Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 3/22/14

Gadsden Convention Hall : Sat 2pm- Songwriter Competition / Gadsden Fund a Film Fest!

@wobfivepoints :  Sat 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix at World of Beer

@CahabaBrewing: Sat 6:30pm- Andy & Breely - @theoldpaints

Das HAUS: Sat 6pm- Be Here Now: An Equinox of Enchantment (See Link) - @Erynias

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 7pm- Jim Dawg Parks Band

@champys119, Alabaster: Sat 7pm- Sassy Brown Trio

Matthew's Bar & Grill: Sat 7pm- @7StoneRiot with special guest Enlivened

Carver Theater: Sat 7pm- Blues!! - Rob Harris, @StovallMose @ShaunJudahYo @HenryGipGipson Evelyn Williams,

Partner's Lounge in Anniston: Sat 8pm- Mike Erwin

Irish Bred Pub Montgomery : Sat 8pm- ALTER EGO ROCK BAND W/ SPARE PARTS

Carl's Country in Prattville: Sat 8pm- ROBBIE SELLERS

@CrestwoodTavern : Sat 8:30pm- Jessie's Girlz

The Rollercoaster Pub & Grill in Bessemer: Sat 9pm- @Cotton_box_Road

@StirAuburn: Sat 9pm- @MarqueeMayfield

@eclipsecoffee : Sat 10pm- @DanSartain / Hawaii

@Stillwaterpub : Sat 10pm- The Dozens - @TheDozensAL

@thenickrocks: Sat 10pm- Plague of Pilgrims - @plaguepilgrims

@_MargaritaGrill : Sat- Patrick Travis / Robert Abernathy

Sat 7:30pm- @RunawayHomeBand / Julie Lee - @julieleemusic

@Zydecobham :
Sat 6pm- @TakeActionTour w/ The Devil Wears Prada ft. @theghostinside / I Killed the Prom Queen...

Sat 10pm- Dirty Pop - @DirtyPopRock

Oasis: Sat- Dirty McCurdy Band

Superior Grill: Sat- Live Wire

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 9pm- @CivilTwilight w/ @ForeignFields Via:Bowe Inc. @BoweOBrien

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 8pm- @KimRichey w/ Caleb Chancey of @warjacket

@IronCityBham : Sat 6pm- Live Music in the Grill: @LindseyHinkle

@greybar280 : Sat 10pm- The M-80s - @m80srock

@onasmusicroom: Sat 9:30pm- On Purpose with Dwight Houston

@Pub261: Sat- Burning Bridges

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill, Argo: Sat 9pm- Rebel Yell

T. Wayne's BBQ Smokehouse: Sat 7pm- Neil Dover

@roguetavern: Sat- James Miller Duo

@MoesBBQBham (Lakeview): Sat 9pm- Five Shot Jack - @fiveshotjack

Alys Stphens @ascbham: Sat 8pm- Taj Mahal - @kingbmahal

Krewe on First: Sat- Clint Chalkley

@PaleEddies : Sat 10pm- Josh Gilbert - @joshgilbertband

@TinRoofBHam :
Sat 10pm- Wes Looper

Overtime Bar:
Sat 8pm- Rebel - @OVERTIMEBARAL

Old Car Heaven @OCHBHAM : Sat 8pm- @PhilPerry / Shawna P - @shawnapsings

RP Miller's, Kimberly: Sat 10pm- Eric Welford - @eric_welford

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