Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wednesday's Live Music and Events 4/23/14

Redzone Bar & Grill, Calera: Wed 4pm- DJ Scorpio http://fb.me/6rhBWu6tX

@Pub261: Wed 8pm- Rebel http://fb.me/3qpndqBYz

@IronHorseCafeAL: Wed 8pm- @MillerLite Singer/Songwriter Night hosted by Rick Carter - @rickguitar http://fb.me/37BXKaRxS

Oasis: Wed 9pm- Todd Vickery http://fb.me/3nfCD3lxo

@WorkPlayBham : Wed 6pm- Beverly Owen and Friends http://fb.me/6xPW46YEP

@onasmusicroom: Wed 8:30pm- Chansonnier Jazz Trio http://fb.me/13oZe4LXc

@_MargaritaGrill : Wed - Rob West http://fb.me/2S210JAk9

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Wed 6pm- Join Goodfellas every Wednesday night http://fb.me/8Banapzxd

Cajun Steamer in Trussville: Wed 6pm- MissUsed http://fb.me/2JL7PXXKf

Superior Grill: Wed 6:30pm- @jackson_walls

Courtyard Oyster Bar : Wed 7pm- UNDERCOVER TRIV?A http://fb.me/2iS25eMSN

@BottletreeCafe: Wed 8pm- OPEN MIC NIGHT - Original Music Showcase http://fb.me/1dgYg0cw4

@AvondaleBrewing: Wed 8pm- @uglybabyimprov brings April Flowers http://fb.me/3rQfeCpSR

@WorkPlayBham : Wed 8pm- Rising Appalachia w/ Kevin "Kalimbaman" Spears . - @RisingApp http://fb.me/1tmXIyNXu

@IronCityBham: Wed 8pm- The Zombies - @TheZombiesMusic http://fb.me/3mbVUPLTI

@roguetavern: Wed 8pm- @1047WZZK FREE Concert Series - @TheSwonBrothers http://fb.me/2abS3XDVy

@Stillwaterpub : Wed 10pm- @DirkQuinn Band http://fb.me/2qiL1BIn8

@GPBrewing : Wed 7-10pm- Open Mic at Good People w Andy Harris 

Little Ds Bessemer Airport: Wed 7pm- Creative Arts Open Mic every Wednesday night w/ Jason Henley -@BigHillDilligaf.

@PaleEddies : Wed 9pm-  Open Mic w/ @FinneyJames

@Satterfields: Wed 6:30pm- GLEN BUTTS - @glenandlibba

Today's Treat:

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