Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunday's Live Music and Events 3/2/14

DANIELDAY GALLERY: Sun 2pm- Elijah Butler Band - @jobu2677

@CosmosSouthside :  Sun 12pm- Heath Green Plays Cosmo's Brunch - @HeathGreenMusic

@Zydecobham : Sun 4pm- Pack the House Showcase w/ @AbandonThisOath @BrandedXRocks @Trapaw (more- see link)

@BottletreeCafe: Sun 11am- Brunch with Seasick Records - @seasickbham

@UABArts - Alys Stephens, Morris K. Sirote Theatre @ascbham: Sat 2pm- Clarinet Symposium concert - Free

@WorkPlayBham : Sun 8pm- @GrahamColton "Lonely Ones Tour" w/ @CumulusBand

@thenickrocks: Sun 9pm- The Unlikely Hero / @PhilosMoore - @NeedAHeroTUH

Alys Stephens, Jemison Hall @ascbham: Sun 3pm- @ASYOmusic /@ALSymphony Side-by-Side

@SamfordU Harrison Theatre: Sun 2:30pm- Freeman Theatre and Dance Series Production: The Light in the Piazza

@SamfordU @WrightCenterSU: Sun 4pm- @BhamBoysChoir & Patty McDonald - jazz ensemble - "Traces of Blue."

@Stillwaterpub : Sun 10:30pm- Tyler Diuguid

@RailroadPark: Sun 3pm- @EtcBham presents Vulcan's Underpants! - (17th Street Plaza Section A)

@GPBrewing Good Market : Sun 2pm- Via: Nomad's Land - @thenomadsland

Sportsters BarandGrill in Hueytown : Sun 8pm- Jackson Walls - @RayJeromeWalls w/ Burning Bridges, Justin Stinnett, Bucking Rodeo, and more.

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