Monday, March 10, 2014

Wednesday's Live Music and Events 3/12/14

@WorkPlayBham : Wed 6pm- Beverly Owen with Michael D. Callahan (and Friends)

@IronCityBham : Wed 8pm- George Thorogood & the Destroyers - @thorogoodmusic 5pm- Live Music in The Grill: Marc...

@BottletreeCafe: Wed 8pm- Open Mic Night (Original Music Showcase)

@thenickrocks: Wed 9pm- The Decadence

@_MargaritaGrill : Wed- Rob West

@RojoBirmingham : Wed 7pm- Pub quiz (trivia night) with host John Lytle Wilson

@IronHorseCafeAL: Wed 8pm- @MillerLite Singer/Songwriter Night w/ Rick Carter

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Wed 6pm- Goodfellas every Wednesday night

Superior Grill: Wed -Pearman Park

The Forge :
Wed 7pm- Drums like Machine Guns, Yakuza, Seaton XOXO, Permanent

@onasmusicroom: Wed 8:30pm- Steve Roberts Quartet with Ashley Roberts

@Pub261: Wed - John Mac & Gio

@Satterfields: Wed 7pm- @GlenAndLibba

Red Wolf Lounge: Wed 8pm- Open Blues and Soul Jam

@Stillwaterpub : Wed 10:30pm- Scott Hudson & Friends

@PaleEddies : Wed 9pm- Open Mic w/ @FinneyJames

Today's Treat:

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  1. Robert aka Delicious of MissUsed at the Cajun Steamer tonight.