Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday's Live Music and Events 4/2/14

@WorkPlayBham : Wed 6pm- BEVERLY OWEN and MICHAEL D. CALLAHAN (with Friends) http://fb.me/36TJ9oo7v
@Urban_Standard: Wed 8pm- @ASCsArtPlay Improv and @UglyBabyimprov Unite! - @ASCsArtPlay http://fb.me
@BottletreeCafe: Wed 9pm- Willie Watson / @PhilosMoore - @WillieWatsongs http://fb.me/2uP0p6eiG
@thenickrocks: Wed 9pm- Your 33 Black Angels - @y33ba http://fb.me/1cp7mQD7O
@_MargaritaGrill : Wed- Rob West http://fb.me/2OvOtxHar
@Zydecobham : Wed 7pm- @AllTimeLow tour w/ @ManOverboardNJ and @Handxguns http://fb.me/1ffAhbFgX
@RojoBirmingham: Wed 7pm- Pub quiz (trivia night) with host Justin Johnston http://fb.me/6zDpc8Xx9
@IronHorseCafeAL: Wed 8pm- @MillerLite Singer/Songwriter Night hosted by Rick Carter - @Rickguitar http://fb.me

Oasis: Wed- Todd Vickery –no cover http://fb.me/6j4GRdq0h
@greybar280 : Wed 9pm- Acoustic Cafe http://fb.me/2TU7KEICN
@BillysSportGril Liberty Park : Wed 6pm- Goodfellas every Wednesday night at Billy's Liberty Park http://fb.me/6HloGqusw
@WorkPlayBham : Wed 8pm- Southern Soul Assembly ft. @jj_grey_ @MarcBroussard @Anders_Osborne @LutherDickinso-... http://fb.me/6vfpEuVxN
@WorkPlayBham : Wed 8pm- Ben Taylor - @bentaylorHQ http://fb.me/13iuHJxcw
@onasmusicroom: Wed 8:30pm- JSU Jazz Band with Andy Nevala - @JSUNews http://fb.me/2LYMqQo9D
@Stillwaterpub : Wed 10:30pm- The Big Tasties http://fb.me/16z4hP69f
Todd English Pub: Wed 6pm- @ErathOld http://fb.me/3J7reg11B
Bethel Baptist Church, Odenville: Wed 7pm- @EmbersInAshes and @Finding_Iris http://fb.me/13jBA4H5o
Volcano Gentleman's Club, Ensley: Wed - Premier Wednesday's: This week- Lil Javier - @urwifeyfavdj @iamcavalli http://fb.me/37A5JAUkl

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