Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday's Live Music and Events

Rios Bar & Grill, Helena: Today 8:30pm- Open Mic Drinking Club with Erin! - @erinagricola http://fb.me/1BPbqOg74
@davespub : Tonight 9pm- The Regals welcome Cody Farris of the @TaylorHicks Band - @FinneyJames @cfarris87 http://fb.me/2FnbRCfw2
@IronHorseCafeAL: Today 9:30pm- Susannah Stuckey @stuckeylikeomg http://fb.me/1cK2A5hx3
Barrister's Bar, Hoover: Today 7pm- George Griffin and the Firebirds Acoustic Trio http://fb.me/2ZBYLLEI8

@IronCityBham : Today 8pm- Clutch w/ @TheSword and Crobot - @clutchofficial @Crobotband http://fb.me/1aa72MFoA

@thenickrocks : Today 9pm- North of Nowhere http://fb.me/3fv7xmxNu

@BhamMoonlight ( MOTM )
- Today 7pm- Moonlight on the Mountain Play Off http://fb.me/2jRHsJs2y

@wobfivepoints : Today 7pm- Birmingham Vaudeville's FIRST TUESDAY http://fb.me/15M3755y9

@BottletreeCafe : Today at 9:00pm- Gull http://fb.me/Vlllehgt

TUESDAY: Event Share 1/7/14 Today http://fb.me/RTJ1Uahk
Today's Treat: 

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