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Buy Some Birmingham Music for Christmas! Support Local Artists and Listen with Joy!

What better way to find a unique gift for that hard to please friend or family member than to take advantage of some of these holiday specials. 

Scroll through this list of local musicians and follow the links to find great gifts. 

Musicians: Just enter the hashtag #BhamMusic4Xmas in a Tweet to sell your Christmas music or just your music for Christmas (I will share what I find also). Or you can email me your content and links to: (yes I and AOL are still around)

This list will be available throughout the holidays and is completely self serve. 

Support Local  Music!
Enjoy Local Music!
BUY Local Music! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fri #BhamNov27 9p @BanditosBand (Supporting their @BSHQ Bloodshot Records debut album) @SaturnBham

In support of their Bloodshot Records debut album,

are performing at:

Friday, November 27
9 PM show | $10-12 | 18+


Originally from Birmingham, AL, Banditos is a group - more like a gang, actually - of six 20-somethings, nowadays operating out of Nashville, close to, and simultaneously very far away from, the gleaming towers and industry hustle of Lower Broad and Music Row.

With the rugged power of a flashy Super Chief locomotive, the Banditos’ self-titled debut album bodaciously appropriates elements of ‘60s blues-fused acid rock, ZZ Top’s jangly boogie, garage punk scuzz a la Burger Records, the Drive-By Truckers’ yawp, the populist choogle of CCR, Slim Harpo’s hip shake baby groove, gut bucket Fat Possum hill country mojo and the Georgia Motherf**king Satellites. From backwoods bluegrass, to slinky nods to Muscle Shoals soul and unexpected bits of doo-wop sweetness, the Banditos recall many, but sound like no one but themselves.

The members of the band first met playing in various punk and rock ‘n’ roll projects around Birmingham at D.I.Y., all-ages venues. In 2010, singer/guitarist Corey Parsons and singer/banjo player Stephen Pierce began busking around town and were soon asked to perform at their favorite local bar. Without a full band they invited friends Randy Wade (drums), Jeffrey Salter (guitar), and Mary Beth Richardson (vocals) to join them.

Rolling Stone Country just premiered the band’s new music video for “The Breeze”:

Consequence of Sound launched the tune “Still Sober (After All These Beers)” and you can listen here:

NPR Music also premiered the song “Cry Baby Cry” saying, “Three vocalists, a wicked guitarist who also plays pedal steel, a banjo, an upright bass and a hot-footed drummer guarantee that every song they play is stuffed with crazy rhythms and melodic energy... The group came up in rowdy bars, and it shows. It plays to fill the room and turn it on.”

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Birmingham "Holiday Hot Mess of Hashtags" #HashtagEvents #BhamXMAS2015 #BhamNYE2015

This is simply a place to share and find holiday events in and around Birmingham. Enjoy and be careful.

Bham Yellow Cab (205) 222-2222


Monday, October 26, 2015

@TURKUAZ #BhamNov10 @ZYDECObham in Support of their New Album Digitonium, Joined by @Permagroove



Comes to BIRMINGHAM to headline ZYDECO

"This Brooklyn-based nine-piece delivers horn-filled funk incorporating elements of R&B, psychedelic pop, gospel, Afro-pop, New Wave, classic rock, and just about any genre that gets people dancing."

“’Digitonium, the ecstatic new album from Turkuaz, is a deep, wonderful odyssey into exploratory, futuristic funk.”

Listen/Share "Digital Love" from forthcoming album DigitoniumPremiered by PopMatters

Watch/Share "The Generator" (official music video) - Premiered by Glide Magazine

Daytrotter Session

w/ Special Guests 

Doors: 8:30PM
Show: 9:00PM


2001 15th Ave S.
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 933-1032

18+ // more info

Turkuaz is a 9-piece "powerfunk" army hailing from Brooklyn, NY, whose modern twist on the classic sound has placed them at the forefront of a new funk revolution. Their hooky group vocals and hard-hitting horns have brought dance floors to life across the country. Their vibrant color coordinated outfits and theatrical delivery create a lively visual circus, attesting their liveliness on stage, as well as in the studio.  

