Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(Preview) @thenickrocks: 4/20/14- @DarylHance

"Hello Birmingham! Weeeeeelllllll Aaaaaaaaalllllllllright!!!!!

"This is Daryl Hance. It's been almost 2 and a half years since I was at The Nick. Really looking forward to getting back there this April 20th 2014, and going for another round with some of the fine folks down there. Maybe we can get The Nick to do some kind of an Easter Egg hunt where the lucky winner can get a free beer or something? Ehhh?

"As of now, I have album #2 in the oven baking away and it's almost done, hopefully out by late summer or early fall. This album will be another record full of dark, dirty, greasy, funky, bluesy, rock and roll music just like the first one was. Only this time around, a good bit more on the grease and a little less on the fat.

"In case you missed my first album from 2011 Hallowed Ground, here it is again! By all means,  please pass this around and don't bogart: Free Download (free song is called "Gotta Have It" @ bottom of the list)

"Hope you're having a great late winter/spring, and hope to see you on Sunday April 20th at The Nick!!!"

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