Thursday, May 1, 2014

(Preview) @WorkPlayBham : 5/16/14 Seven Handle Circus - @sevenhandle


Formed in 2010, Seven Handle Circus is a six-piece Atlanta band that has been critically acclaimed as “rowdy bluegrass” with the “drive and energy of a rock band.” Elements of rock, punk and alternative infuse their shows and they have even rocked crowds with rappers such as T-Pain & Yung Joc. On their debut EP, Whiskey Stills & Sleeping Pills, Seven Handle Circus draws from their love of traditional bluegrass and folk and distills these influences into a modern sound that is all their own.

"Ok, so we are not really a bluegrass band" says Seven Handle Circus' lead banjo player Colin Vinson. "We have these instruments, the acoustic sounds, but we really just play whatever we want".

"I think it’s about finding beauty in music, in whatever form, and packaging it up in the Seven Handle way in order to share it with the world" elaborates Shawn Spencer, guitarist for the band. "And sometimes, it's just about playing a little bluegrass."

With themes ranging from the fun of drinking to the complexities of life, Seven Handle Circus shares the beauty of the music they love, along with plenty of new surprises. Whiskey Stills & Sleeping Pills debuted at #10 on the Roots Music Report Bluegrass Chart and #28 on the Relix Jam Band Chart. The band has been touring heavily for the past two years, and have headlined Chattanooga, Tennessee’s acclaimed Nightfall Concert Series-where Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and Nickel Creek played before gaining fame. In 2013 Mumford & Sons invited the band to play with them at The Fox Theater in Atlanta, after the platinum-selling Englishmen just happened upon an acoustic set 7HC was playing at the bar next door to the historic theater.

"A Seven Handle show is all about keeping it interesting, for the audience and for ourselves" says drummer Jeff Harrison. That's right a drummer. “How could this be a bluegrass band if there is a drummer involved? We like to go for a ride, play a lot of different stuff, jam a little bit, sneak in some eclectic covers that the audience doesn't expect, exactly where they lease expect them."

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