With the obvious influences such as Parliament, Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James and Earth, Wind & Fire as a starting point, Turkuaz adds healthy doses of jittery, world-pop-dance grooves. The band is a refreshing update to the funk idiom that, as described by Live For Live Music, "will raise the roof on any given night."

The band has just dropped their full-length album, Digitonium, released earlier this month. The 24-track album has more of a funky 80’s rock feel than their first (Future 86, 2014), and is described by the band as a concept album with its "Dada-esque slurry of words and lyrical imagery.”

Turkuaz's show is not one to miss. Daytrotter recently called the band “a cross between Talking Heads and Jesus.” Currently they are in the midst of a national Fall tour in support of Digitonium. They have hit venues and festivals such as North Coast Music Festival (Chicago, IL), Catskill Chill (Hancock, NY), Higher Ground (Burlington, VT), Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklyn, NY), and Paradise Rock Club (Boston, MA.)
 On Tuesday, November 10 you can catch the band at Zydeco in Birmingham.  

Lots of exciting things are happening in the world of Turkuaz and we'd love for you to come out and experience their funk phenomenon!

"There is a feeling of electricity and explosive color that comes from [Turkuaz's] sharp guitar riffs and horns, and a deep funky synth that brings to mind an 80s dance club"  GLIDE MAGAZINE

“Alongside funk appeal and palpable influences of George Clinton and Sly and the Family Stone, Turkuaz -- who describe the sound as 'Powerfunk' -- adds the catchy pop and groove of Talking Heads and Motown-inspired tunes.”  KDHX

"Turkuaz's rapid ascension to relevance can be aptly compared to how fast and focused they play onstage."

Magic City Music Festival #BhamOct30 @BJCC Legacy Arena, w/ @RickeySmiley @jodecimusic @DruHill4Real @RealDougEFresh @SWV_Fans Sisters With Voices



Birmingham’s Own Rickey Smiley Slated To Host Concert Featuring R&B Greats Jodeci, Dru Hill and Others

Residents and visitors to the “Magic City” are in for a musical treat during one of Birmingham’s liveliest weekends with the arrival of the Magic City Music Festival. The star-studded concert experience, presented by Coca Cola and Aaron’s, will provide attendees with a soulful journey down memory lane as they enjoy chart-topping hits from the ‘90s, ‘00s and today delivered by legendary R&B, Soul and Hip

Hop artists at this special, one-night only engagement. The concert will feature: Jodeci, Dru Hill, SWV and Doug E. Fresh, with host Rickey Smiley.

JODECI maintains the distinction of being one of the most successful R&B groups of the ‘90s releasing several multiplatinum albums that included chart-toppers like “Forever My Lady” and the well-received remake of Stevie Wonder’s classic “Lately.” The group recently reunited for a reunion tour, much to the excitement of thousands of fans nationwide.

DRU HILL scored seven number one singles on Billboard’s Top 40 during the group’s hottest run in the 90’s. Shortly after that, lead singer Sisqo had a successful solo career with hits like “The Thong Song.” Today, the group reunites on stage with an amazing show and an impressive musical catalogue.

SWV —short for Sisters With Voices—broke through in 1992 with a multi-platinum debut album named It’s About Time, which featured multiple R&B favorites, including the classic “Right Here.” The group recently announced the release of a long-awaited new album titled “Ain’t No Man,” which will be released on October 30th, the day of the Festival.

DOUG E. FRESH is often recognized as one of the best entertainers in the business, and he continues to wow audiences with his ‘human beat box’ ability. No one rocks a crowd like hip hop veteran Doug E. Fresh!

RICKEY SMILEY is a native of Birmingham and definitely a hometown hero and favorite. His nationally syndicated radio show continues to be a fan favorite in over 52 cities, and his comedic talent remains well received at comedy shows and festivals across the country.

Friday, October 30, 2015 , 7:30 PM
Legacy Arena at the BJCC
2100 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35203

TICKETS: $45 - $75 available by

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Please Read: Impending Modification to the BFP Tagging System Beginning #Bham2015Dec1

One important strategy here at BFP is for us to remain completely unpredictable and inconsistent.

