Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thursday's Live Music and Events 1/23/14

THURSDAY: Event Share 1/23/14.

Das HAUS: Thur 6pm- Magic City Choral Society Mix and Mingle - @JPaulDease

CourtYard Alabaster: Thur 10pm- DJ MJ

@octanebarpelham: Thur 8pm- Bombs Beers and Burgers featuring Karaoke w/ Sherry

@CrestwoodTavern : Thur 8pm- What Light Songwriter Night

@Champys119: Thur 6pm-   

@IronCityBham : Thur 4:15pm- and Matt Willis

@GPBrewing : Thur 6pm- Gip Gipson @HenryGipGipson Good Hearts @ Good People: A Fundraiser for Church of the...

THEATRE DOWNTOWN @theatredt_bham: Thur 8pm- "Feed Me (a fairy tale for adults)" - the WORLD PREMIERE comedy by...

@eclipsecoffee : Thur 8pm- Wide Open Mic Night!

@ParksideBham : Thur 9pm- @Form_Constant w/ @VelouriaBand

@BottletreeCafe : Thur 9pm- @TurquoiseJeep: The Turquoise Dreams Tour featuring @YipDeceiver

@thenickrocks : Thur 9pm- Small Town Gossip / Marbin - @SmallTownMusic @marbinmusic

Humphrey's Bar & Grill in Huntsville:
Thur 9pm- Humphrey's Writer's Round Hosted By Mike Slaten Featuring Russell...

BFP Roster: @roguetavern: Thur 6pm - Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

@_MargaritaGrill : Thur- Jason Mayo

@BhamMoonlight : Thur 7:30pm- KEVIN GORDON, and THE LONE-SOME SNAKES

@IronHorseCafeAL: Thur 9pm- Danny & Randy

@Stillwaterpub : Thur- Zach Doss

@greybar280 : Thur 9pm- Jared White

@BillysSportGril English Village: Thur 9pm- AJ BEAVERS BAND

Superior Grill: Thur- Hutch Edwards Project

@WorkPlayBham : Thur- 6pm-Eric Watters 8pm- @PAPERDIAMOND w/ @LOUDPVCK & @ManicFocus

@onasmusicroom : Thur- Steve Roberts Quartet with Ashley Roberts

@Pub261:; Thur - Jerome Walls - @rayJeromewalls

@Bar31: Thur - Gio & DeeDee Acoustic (no Cover)

Alys Stephens @ascbham: Thur 7pm- @ASCsArtPlay Parlor Series: Narek Arutyunian- @narekclarinet

Today's Treat: (Amazing 30 min film. Relax and watch the whole thing.)


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