Friday, March 21, 2014

(Preview) @thenickrocks: 3/24/14 - @thebelleweather (See Video)

Dear Birmingham-

"My band and I released our debut album, "Hold On," last summer at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, and this is our first chance to get out and tour on the album.

"We're making the trek from Milwaukee to New Orleans and back - a journey that holds some significance for me, personally.  Many of the songs on the album recall a stretch of time I spent in Louisiana some years ago, and this journey will take me back to the place where the songs originated.

"The story of the album moves forward from that time through Hurricane Katrina and The Deepwater Horizon tragedies - two events that pulled me back and brought my time in Louisiana into sharp focus."
- Eric Cox   

The Belle Weather

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