We find that as long as we keep moving, the "powers that be" seem to find it harder to eradicate the growing mob that is the BFP community. 

What might seem like unprofessional, erratic, unplanned behavior is in fact part of our long term master plan to free Birmingham from the clutches of Evil. Yes...I said evil.  

Freedom is the goal for which we unabashedly and sleeplessly strive!  We will not rest until the Birmingham area is free to share. Free to listen! Free to LOVE!


So, yep... This is our roundabout way of saying we have to make a slight change to our tagging system. Trust us, it's all woven into the master plan of freedom. So learn the new self-serve tagging system and you too can be free and spread freedom, like a hero.

As many of you are aware, as indicated by the many people who have adopted its use, we created a tagging system. "Don't nobody own it" says Lee Waites of Freepressmusic. "We use it. Cause it's awesome! But anybody and everybody can use it too. Then they ain't gotta count on no other people to share the stuff they make. It's, y'know, like freedom, like Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. It's like things is meant to be until some ass-hat takes stuff and tells you you gotta buy it back from them cause they put a bow on it or something."

Although BFP (FreePressMusic) maintains an internal list of widgets to monitor and share this system it is available for the entire community, to whom it is offered freely and in good faith and for whom we encourage its use. See this link for our widget list: 

"Sorry I didn't think of everything when I dun thinked it up," says Waites "but ain't nobody perfect and this new way is better and besides, change is good." 

When the BFP tagging system was first initiated, it contained a simple three part system: Hashtag Bham, followed by hashtag month, followed by hashtag day of the month. For example- #BhamOct22. In the planning and implementation of this tagging system it was "assumed" says Waites, that the tags would be simple and the date tags of each different social media platform would allow for a clear distinction between the days and dates of different years.

"Well" says Waites "we all know what they say about asses and zooming and stuff, and what comes between a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, and, y'know, it's almost 2016. Times are changing. We ain't judging nobody. It's just a tagging system for events and music and, well, whatever." 

The new tagging system is slightly more complicated. The old system, which contained the 3 parts mentioned above, has been replaced by the new system, which now contains 4 parts. I bet some of you can guess what that fourth part is before you even read it. Yes...A year! So...instead of #BhamDec22 it will, BEGINNING IN DECEMBER OF 2015, read #Bham2015Dec22. I repeat. The new tagging system does not take effect until December of 2015. From that point on there is no foreseeable need for change. At least, at this time, we do not assume there will be.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

" #HappyBirthday to You" Copyright Struck Down! Song is Now Public Domain According to Federal Judge

After almost a century of subjugation to questionable copyright claims, the world may now freely sing "Happy Birthday to You" without paying royalties or the fear of legal action, according to Judge George H. King of Los Angeles Federal Court. 

Judge King ruled on Tuesday that copyright filed by the Summy Co. in 1935 granted only rights to specific piano arrangements of the music, not the actual song. 

In an article published by The Los Angeles Times, the ruling states that none of copyright claims to the song over the past 80 years have been valid. "'Happy Birthday' is finally free after 80 years," said Randall Newman, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the suit, which included a group of filmmakers who are producing a documentary about the song. "Finally, the charade is over. It's unbelievable."

Filmmaker Jennifer Nelson was asked to sign a licensing agreement and pay Warner/Chappell, the company claiming copyright to the song, in order to include it in her documentary Happy Birthday. But instead, Nelson decided to sue.

The song has been estimated to bring in around $2 million a year for Warner Music Group.Warner and the plaintiffs both agreed that the melody of "Good Morning To All," the original tune, had entered the public domain decades ago. Warner, however, claimed it still owned the rights to the "Happy Birthday" lyrics, leaning on the 1935 copyright claim.

Judge King ruled that there was no evidence that the Summy Co. - the original company to assert a copyright claim - ever legally obtained the rights to the "Happy Birthday To You" song from whomever wrote it, thus invalidating any future claims and striking down all previous ones and opening up the potential for a class action suit to recoup previous royalty payments.

