Sunday, January 12, 2014

@thenickrocks: Jan 17- Final Weapon (preview) - @finalweaponband w/ @VintageCowboys @CrunkWitch, Doug Funnie (from Texas), Latin For Latin

Greetings Birmingham from Final Weapon. 

We're excited to be playing in our hometown after a year of out-of-state convention gigging and want you join us!

We hit the stage January 17th at The Nick, as part of the Mini-van Voyage Tour with Crunk Witch & Doug Funnie.

If you enjoy heavy usage of synths, guitar solos, and melodies, this is the concert for you.

This show will be a first for our Alabama fans to hear new songs and our Vocaloid singer. So come out and chill with us, and enjoy the music. 

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