Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#BhamJan11 - Jocelyn Arndt @JocelynSongs at @HighNoteLounge Sunday, Jan 11

Boston-based singer/songwriter, Jocelyn Arndt, recently released her new EP, Strangers In Fairyland, in October. The EP, mastered by Brad Blackwood (Maroon 5, Saving Abel, Eve 6), brings Jocelyn's signature raw energy and striking vocals to a new level. 

Strangers In Fairyland is available now on iTunes, here: http://bit.ly/1oQIwWJ and fans can stream the album over at Artist Direct, here: http://bit.ly/1FMhp47.

Jocelyn and her brother/co-writer Chris began to reach past their living room practice space when they were barely teens, playing anywhere they could find permission and a power outlet. While Jocelyn's distinctive vocal style took shape, Chris' guitar skills flourished, both drawing inspiration from local classic rock stations and their parents' bottomless record collection.

The duo soon became known for their stylized songs and powerful performances borrowing equally from classic rock and contemporary indie energy. The music is stunning, mature, sensual, and always impassioned.

At the same time, the siblings recognized another common strength. Both excelled in academics. When Jocelyn completed high school, graduating as Salutatorian, she was accepted at Harvard University. Chris, not to be outdone, finished school a year later as Valedictorian. He was offered enrollment at Yale, but with the duos music gaining traction and a development deal on the line he opted to join Jocelyn at Harvard. This critical decision allowed Jocelyn and Chris to accelerate their writing and complete their debut EP while at the same time providing a common home base to perform and tour from.

Regarding Strangers In Fairyland, the singer-songwriter states, "Chris and I have been writing music together for several years but I finally feel that the music we created for this EP truly reflects our identity, which we've laid out for the world to hear and judge... a little scary! Whether people believe in it, find inspiration in it, leave it or love it, this music makes us happy and knowing that anyone might just take the time to listen is one of the most wonderful experiences we have ever had! Simply put... we're STOKED!"

Strangers In Fairyland has given Jocelyn Arndt the opportunity to work with Grammy award-winner Brad Blackwood (Maroon 5, Saving Abel, Eve 6) who mastered the EP. Throughout her musical career, Jocelyn has played the Big Apple Indie Music Series, Black Bear Music Festival, Move Music Fest, and the Utica Music & Arts Festival as well as appearing live on Fox Television's Good Day New York. In addition she's shared the stage with artists such as Magic Man, Ryan Montbleau, Shawn Rowe, and Shinobi Ninja, performing throughout New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The EP brings Jocelyn's signature raw energy and striking vocals to a new level. Both Jocelyn (19) and her brother Chris (18), continue to blend alt-rock texture with strong hooks to create broad-genre appeal. The result is worlds beyond ordinary.

(The High Note | 414 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard South. Sunday, Jan 11 )

WEBSITE: www.JocelynArndt.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/JocelynArndtMusic
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/jocelynsongs
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/JocelynArndt



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