Monday, September 15, 2014

TOUR ALERT: Soko at Workplay - 10/10 - @SoKothecat

"Lets be honest - a lot of music sounds the same these days and
we've been waiting for something to cut through the noise. Well, the charmingly gritty Soko is sure to do that. She’s fabulously French (meaning more in the warm baguette and Bridget Bardot way then in the "ne parle anglais" sort of way), a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning actress who happens to be one hell of a looker – think Edie Sedgwick minus the vulnerability.

"You mightrecognize her from that "First Kiss" viral video as one of the 20 strangers kissing for the first time (she's the sexy and funnily shy blond girl kissing the girl).

"The video shot her song "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" to no. 1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. It's off of her debut I Thought I Was An Alien (praised by Stereogum, Vogue, etc.), which drew on the loss of close family members, including her father, at a young age. Her forthcoming second full-length, My Dreams Dictate My Reality - produced by the super cool Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive-In) - will be a much ballsier affair. It's coming out in Winter 2015.
"She has toured with Ariel Pink and that gang of lo-fi hell raisers, Daniel Johnston and that lovely trouble-maker Pete Doherty, among others. Soko has also worked with Cornershop and has collaborated with Spike Jonze on some videos and at least one short film."

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