick! You better not miss them! See you at The Nick January 30th!"

Thursday, January 1, 2015

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