George Washington University law professor, Robert Braune claims the ruling does not explicitly place "Happy Birthday To You" in the public domain. But that "Figuring out who owned [the rights] at this point would be quite an interesting job."

Warner Music Group has yet to indicate if they will seek an appeal of this ruling.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Just Around the Corner to @CukoRakko... What the Word Means and What to Expect: A Practical Guide


I'm kicking back at one of the Countdown to CukoRakko events at Cahaba Brewing, digging the band, watching Raymoon Vob spontaneously paint as people pass by him and check out what he's doing. I'm kicking back a really good beer with a content grin on my face when Jamie Glass, one of the founders and coordinators of CukoRakko comes and sits down beside me. He is a really friendly, positive guy. 

Painting by Raymoon Vob

We talk about how things are going, how everything is being organized. Jamie discusses some of his plans for CukoRakko, always thinking about how he can tweak things, but realizing what they have is already awesome. Little things, move a food truck here, place a vendor there, Jamie's mind is always hovering over things like any good host would do, promoting, planning and perfecting. But it's a relaxed perfection. There's a constant understanding that when you provide the basic structure, with an energy and a vision, certain things grow, the direction is organic. It needs only slight guidance.

For instance, this is the point where he leans in to me, looks me in the eye and says, with a slight, wry smile "y''s one word." 

Of course, I'm sort of mesmerized by everything going on around me, enjoying the band, listening to Jamie express his vision of CukoRakko, watching people dance, uh...drinking my awesome beer. So it takes a second for me to register that he is saying something to which I might need to actually respond. 

In my unique and articulate way I say "Huh?"
"It's one word...CukoRakko. It isn't Cuko...Rakko. It's one word...CukoRakko. No big deal but when you wrote about it, you wrote it as two words." He smiles and kind of half winks. He's funning with me. But...he is also very detail oriented. So of course he noticed. "I love what you wrote and it's totally not a big deal. But it's one word."

"Oh shit!" I say... "Damn, I wrote it as two words?"

"Yeah," he says..."But don't sweat it. I love what you wrote. I just thought I should mention, y'know, well it is our name." He smiles a really big harmless smile and pats me on the shoulder. You have to know Jamie. He and Greg have put their hearts and souls into CukoRakko. And their hearts and souls are good. Everything they're working on is about good stuff, good connections, good vibes.

"I'll fix that tonight." I say.

"Hey man. I'm just thankful for all the attention the festival is getting. I just..." Someone walks up beside him at this point and mentions something that needs some tweaking. In a perfectly non-offensive way Jamie Glass drifts away from me to attend to his baby, word.

So, let me just lay that one here for anyone who might have been confused. I am probably the only one. And it might be due to my age, or my frequent moments of enjoyment like the one I am currently experiencing, but for the meaning of the WORD CukoRakko, click this link:  (which has since been edited to reflect the Oneness of the word)

The band takes a break, and I wander outside for a minute where I find Greg Entrekin, another of the awesome founders of CukoRakko (one word). He and I brag on the band who has just played their first set, about a few things related to, I think parking, and pictures, and just goof talking between sets of the band. We go over some of the bands that will be at this Fall's CukoRakko, talk about which beer we're currently drinking...we both look around at the crowd, pleased by the scene. I laugh and mention I had written CukoRakko as two words in an earlier piece. Greg smiles at me. I don't get the impression, however, that he even gives what I just said another thought. He's focused on the band here tonight, on the bands that will play CukoRakko, on the crowd. His excitement about what is happening that night, what is coming at CukoRakko is infectious. My momentary self involvement is whisked away. We start back into talking about who will be playing at the festival and a few other things. We talk a lot actually, between songs and over beers. 

Watching Jamie and Greg organize their festival is fun and interesting. They don't relate to each other like a bromance or anything. They're obviously tight, close friends. But they are also like attentive, proud parents. You can always tell when two people work together well. They each hover about, constantly aware, but at a relaxed level of enjoyment. It's something sustainable. It's part of the family feeling CukoRakko has. Although Jamie and Greg spearhead this thing, you can tell by the way they both talk that their wives are supportive too, and play an integral part in the events. This is so crucial to the overall positive feeling of things. You just get a sense for a happy family.

