Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 3/15/14

(Friday / Sunday)
@NatchezTraceHD Harley-Davidson in Tuscumbia: Sat - Skinny Molly and The Shakedown Kings- St. Patty's Day party.

Local Color Cafe, Springville: Sat 7:30pm- Henri's Notions w/ Alabama Academy of Irish Dance
@davespub : Sat - The Wringers
@greybar280 : Sat - OutShine - @Outhinerox

T. Wayne's BBQ Smokehouse: Sat 7pm- Johnny Azari
Marty's PM: Sat - Jason Bailey Celtic Trio
@wobfivepoints : Sat 7pm- Onlive - (party starts 7am. See link for details) - @OnLiveBand
Black Market 5 Pts: Sat "after the parade" - @FisherGreenBand at The St Patrick's Celebration! - @ChadFisher77 @HeathGreenMusic
WARNING! Sat ALL DAY- Bagpipers will be all over the place! Just relax and feel the ear burn. NOTE: Beer Helps!
Red Shamrock, Mt. Laurel: Sat 10am- Shamfest- (See Link) @TheWhiskeyDix @JasperCoal @TheTurnRocks ,F-Five, Ray...
WARNING! Southside: Sat 1:30pm- The 30th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade (See Link) (starts at Alys Stephens goes...
On Tap Sports Cafe: Sat- (Many Bands-See Link) @JasperCoal @StuartMcNair 12pm Alabama Pipe and Drums 1:15pm...
Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum, Tuscaloosa: Sat 12pm- The Alabama Blues Project Advanced Band
@SawsJukeJoint: Sat 2pm- Brooks and Greg at benefit for Ashby
Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson:Sat 6pm- Ms. Johnnie and the Jammers
@seedscoffee: Sat 7pm- @JeremynMoore with @TheHeavy_Hearts
@BottletreeCafe: Sat 7pm- DOC ADAMS & friends
@GPBrewing : Sat 6pm- The Blue Ribbon Healers at Good People
@BJCC: Sat 8pm- Elton John
Courtyard 280 : Sat 8pm- Rebel
@MoesBBQBham Lakeview: Sat 9pm- True Blue - @CHTrueBlues
@Stillwaterpub : Sat 10:30pm- Assata Shakur
@TinRoofBHam : Sat 10pm- Johnny T
Krewe on First: Sat- Chris Shaw
@roguetavern: Sat 10pm- @JasperCoal - St. Patty's Day Celebration
@thenickrocks: Sat 10pm- Throng of Shoggoths / The Pedal Stills - @ThrongShoggoths @thepedalstills
@_MargaritaGrill : Sat- Patio 1- Rob West Patio 2- Chip McCain
@Zydecobham : Sat 10pm- Sean Rivers Band - @seanriversmusic
@IronHorseCafeAL: Sat 10pm- Mr. Mayhem
Oasis: Sat- The Amazing Live Seamonkeys
Superior Grill: Sat- Crooked Road
The Forge: Sat 7pm- Caust / Kilgore Trout / Teen Death / Love is a Black Widow / Alderaan
@ParksideBham: Sat 8pm- (Many Bands- See Link)- @dirtylungs205 @deadfingersband @feral_child_ @thomaswarren ---...
@WorkPlayBham : Sat 8pm- @Sam_Bush (documentary filming by Self-Proclaimed Entertainment.)
@IronCityBham : Sat 6pm- Live Music in the Grill: Tim Brice
@onasmusicroom: Sat 9:30pm- Ona Watson and Champagne
@Pub261: Sat- Cowboy Down
Beef o' Brady's, Hoover: Sat (Many Bands- See Link) @JasperCoal 7-9pm / Bad Brad & @SipseySlims 9-11pm / Sassy...
@CahabaBrewing: Sat 6-9pm- Sam Pointer
Codzilla's in Argo: Sat 9pm- Sassy Brown Band
Papa Saia's: Sat- 2-6pm- Tracey and Alan 8-12- Riley Green
@TylerNavarres : Sat 9pm- Jason Mayo

@ascbham Alys Stephens: Sat 6pm- Taste of Asia - @Imrankhanworld @iamMickeySingh &

@ShelbysPelham: Sat- Patrick Travis 

Rio's Bar and Grill, Helena: Sat 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix 

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