Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Live Music and Events 4/22/14

King Quad in Montevallo: Today at 1pm - UMEC's Earth Day Festival http://fb.me/11X2Y5Xhk (Cancelled)

@BBGardens (Botanical Gardens): Today 6pm- Green Tie Affair - @AEConline http://fb.me/2irxb5i7C

Birmingham-Southern: Today 7pm- Symphonic Band Spring Concert - @FromTheHilltop http://fb.me/6jhI6BzD8

@IronHorseCafeAL: Tonight 8pm- Open Mic w/ DeeDee

@BottletreeCafe: Today 9pm- Protomartyr / Whatever Brains / Deism http://fb.me/1ralUeJWL

@TinRoofBHam : Today 7:30pm- @1025thebull presents Leah Turner - @leahturnermusic http://fb.me/auXg5hZRM

@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Today 7:30pm- Gregg Curry & Friends http://fb.me/1tnbUzsw8

Oasis: Today 9pm- Sean "Rockstar" Heninger & Danielle McDonald Davis - @ddavispurebarre http://fb.me/3qN8N2xTA

@thenickrocks: Today 9pm- The Starlite DeVilles / My Electric Heart - @StarliteDeVille @MEHofficial http://fb.me/1k5wMeMdj

@Stillwaterpub : Today 10:30pm- Eric McGinty's Exhibit(s) http://fb.me/39KcnO8aO

@WorkPlayBham : Today 8pm- @SteveMoakler w/ @CodyFry http://fb.me/6ot9Yjyld

@davespub : Today 8:30pm- Bob Marston http://fb.me/2qN6vSydk

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