By extension, if you are attending the festivals, or any of their events, you become part of the family. That's a good thing. So here are a few things you need to know when you become part of the family. Of course, first of all, you are loved. This is actually sincere. Don't forget it.

Now, I'll briefly go over some very important points. But do not allow my brevity to create the mistaken idea that any of these things are not important. 

CukoRakko is set in a privately owned nature park located in Steele Alabama. The grounds, Horse Pens 40, are magnificent, full of trails and rock formations and beautiful scenery. There are showers, an affordable restaurant, plentiful campsites with electricity if desired (for a small fee).  The campground is clean, the bathrooms are numerous. All of this needs to stay this way! If you are one of the lucky souls who gets to attend CukoRakko, please do your best to respect the property, don't go dragging limbs and logs out of the woods to build a fire. Ask where firewood can be obtained. Only build fires where there is a preexisting fire pit, or ring. And PLEASE do not bring glass containers. Cleaning up accidentally broken glass is a nightmare, glass is dangerous to feet.

Don't litter, of course. This doesn't seem to be a problem do to the nature of the crowd. But still needs mentioning. 

Don't bring your pets (service animals only).  

Relax. Music and people will be everywhere, people hula hooping, playing drums, playing guitar, etc. 

Drama: If you are the kind of person/people who instigate or bring drama with you, please do not even come to CukoRakko. If you need healing, it's the place to be. If you need helping, come in, free your mind from your troubles, let them go into the drum circle, into the yoga, let the vibrations of the music chew them up. But sorry to say, if you are into, or create drama, disruptions or conflict, you will be escorted from the premises. It's a music festival. People come to it to get away from that.  

There is a designated family area. Warning: things are just as fun in the family area! People are just a little more attentive to not stepping on little fingers, and the noise levels are toned down just a little bit very late at night. But due to the nature of a music festival, there is rarely absolute silence. If you bring your children, which the festival encourages, please supervise them.

You may bring food and drink, or buy food and drink from one of the awesome vendors. A combination is probably best. Whatever you bring, please remember it should be in cans or anything but glass. Same for coffee, etc. 

Make sure you understand the fee structure. If you are a volunteer, check with Jamie or Greg to see how the camping portion of your pass is covered. Parking is limited within the festival grounds. Check the website for the different parking options. (see link)

There are multiple activities, many artists, lots of cool things to do, drum circles, smelting, yoga, and bands. Yes, that's where I've been walking us to this whole time actually...the bands. 

The bands are a, if not the, centerpiece of the festival. Playing will occur randomly throughout space and time during the festival, but the main stage is located in the natural amphitheater, backed by glorious natural boulder formations providing a unique and excellent concert experience. The slightly sloped ground leading down to the stage provides for perfect seating, or dancing, or laying there, smiling and listening. Just however you choose to enjoy the main stage area...uh...within reason. There are families and this festival will tolerate no out of control folks. If you aren't messing up other people's experience, you are most likely doing just fine. 

Here is the band schedule:

If you need to know more about any of the bands simply click on the name and it will direct you to more information.

Friday 10/2:

Permagroove 6:00-7:00
Elijah Butler Band 7:30-8:30
Blue Moon Soup 9:00-10:00
Sidewalk Chalk 10:15-11:15
Downright 11:45-12:45
Downright Superjam 12:45-1:00

(See Youtube Playlist of Friday's bands) 

Saturday 10/3:

Tragic City 11:00-12:15
Mandi Rae 12:45-2:00
Earthbound 2:30-4:00
Pyrite Parachute 4:30-5:45
Festival Expressions 6:30-7:45
Little Raine Band 8:00-9:15
Winston Ramble 9:45-11:00
The Doctors and The Lawyers 11:30/12:45

(See Youtube Playlist of Saturday's Bands) 

Sunday 10/4:

Grateful Gospel Jamboree with Bluegrass Gospel music from Atlanta's Control Burn 11:00-12:15
Freekbass 12:30 – 2:00
Jess Goggans Band 2:30-3:30
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Madrid Express Featuring Carter Herring 4:00-5:30
The Yo Yo PAH! Harkestra. 5:30-6:30
Plus DJs and more TBA....

