Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thursday's Live Music and Events 3/20/14

@AlsOnSeventh: Thur 6:30pm- Open Mic | THE FINALS at Al's on Seventh http://fb.me/2y40hYW05

@Big1Motorsports: Thur 6:30pm- BIKE NIGHT MARCH 20TH with ELIJAH BUTLER BAND - @jobu2677 http://fb.me/2etAgySzK

The Foreign Exchange Experience: Thur 7pm- EXPERIMENT: An Open Mic - @TheForeign1 @Afreevoice http://fb.me/6FriZhsVH

@seedscoffee: Thur 7pm- @MattBednarsky - @BednarskyWorld http://fb.me/6kcPBXs27

@HighNoteLounge : Thur 7pm- @Psychostick http://fb.me/35QEeyKJ0

@ALTheatre: Thur 7:30pm- @BrianReganComic - http://fb.me/3nGq3TctJ http://fb.me/1GYmnNQ97

@AvondaleBrewing: Thur 7pm- EAT A PEACH ( @AllmanBrothers Tribute ) http://fb.me/6xMcKui8f

@eclipsecoffee : Thur 8pm- Wide Open Mic http://fb.me/2W8AvsFaA

Redzone Bar and Grill in Calera: Thur 8pm- Jessie Minor - @JMinorCountry http://fb.me/1ehpwcT3b

@thenickrocks: Thur 9pm- @NicoleAtkins / Arc Iris / @DaveyHorne - @arcirismusic http://fb.me/14nBBHHCI

@BottletreeCafe: Thur 9pm- @PeelanderZ / @HarMarSuperstar / ThunderKrotch http://fb.me/2MyicZwFx

@ParksideBham: Thur 9pm- @LosColognes & Spaceface via: @theaudiovore - @spacefacemusic http://fb.me/13WUqSlZm

@MoesBBQBham Lakeview: Thur 9pm- River Dan http://fb.me/2Ku1A7FxB

The Red Shamrock, Mt. Laurel: Thur 7pm- WAG - @wesandgreg http://fb.me/37dxrO1Oe

@_MargaritaGrill :
Thur- @ErathOld http://fb.me/6Fq9yzVMb

@BhamMoonlight : Thur 7:30pm- Moonlight’s 4th Birthday and First Day of Spring (See Link) Dan Farmer, Jay... http://fb.me/12LFnGQnA

@Zydecobham : Thur 9pm- @Reaction_Media Presents SoMo - @OfficialSoMo http://fb.me/1eax7Nokm

@IronHorseCafeAL: Thur 9pm- Rebel Acoustic http://fb.me/79vh55N6e

@BillysSportGril English Village: Thur 9pm- Kat Delacruz http://fb.me/34tiFZU9P

Superior Grill: Thur- Farmer's Daughter - @FDRocks http://fb.me/1gd6HjXst

The Club, atop Red Mountain: Thur 5pm- Jilla and Kurt - @Jillawebb2 http://fb.me/29avL1jbJ

@UABArts Hulsey Recital Hall: Thur 7:30pm- Jazz Combos directed by Carlos Pino and Steve Roberts - Free http://fb.me/2HVqCIKyE

@WorkPlayBham : Thur- 6pm- Eric Watters 8pm- @TheVespers w/ @CarolinaStory & Joel Madison Blount - @jmadisonblount http://fb.me/2YVaqlr89

@IronCityBham : Thur- 5pm- Matt Willis and @TaylorHunnicut 7pm- @BhamMtnRadio 's @OhBrotherRadio Live http://fb.me/33mlOs1G4

@onasmusicroom: Thur 8:30pm- Pedro Louis Mayor Trio http://fb.me/41WDttvMx

Thur- Boss & Huck http://fb.me/2TAtdWbtY

@Stillwaterpub : Thur 10:30pm- Matt Willis and @TaylorHunnicut http://fb.me/3801oIR8u

@TinRoofBHam : Thur 10pm- Erica's Playhouse - @EricasFanpage http://fb.me/10a7IgxAB

@TylerNavarres :
Thur 8pm- Karaoke with DJ Jason Shell (cash prize) http://fb.me/2W6vKcERv

@Hooverlibrary : Thur 6:30pm- The Clay States http://fb.me/6jDCclrNW

@roguetavern: Thur 10pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg http://fb.me/13eEIPWkH

Today's Treat:

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