Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thursday's Live Music and Events 5/8/14

@champys119 ,Alabaster: Thur 6pm- Glen Butts and Sassy Brown - ( @glenandlibba )

@BusyBeeCafe_ALA Cullman: Thur 7:30pm- Mike Slaten

Alys Stephens @ascbham: Thur 8pm- Light Dreams II

The Red Shamrock Pub, Mt. Laurel: Thur 7pm- @Jackson_Walls Debut show - @annadonnette @RayJeromeWalls 

@thenickrocks: Thur 9pm- @SamHoltBand / Heath Green & The Makeshifters / @CodeyBearden - @HeathGreenMusic

Brookwood Mall: Thur- StreetKar 

@BottletreeCafe: Thur 9pm- @WakeOwl / @MimickingBirds / @WarJacket

@Zydecobham : Thur 10pm- Sir Mix A Lot (featuring) - @TheWhiskeyDix - @therealmix

@IronHorseCafeAL: Thur 8pm- X-Y: An Avenged Sevenfold Tribute Band

@BillysSportGril English Village: Thur 7:30pm- MICHAEL WARREN & MEGHAN ELLIOTT

Superior Grill: Thur - Farmer's Daughter - @FDRocks

@WorkPlayBham : Thur 6pm- @ALSymphony presents: The Rise of Exotic with Electronica by DJ Coco

@WorkPlayBham : Thur 6pm- Eric Watters

@Stillwaterpub : Thur 10:30pm- Todd & Wes Simpson

@Pub261: Thur- Zippy D Acoustic

@TinRoofBHam : Thur10pm- Erica's Playhouse - @EricasFanpage

@roguetavern: Thur 6pm- Adam Justin Gannon

@BirminghamZoo: Thur 5:30pm- Rollin' In The Hay

@MoesBBQBham Lakeview: Thur 8pm- Davis Nix

@ShelbysPelham: Thur  - Bike Night w/ Kolby and Jeremy

Courtyard 280: Thur 6pm- Robert & Cecil Acoustic (MissUsed)

Today's Treat:


  1. You put down the come no mention of Brookwood Mall?

    1. It was shared only as a picture, which didn't allow for any search by text or data. Usually there is some form of text in the message and not just an image. Thanks for reminding me.
      Brookwood Mall: Thur- StreetKar