(See Youtube Playlist of Sunday's Bands)

If you have yet to obtain your tickets, go to this link, use the code "freepressmusic" to obtain your 15% discount. And enjoy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wes Day Discovers: @CoalYardHelena Open Mic w/ @Steve Norris (@JGeezer)

By: Wes Day | 9/20/15

A couple weeks ago, I found myself driving through beautiful downtown Helena with a brand new pack of guitar strings that needed to be put on before the gig that next night – so, I decided to stop off at a place I’ve been hearing a lot about called the Coal Yard to change my strings out over a beer.

When I walked in, Steve Norris – local singer-songwriter – was on stage in front of a crowd of smiling audience members intently listening to Steve as he picked a Guy Clark song I’ve always liked called “The Cape.”  After he finished, he asked if I’d like to pick a few tunes – I didn’t know it, but I had just walked into Steve’s OpenMic.  I played a few songs, and I was very happy with the stage, the crowd, the sound...  It all had a touch of Nashville to me – where people are happy to listen to original music and lesser known covers. 

The Coal Yard’s stage is designed beautifully, and aside from the aesthetics, the room is really designed with the acoustics in mind.  First of all, the room has a great head start with hardwood floors and a tall ceiling – wooden beams exposed. You also might notice the stage’s creative use of cylindrical concrete molds which make up the back wall, and if you have any understanding of acoustics, you recognize the value that brings to the table by deflecting the sound while simultaneously reducing likelihood of feedback loops.  On even closer inspection, I happened to notice that what I had originally took to be simply screen doors hanging on the walls had actually been filled in with foam and covered with fabric (sound treatment).  Alright, that’s as technical as I’m going to get on you, but suffice it to say, they were thoughtful in their stage design, and it’s to everyone’s benefit – musicians and patrons alike.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried their food yet, but I can attest to the fact that their bartender won’t leave you there waiting for service, and the waitresses were all very nice and attentive from what I could tell.  In between listening to the talent on stage, I took note on several occasions as I watched faces chewing with smiles, so I’m looking forward to my next trip in so I can try out the menu.

Tips on parking: Parking is super easy.  There are usually spaces in the front, but your best bet is to head to the back of the building. 

Steve Norris’ Open Mic is on Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm.  Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

@BJCC to Launch 270 Seat Forum Theater #BhamOct18 w/ @ToddSnider and @Elizabeth_Cook

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex on Oct. 18 will open the doors of a new performance space - the intimate 270-seat Forum Theater - with a concert featuring singer-songwriters Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook.

"Seeing Todd Snider live is a very unique experience and has brought Todd’s music to the front lines of the underground taping scene. As some may know, Todd has always encouraged the recording and sharing of his live shows, following in the footsteps of The Grateful Dead, Phish, The Black Crowes, and countless others." -

The Forum Theater is located in the 10-story Forum building at 950 22nd St. North. The Forum, which also houses meeting and conference space in addition to upper floors reserved exclusively for multi-tenant commercial office use, is in the midst of a major refurbishment to be completed later this year.

“When this building was constructed in 1992, it was known as the Medical Forum, and this space was outfitted as a lecture hall and auditorium designed for lectures, distance learning and medical oriented programming” said Tad Snider, Executive Director and CEO of the BJCC. “Over the years, the use of the building has evolved, and when it became time to update the meeting spaces, we also determined it was the right time to create a new entertainment venue at the BJCC that will have a natural synergy with Uptown.” The Uptown Entertainment District, a BJCC-owned restaurant plaza, is adjacent to the Westin Birmingham, less than a block from the Forum.

The renovated space features brand new audio and video systems, a sophisticated ETC dimming system, 7.1 surround sound and digital projection for a true movie theater experience and excellent acoustics in a contemporary, intimate performance space.

