Monday, February 3, 2014

Thursday's Live Music and Events 2/6/14

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@hooverlibrary: Thur 6:30pm- Dave Crenshaw Trio - @davcrenshaw

@GPBrewing : Thur 5:30pm- WAG music @ Big Benefit Run & Ride at Good People 

Courtyard Alabaster: Thur 9ish- A Touch Of Black - @8Carly

Pablos, hwy150: Thur 6:30pm- Adam Justin Gannon

@EpiphanyTtown w/ @druidcitybrew: Thur 6pm- Benefit for @BWRiverkeeper- a Farm to Table Dinner

@thenickrocks: Thur 9pm- @LaFinAbsolute du Monde / My First Circus

@BottletreeCafe: Thur 9pm- Man Man / Xenia Rubinos - @manmanbandband @xeniarubinos

Stuckey's in Montgomery: Thur 9pm- GRIMEFEST TOUR 2014

@_MargaritaGrill : Thur- Morgan Copes

@BhamMoonlight : Thur 7:30pm- @GrantPeeples, w/ Amelia White & @AnneMccue

@cheahabrewingco Anniston: Thur 7:30pm- Chas Cmusic and Victor Dunavent

@CrestwoodTavern : Thur 8pm- What Light Songwriter Night w/ Bob Marston... Songs, compositions, poetry, comedy…any original expression will do. 

@Zydecobham : Thur 9:30pm- Trinidad James - @TrinidadJamesGG

@IronHorseCafeAL: Thur 9pm- Jager Muffin

@ShelbysPelham: Thur 6pm- Kolby and Jerm Show - @kolbymele

@greybar280 : Thur 9pm- Jared White

@BillysSportGril English Village: Thur 9pm- JARRETT SMITH & FRIENDS

@WorkPlayBham : Thur 6pm- Eric Watters

@IronCityBham : Thur 6pm- Will Cash , Taylor Hunnicutt and Matt Willis

@onasmusicroom: Thur 8:30pm- Pedro Louis Mayor with Ashley Roberts

@Pub261: Thur- Matt Broach

@Stillwaterpub : Thur- AJ Beavers & Friends

@TylerNavarres : Thur 8pm- Karaoke with DJ Jason Shell (with cash prize)

Red Shamrock Pub, Mt Laurel: Thur- Rebel

@TinRoofBHam : Thur 10pm- Matt Bennett - @Matt_Bennett

@The Foreign Exchange Experience: Thur - THE EXPERIMENT hosted by Voice Porter!! Poets/Spoken Word... 

@Champy's119 Alabaster: Thur 6pm- Rick Carter and Johnny 

@Bar31: Thur  Cole Sweatt acoustic - No Cover

The Forge: Thur 7pm- Bleed The Pigs/Rebel Scum/ Hooded Prisoner/ Idols

T. Wayne's BBQ: Thur - Jesse DEberry

Superior Grill: Thur 7pm- Even Steven Duo

Barrister's Bar: Thur 8pm- Zach Doss 

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