Monday, March 31, 2014

Tuesday's Live Music and Events 4/1/14

@thenickrocks: Tue 9pm- Enthean, Voyage Of Slaves, Formulus, Avavago
@IronHorseCafeAL: Tue 8pm- Open Mic Night w/ Dee Dee Rockstar
Oasis: Tue - Tony Brook –no cover
@WorkPlayBham : Tue 7:30pm- @BobbyTomberlin & @BillLaBounty via: The Writer's Share -@MBerueffy
@Pub261: Tue- Karaoke
@Stillwaterpub : Tue 10:30pm- Eric McGinty's Exhibit(s)
Courtyard Alabaster: Tue 7-10pm- Open Mic with @RyanFlynt

@davespub : Tue 9pm- The Regals welcome Matt Willis & @TaylorHunnicut - @FinneyJames

@TinRoofBHam : Tue 7:30pm- @TheSwonBrothers - via: @1025thebull

Today's Treat:

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