“The updated Forum Theater adds a truly unique performance space to our inventory that will be ideal for a variety of musical, spoken word and dramatic performances, as well as films, lectures and community events,” Snider said.

Tickets for the Oct. 18 opening performance at the Forum Theater will go on sale at 10 am Central Daylight Time, Monday, Sept. 21 at

For information about booking the Forum Theater, contact Susette Hunter, Director of Sales and Marketing, or 205.458.8441.
About the BJCC: The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex is Alabama’s foremost convention, meeting and entertainment center. It is home to three exhibition halls, a vast array of meeting rooms and three entertainment venues including Legacy Arena, the state’s largest indoor event space. The BJCC campus also includes Alabama’s largest hotel in the 757-room Sheraton Birmingham as well as The Westin Birmingham Hotel and the Uptown Entertainment District.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

@ErathOld Music Video Premiere & Release Party @WorkplayBham Tue, #BhamSep29

Erath Old, a Birmingham based singer-songwriter, will host a release party at Workplay Theater Tuesday, September 29th in support of his new music video for the single "Hey Y'all". He will perform a full show and premiere the video in entirety on the big screen.  Supporting acts are Matt Bennett and Trey Lewis also out of Birmingham. Erath is giving a FREE CD with every ticket purchase. Redeemable at the door. Doors will open at 6:00pm. Tickets $5adv/$7dos Available online at

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Very Simple Reminder of How Our Tagging System Works. #SHARE with #Bham

This tagging system has really helped me keep up with shows taking place on any given date in Birmingham.

You can let people know whatever you want to on each given day by tagging with this system.

I don't care if you tag that your brother is going on his first date, or that you are having doughnuts on that day or whatever, if you are so inclined. I personally will laugh at you if you tag things that are not important. But go for it.

It's simple.  

Easiest thing to do is either bookmark the page linked here, and just check each day as listed:

Or You can simply click on any link similar to this: #BhamJul11  which is simply the number symbol...or..."hashtag." Everyone should know how to do that by now. So # then the abbreviation for Birmingham - Bham, then the first three letters of whichever month you wish to search- Jul, then the number of the day of the month- 11. See...?

That should really be all I have to say. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Well Holy Crap! Have You Seen the @SecretStages Line-up? #BhamJul31 #BhamAug1

It's funny how when I was first talking to Travis Morgan about writing something about Secret Stages I asked him for a list of the bands. 

I was going to go through and listen to them all and decide my "angle" or just how I wanted to approach sharing anything about Secret Stages. 

Now, I envision him on the other end of our communication thinking I must have, psychically, if not physically, maybe both, sounded exactly like Goofy from the Walt Disney cartoons. 

"Uh shucks, Hayuh Trayvis. I wont to uh leeyusin to all them bands. Theyun I uhl a wuhrite somethin! Uh-hoy"

And he would then, of course be obliged to respond as Mickey and say "Uh-huh! Yeah. Goofy...maybe you want to just pick a few of them to write about. OK buddy?"

And then Goofy would try to do it his way in spite of Mickey's good sense, and things would wreck, and break and everything would get muddy, and then we would be living in our hilarious Disney cartoon.  If that's your thing.

Well, kind of...

I do have to admit I'm just flat out intimidated by the sheer scope of the Secret Stages line up. Given that it doesn't claim to be a giant festival, or pump itself up through a bunch of hype, one might be inclined to mistakenly "just" consider it a small, home grown affair. 

Well, home grown the idea may be. And home grown the message and mission, yet it is anything but a "small affair."

Touting over 60 bands, this festival is exposing Birminghamians to music from around the country. It's obvious when you look at the bands and the schedule what this thing is about. It's a musical gateway.

Secret Stages has created an ebb and flow of creativity and connectivity that allows local bands to play alongside their peers and fellow musicians from all over the country. Some of these bands are well established and known commodities. But the vast majority are "need to know" bands, bands that are on an obvious track that makes Secret Stages a perfect opportunity for local listeners to catch them while they can. 

