Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 2/22/14

(See  Friday)

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 4pm- Husky Raver / Biggievstupac Free Afternoon Show http://fb.me/6JzWgOl9C

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 9pm- Leslie & The Lys / Dean & The Delilahs / Boone County Comedy - @midwestdiva http://fb.me/2j5Membao

@CahabaBrewing: Sat 6:30pm- Secrets Of Dating - Audio Live - via: @theoldpaints http://fb.me/Yb00s95t

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 7:05pm- Lefty Collins Band http://fb.me/6DWFr5k2W

@SawsJukeJoint: Sat 5:30pm- Rick Carter

Superior Grill: Sat 7:15pm- Crooked Road http://fb.me/6siifuaTU

@thenickrocks : Sat 9pm- @Ben_Gallaher / Mandi Rae / Jonny & The Black Frames / Evil Eye - @mandiraemusic http://fb.me/11VvMZDhV

@Oteys Tavern : Sat 9:30pm- Bourbon & Bleach http://fb.me/2fEZFZrcq

Lakeview Country Club in Lake View, Alabama:
Sat 9pm- Nathan Jackson Live - @NathanJ_Music http://fb.me/2GofTrlvJ

Courtyard Alabaster : Sat 9pm- Sudden Impact http://fb.me/6w9LIFcBu

Overtime Bar: Sat 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix http://fb.me/1jLAsD82d

@_MargaritaGrill :
Sat- Patio#1 - @ErathOld Patio#2 - Rob West http://fb.me/1Eq1FDO0U

@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Sat 7:30pm- The Onlys http://fb.me/1bVVWYWgA

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill in Argo: Sat 9pm- Todd Simpson & @MojoChild http://fb.me/2MVn3jU69

@Zydecobham : Sat 10pm- The Lacs featuring Old Southern Moonshine Revival - @TheLacsMusic @OSMRmusic http://fb.me/1aG9r9i8d

Main St Tavern, Montevallo: Sat 8pm- Rebel
@IronHorseCafeAL: Sat 10pm- @HaleyandAlexis Band http://fb.me/19EjbDuQT

Oasis: Sat- Matt Casey Band http://fb.me/6CtMfvWyk

@greybar280 : Sat 10pm- Outshine - @Outshinerox http://fb.me/6lVNcGa35

@IronCityBham : Sat 6pm- Live Music in the Grill: @LindseyHinkle http://fb.me/35yjc42w4

@onasmusicroom: Sat 9:30pm- Kelley Oneal with @kayoband http://fb.me/2lk188l9W

@Pub261: Sat- Coyote Jack http://fb.me/2v9Pa994x

@ascbham Alys Stephens, Jemison Hall:
Sat 8pm- @ALSymphony Justin Brown w/ Heidi Melton, @hojotoheidi - Music... http://fb.me/19GJpCWhA

@octanebarpelham: Sat 9pm- Jackson Walls - @RayJeromeWalls http://fb.me/2RUtod3k4 

@SamfordU @WrightCenterSU: Sat 2:30 & 7:30pm- @AlabamaBallet presents Romeo and Juliet http://fb.me/3i9eAlP6e

Papa Saia's: Sat 9pm- Tracey & Curt http://fb.me/2Hi0qGIYi

T. Wayne's BBQ: Sat 7pm- John Joiner http://fb.me/3KBEU5pkt

@roguetavern: Sat - Rick & Johnny from Rollin' In The Hay - @HAYtweets http://fb.me/34BDrXIjN

@Stillwaterpub : Sat 10:30pm- The Sassy Brown Band http://fb.me/6oWZ5xYJv

Pell City Center For Education & Performing Arts:
Sat 7pm- Three On A String / Kelli Johnson and Michelle Cone of
@SweetwaterRoad ... http://fb.me/1csGQWbl8

@OldCarHeaven: Sat 7pm- 3rd Annual Jazz Cat Ball, hosted by @TheGBHS http://fb.me/6nbsijH62

BFP Roster: Shooters, Hueytown: Sat 8pm- Megan McMillan - @mmcmillanmusic http://fb.me/2JqBttENa

BFP Roster: @ShelbysPelham: Sat 8:30pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg http://fb.me/YbSLimO2

@TylerNavarres : Sat 9pm- Terry Adams http://fb.me/3ncUIgjxW

@TinRoofBHam: Sat - @BrandonStiles http://fb.me/6Az5Lfd49 

@soundandpage: Sat 7pm- @Grey_Haven #28

@SeedsCoffee: Sat 6:30pm-Street Party in Liverpool /Jonathan Strickland -@jstricklandHSV @SPIL_Music

@roguetavern: Sat 9pm- Adam Justin Gannon & Kendrick Wallace 

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