Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday's Live Music and Events 5/5/14

@wobfivepoints : Today 8pm- Los Tres Amigos for Cinco de Mayo at World of Beer 
Pablos150: Tonight 5-10pm- Adam Justin Gannon plays Cinco De Mayo 

Mexico Lindo Bar and Grill: Today 5:30pm- The Even Steven Duo 

@CantinaBham : Today 5pm- MissUsed Unplugged for Cinco De Mayo 

@davespub : Tonight 9pm- The Regals w/ @FinneyJames (Instead of Tuesday) for Cinco de Mayo - @jobu2677 Josh... 

@LaPazBham: Today 5pm- Earthbound's Cinco de Mayo Party - @earthboundbham

@CommVess HQ: Today 7pm- D.L.S. Institute Dj Lessons And Sessions - @JeffC80

Courtyard Oyster Bar: Today 8pm- @VelcroPygmies

@legends_lounge : Today 8pm- Red Carpet Open Mic - @FeenomenalMusic

@BottletreeCafe: Today 9pm- @diybirmingham presents: Thee Tsunamis / The Counselors

@thenickrocks: Today 9pm- The Vagrant Symphony @WinstonRamble @LittleWarTwins @PhilDudleyMusic

@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Today 7:30pm- Open Mic

@IronHorseCafeAL: Today 7pm- Trivia Night w/ All You Can Eat Crab Legs and Shrimp

@WorkPlayBham : Today 7pm- Singer/Songwriter Series (Week 1)

@Stillwaterpub : Tonight- Trivia and Comikaze

Today's Treat: 

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