Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday's Live Music and Events

@PaleEddies : Tonight 9pm- Open Mic w/ @FinneyJames
@Satterfields: Today 6:30pm- GLEN BUTTS - @glenandlibba
@octanebarpelham : Tonight 6:30- The Early Open Mic's back - If you're looking for inspiration on your next...
Children's Dance Foundation: Today 7pm-Djembe Class - @Jscalicitweets

@BottletreeCafe : Today 8pm- OPEN MIC NIGHT - Original Music Showcase

@eclipsecoffee : Today 8:30pm- Back to School Special ft. GROWL & HOLY YOUTH

@Stillwaterpub : Today 11pm- The Big Tasties

Oasis: tonight- Todd Vickery –no cover

@RojoBirmingham : This Wednesday at Rojo Birmingham: Pub quiz (trivia night) is back with host Justin Johnston at...

@WorkPlayBham : Today 6PM- Beverly Owen and Friends

@Oteys : Wednesday nights is Otey's Team Trivia Night! Hosted with Will and Lance, it is a big time..
Today's Treat: 

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