Thursday, May 1, 2014

(Preview) @thenickrocks : 5/17/14 - Amigo - @AmigoTheBand w/ @theoldpaints @yhammerheart and @ReverseOrder

AMIGO is touring behind their full-length debut Might Could, which have received rave reviews from the press and action on the Americana Music Association’s radio chart.

AMIGO will perform at The Nick on Saturday, May 17th at 10:00 PM with Old Paints, Yellow Hammer Heart and Reverse Order. General admission is $6.00. Patrons must be 21 and older. For more info:

As Paul Zollo from American Songwriter Magazine says, "This is what it’s all about – a great band of good musicians who know how to write funny songs, sad songs, clever songs, songs that rock and roll. There is no gimmick here: Amigo is the real thing.” 


Elmore Magazine raved, “Exceedingly upbeat to the point of absolute euphoria, Amigo creates a celebratory sound that harkens back to rock ‘n’ roll’s very beginnings. Not that they’re a bunch of giddy wannabes- not hardly- but that classic, carefree exuberance is evident throughout Might Could. After all, when an album kicks off with a song titled ‘Where Have All the Bad Times Gone (To)?,’ it clearly suggests a sense of eternal optimism. And when a tune called ‘(Miss You) Every Day That You Are Gone’ is given a doo-wop delivery rather than a sullen send-off, that’s indicative of a generally sunny disposition as well. Fortunately though, that isn’t their only calling card. Were that the case, then Might Could might have come across as cloying or contrived. The unaffected innocence of ‘I Love You’ or a tune like ‘Best Laid Plans,”’ which rings with the cheery enthusiasm of a classis Poco track, score points for lack of affectation, while also avoiding the pretense and posturing that frequently passes for pop these days. Like any good friend, this trio requires nothing more than a willingness to share the good vibes. Happily, there are plenty here to go around.”

UCLA Radio said, "this is as good as any debut album can get."

AMIGO consists of band members Slade Baird (guitar,vocals), Adam Phillips (drums, vocals) and
Thomas Alverson (bass guitar). The 11 original tracks on Might Could, recorded and mixed by Scott Solter (Superchunk, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice), are a masterful blend of Americana, blues, honky-tonk and rock and roll, with tasty layers of pedal steel guitars, horns, pianos and organs. It is not easy to label this band with one genre of music. From the pedal steel driven opening track “Where Have All the Bad Times Gone?” to the toe tapping, Fogerty inflected closing track “Good Luck,” Might Could will appeal to fans of bands such as Wilco, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Band and early Whiskeytown.

Hear Might Could streamed here

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