Hand picked, this list represents verified talent, so it isn't just a case of a handful of hacks that will hurt your ears. It's an opportunity for people to hear some good music, lots and freaking lots of it, and to catch some acts they can brag at having "seen when."

Birmingham in and of itself has become a force to reckon with in the national music scene. We've churned out, or been home to, many musicians who have not only developed commercially viable music, but also business models that have allowed for sustainable careers in today's changing music industry. You are far less likely these days to spend your money on some flashy, over produced band with a staff of promoters, than you are to spend a few bucks for a download or a slight bit more for an album from someone online, at any of the number of sources, self made, self managed.

This changing marketplace, changing music industry plays right into the concept of Secret Stages. This is your chance to get a live sampling of music while also having a good time at an affordable price.

As for the pricing, well that's pretty hard to beat. Granted, you just will not be able to see all of every show. It would be impossible. So I can't say you will see over 60 bands for the price of a ticket. But, well, you can see over 60 bands for the price of a ticket. You just have to decide who, when, where and how much of what you want to see.          

If you jump on it, until July 22nd,  you can get in for a mere $25 for the whole weekend. Even if you can't get your paycheck until the 23rd, you can still get an entire weekend for only 35 bucks.
You VIPers also have a more pricey option, which you no doubt can afford.

I still haven't had time to listen to all the bands. But that there...that is part of the draw.

Secret Stages is a real Birmingham thing. We should all be proud!

You know where: Downtown Birmingham
You know when: Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st

The Acrostics (Auburn, AL)
…and the lawyers (Montgomery, AL)
Bear Medicine (Lexington, KY)
Bo White Y Su Orquesta (Charlotte, NC)
Bonnie Montgomery (Little Rock, AR)
Brass Bed (Lafayette, LA)
Buke and Gase (Hudson, NY)
The Burning Peppermints (Birmingham, AL)
Captain Kudzu (Opelika, AL)
Cash Lansky (Tucson, AZ)
Chad Fisher (Birmingham, AL)
C1ub:A.M. (Birmingham, AL)
Coupler (Nashville, TN)
Culture Vulture (Savannah, GA)
Dalmatian (Macon, GA)
Dasher (Atlanta, GA)
Dead Balloons (Birmingham, AL)
Dot.s (Atlanta, GA)
Droves (Birmingham, AL)
Early Walker (Fayetteville, AR)
Eleven Year Old (Birmingham, AL)
Eugenius Neutron (Birmingham, AL)
Ghost Trees (Charlotte, NC)
Gold-Bears (Atlanta, GA)
\\GT// (Birmingham, AL)
Holly Waxwing (Birmingham, AL)
Holy Youth (Birmingham, AL)
Jabee (Oklahoma City, OK)
Jake Xerxes Fussell (Durham, NC)
The Kernal and The New Strangers (Jackson, TN)
Landlady (Brooklyn, NY)
Mega Ran (Phoenix, AZ)
Muuy Biien (Athens, GA)
Onawa (Asheville, NC)
The Pass (Louisville, KY)
PRECUBED (Pensacola, FL)
Raindeer (Baltimore, MD)
Real T@lk (Atlanta, GA)
The Regiment (Detroit, MI)
RMVBM (Auburn, AL)
Ryan Schaefer (of Royal Bangs) (Knoxville, TN)
The Sheiks (Memphis, TN)
Seratones (Shreveport, LA)
Shaw (Birmingham, AL)
Solid Sender (Birmingham, AL)
Spaceface (Memphis, TN)
Star Mic (Atlanta,GA)
Stay Tuned (Denver, CO)
Swampbird (Little Rock, AR)
Sweet Crude (New Orleans, LA)
Taylor and the Puffs (Birmingham, AL)
Temperance League (Charlotte, NC)
Through the Sparks (Birmingham, AL)
Timber (Birmingham, AL)
TONE (Washington, DC)
Tonk (Raleigh, NC)
Twin Limb (Louisville, KY)
Velouria (Birmingham, AL)
The Vibe Doctors (Jackson, MS)
Waking Astronomer (Atlanta, GA)
White Reaper (Louisville, KY)