Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 2/15/14

(See Friday)

@_MargaritaGrill : Sat- Morgan Copes Patio #1, Joe Breckenridge Patio#2 http://fb.me/2G9CuNzLa

@Zydecobham : Sat 9:30pm- Festival Expressions w/ @LittleRaineBand - @FestExpressions http://fb.me/38DoF9VAw

@cheahabrewingco Anniston: Sat 7pm- The Glass Jars & The @GypsyBegonias - @GlassJarsmusic http://fb.me/26ECYq9ft

First United Methodist Church in Childersburg: Sat 7pm- The Doxstep Experience http://fb.me/1fpxCltkV

@soundandpage: Sat 7pm- Post War & Renegades of Folk - @thepostwarband http://fb.me/1D7rUjhja

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 8pm- Randy Buell Band http://fb.me/6r0pzxJh2

The End Zone in Huntsville: Sat 9pm- THE GO-GO KILLERS, THE MOOSE, & THE GENTLEMEN BASTARDS http://fb.me/6ueeGVV2l

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 9pm- Clear Plastic Masks / Promised Land Sound / @ElevenYearOld - @CpmMusic http://fb.me/12uUFqAYf

@thenickrocks:  Sat 9pm- Thothamon, Ultimo Hombre, and Witch Language - @THOTHAMONDOOM http://fb.me/13aB7NtTW

@StirAuburn: Sat 9pm- Mobile Death Camp(GWAR), Double Barrel Democracy, Beyond Sorrow and I Am Hostile http://fb.me/1jMkn4ADt

Hilltop Again Sports Bar & Grill in Adger: Sat 9:30pm- OutShine - @Outshinerox http://fb.me/6ttZlIcqm

@IronHorseCafeAL : Sat 10pm- Reckless http://fb.me/24PlABZkf

Oasis: Sat- Bonus Round http://fb.me/2IqrOqOOm

@ShelbysPelham: Sat- Jason Mayo http://fb.me/1LLdDnNfX

@greybar280 : Sat 10pm- James Miller Country Band http://fb.me/703d5uASK

Courtyard 280: Sat 10pm- Smear http://fb.me/C0K5C8yg

Courtyard 280: Sat 1-4pm- Susannah Stuckey -@stuckeylikeomg

Superior Grill: Sat- Coyote Jack http://fb.me/32UhGbWVZ

Hulsey Recital Hall: Sat 3pm- @UABArts Festival of Brass Concert. Featuring th UAB Brass Choir under the... http://fb.me/2U003Fp6M

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 8pm- The Farewell Drifters w/ The Black Cadillacs - @BlackCadillacs_ @farewelldrifter http://fb.me/6ovVA4w31

@Pub261: Sat- Buckin Rodeo http://fb.me/2Z3leqMth

Theatre Downtown; Sat 2pm- @EtcBham presents Vulcan's Underpants: Heart Boxer Edition - @theatredt_bham http://fb.me/2JGirb0wb

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill in Argo: Sat 9pm- LYNAM - @lynammusic http://fb.me/19cBfe2ez

Papa Saia's: Sat 9pm- DB Cooper Project http://fb.me/6iu85cxKf

T. Wayne's BBQ : Sat- Jimmy Davies & Kevin Cooke http://fb.me/2a7wknlXS

BFP Roster: @Urban_Standard: Sat 7:30pm- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic http://fb.me/BSG7bbrG

BFP Roster: Courtyard Alabaster: Sat 6-9pm- WAG - @wesandgreg


@Stillwaterpub : Sat- The Britt Hendrix Experience http://fb.me/6iwHQU5mF

@TylerNavarres : Sat 9pm- Rob West http://fb.me/6s399jyQc

@AvondaleBrewing - (upstairs): Sat 8pm- Earthbound - @earthboundbham http://fb.me/STZjiaFI

@TinRoofBHam : Sat 10pm- Matt Bennett Band - @Matt_Bennett22 http://fb.me/6FZGCA7hM

Blackwell's Neighborhood Pub: Sat 8pm- Rebel http://fb.me/2z3GoAPde

@PaleEddies : Sat - Bourbon & Bleach

Black Market Bar 5 Pts : Sat 9pm- Black Market Research / Steady Sailor & the Color Guard - @BMRpage http://fb.me/Yvlfy4LG

@wobfivepoints : Sat 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix http://fb.me/2A78zP35b

Basil Gourmet Pizza & Wine Bar: Sat 7-10pm- Matt Willis and @TaylorHunnicutt http://fb.me/6FiDXfITy

@CommVess HQ: Sat 6pm- Due Dillagence 2014 - A Celebration of the Life of J Dilla - @JeffC80 http://fb.me/2HTIYBPjZ 

 @CrestwoodTavern : Sat 8pm- Suburban Love Junkies

Danny's Backstreet, Bessemer: Sat 9:30pm- Locked and Loaded http://tinyurl.com/l6f9ark

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