Wednesday, January 8, 2014

@thenickrocks: Jan. 27- @TheColdStart (Preview)

"Oh sweet Birmingham. 

"Last time we were in your fine city, we were just passing through. Dan and Addy (bass/drums) were feeling under the weather, so myself (Lloyd Vocals/guitar) and Taylor (guitar), decided to head out on the town, and we stumbled upon the blue monkey lounge, where we proceeded to get suitably and heavily intoxicated.

"Surrounded by fine people and great drunken conversation we spoke of such things as comparing our English accents to yours, famous friends, and the state of life and the universe.

"We promised you we'd be back to play a show, and now we are, at The Nick on the 27th of this fine cold January 2014. This is our first US tour (its only taken us 2 years to figure it out) and we'd be overjoyed if you would come and make an appearance to take in our music, and hopefully more english/american conversation.

"We promise nothing but our finest everything."
-Lloyd and the rest of The Cold Start.

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