Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday's Live Music and Events 5/6/14

@WorkPlayBham : Today 7:30pm- The Kevin Gordon Band w/ @Amy_Mccarley @kevingordonmuzk - Via:@MBerueffy The... http://fb.me/2RyDQs66z

Black Market 5Pts: Today 3pm- Bully Booth @ Dog Day Afternoon - via: @BamaBullyRescue @BlackMarketGeo http://fb.me/1bLRfUHHB

@wobfivepoints : Today 8pm- Birmingham Vaudeville's FIRST TUESDAY - STRIPES - @Audemusfest http://fb.me/6xYOgjcuO

@IronCityBham : Today 8pm- M. Ward wtih special guest Mt. Moriah - @mwardtweeting @mountmoriahband http://fb.me/2C00MXPZf

Matthew's Bar & Grill : Tonight 8pm- BREE w/ @ThomasTrussell http://fb.me/34Y92OzZx

Hilltop Again, Adger: Tonight 7pm- @Jackson_Walls at Bike Night - @annadonnette @RayJeromeWalls http://fb.me/ZUrqiJSU 

@BottletreeCafe: Today 9pm- Say Hi / Big Scary - @ericelbogen @bigscarymusic http://fb.me/1mv9xU4bv

@IronHorseCafeAL: Today 8pm- Open Mic Night w/ Dee Dee Rockstar http://fb.me/183h8rEn3 

@IronCityBham : Today 5pm- Live Music in the Grill: @JessePayne http://fb.me/36e2ELFJ9

@Stillwaterpub : Today 10:30pm- Eric McGinty's Exhibit(s) http://fb.me/3hgFYMLIw

@BJCC: Today 8pm- Brit Floyd http://fb.me/1lBR2lmbd

@TinRoofBHam : Today 7:30pm- @1025thebull presents @LocashCowboys http://fb.me/3kkbqB0Bc

@DixieFishCo: Today 8:30pm- Birmingham’s Best Trivia with Matt and Scot - @MASSonJOX http://fb.me/3eyNKTLIY

Courtyard Alabaster: Today 7pm- Open Jam w/ @RyanFlynt http://fb.me/1fl3LVN38

The Forge: Today 7pm- Social Cancer/SfB Presents: Cult Leader//Yautja//{{GT}}//Deism//SEDR 77 http://fb.me/6pStWulWf

Today's Treat: 

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