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@thenickrocks Announces New Start Times and Upcoming Shows.

NEW SHOW TIMES: Shows now starting at 9pm Sunday through Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday!

Buy tickets in advance for certain shows at
The Nick is open at 3pm Monday through Sunday with happy hour specials until 9pm!

$3 High Life tallboys all the time!
$6 Jagerbombs every Monday!
$2 Miller Lite and High Life bottles and $3.25 wells every Tuesday after 9pm!
S.I.N. every Sunday with half price admission and happy hour prices for all service industry workers!


ALTERED / The Devil's Got A Hold On Me / Evil Eye / American Lesion / Daze of Broken Fate


Economy Cartel
Dirty Mike & the Boys

Hi, we're Economy Cartel a three piece punk band based out of Tuscaloosa Al. We are a very high-energy and very crowd-interactive group. We consider our music to be second-gen punk, raspy vocals, fast paced, thick and gritty guitar riffs, layered with intricate moving bass lines and intricate technical single-pedal jazz/punk style drumming, the Tuscaloosa locals refer to us as street punk but that's because were the only 'legitimate punk music' a lot of them have ever scene live. That being said we aren't super hard-core punk, our music is anything but sloppy, simple or poorly written.

Adding a southern flare to punk rock roots with a mutual bond through rock n' roll, Dirty Mike and the Boys was formed in 2011 by a group of old friends who have always had a hand in music. Fronted by Mike Hawkins (vocals, guitar) who along with Chase Kuykendall (drums) began writing the framework for what would become. In stepped Brad Finley (bass) to complete the original line up. After several member changes, Diego F (guitar, backing vocals) found his home as the final member of the band. With rock n' roll pride and Southern ethics, it's hard to keep from singing along with Dirty Mike and the boys!

Justify These Scars

Skeptic? - Punk from Birmingham AL
What's to say? Since 2001, punk rock from people who should be old enough to know better, but somehow just don't get the message. A frivolous waste of time, as well as an exercise in striving for mediocrity. But it's fun, though...Currently Birmingham's longest-running punk band. We've played all over the Southeast, hitting Alabama (obviously), Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana at least once.

Justify These Scars are one of the most successful punk bands in Birmingham, Al. The band currently receives air play on XM-Sirius Radio and hundreds of stations around the globe. Like most punk bands, J.T.S. formed in the basement of the lead singer (Mike "Frog" Ray) back in 2007. J.T.S. has gone on to do several regional and east coast tours. They have shared the stage with the likes of The Misfits, Agnostic Front, Murphys Law, Unkown Hinson, Helmet, Michale Graves, Dax Riggs, Marky Ramone, Whole Wheat Bread, Joe Buck/Hank 3, Deadbolt, The Murder Junkies, Maylene,Dr. Chuds X-Ward, and The Sons Of Disaster just to name a few. The band currently has 1 E.P. and 2 more CD's under their belt.

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Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes
The Dolly Rocker Ragdoll
Zarinah & the Zatarans

Old Salt Union

Old Salt Union was formed in Jan 2012 by long-time friends Dustin Eiskant (guitar/ lead vocal), Ryan Murphey (banjo), and Justin Wallace (mandolin/ piano). In May of 2012, Old Salt Union became complete with the addition of John Brighton (violin/ mandolin) and Jesse Farrar (bass). Each member of Old Salt Union fills multiple roles in the band by playing various instruments and contributing vocal harmonies.

Don Coyote
Steel City Jug Slammers
Henry Dunkle

Don Coyote is a free-spirited, American band from the foothills of Tennessee. Blurring the line between bar band and cult, these juke joint renegades have made a name for themselves as the true underdogs of country music. Coming on strong like a shot of well whiskey, they warm the saddle with blue-collar ballads as diverse as the west is wide. They are sheriffs in merit, outlaws in attitude, and most likely terrible in the sack; but don’t underestimate their performance. This band commands the stage with an unbridled force that could turn George Straight crooked, Sawyer Brown red, and leave the whole room asking “Tammy, why not?"

Long ago there were many tales of a nameless, anomalous, blues ghost that roamed the lands in search of a vessel through which to expatiate its proficiency. It found a man named Ricky Tate. Shortly after, Rick heard tales of The Zookeeper, a man with a steel hand who fed only on ale, whiskey and blues. The boundless strings of fate connected them and the chronicle began. The Steel City Jug Slammers

Rebirth Brass Band - Direct From New Orleans:

Simply put, The Rebirth Brass Band is an institution. Formed in 1983, the band has long since graduated from the streets of New Orleans to theaters and festivals all over the world. Rebirth is committed to upholding the tradition of brass bands while at the same time incorporating modern music into their show. Their signature brand of heavy funk has placed them among the world’s top brass bands and they are the hands-down favorite among the younger generation. In reference to the sometimes-stringent competition amongst brass bands, Offbeat magazine remarked, “…it’s clear that Rebirth, which boasts 10 albums and has traveled the world, is the band to beat (July 2001).

Vintage Cowboys
Final Weapon
Crunk Witch
Doug Fine
Latin for Latin

Vintage Cowboys are a four member piece with a sound of rock and just a touch of country. The band came together after Zachary White-Lead Vocals, and Wesley Duren-Drums/Backup Vocals, had been experimenting in the studio with some material they had wrote. They ended up recording a demo early in the summer of 2011 with four songs which include: She's A Mad One, Madison, Lone Star State Of Mind, and Faded Bandana. After recording they immediately started looking for other members to complete the band. They didn't have to look far for a lead guitarist, which is Wesley's brother, Dustin Duren. The next thing was a bass player and they found a great one in Jonathon Tidwell. With the set complete they began practicing daily adding a more complete feel to the songs from the demo as well as writing new material. With enough material in hand they began playing live at local venues in and around Cullman, Alabama as well as bars in Birmingham, Alabama such as Zydeco, Matthew's Bar & Grill, and The Nick. Vintage Cowboys, although still a relatively young band, are already gaining a nice following and creating a buzz around the local music scene. They are getting ready to record a debut album in the spring of 2011 with new material that they are very excited for people to hear. WIth not even a year under their belt Vintage Cowboys are beginning to create a unique sound that is completely their own.

Hailing from Birmingham AL, Final Weapon is an up and coming synth driven rock group. Rooted in rock, J-pop, gaming and film scores, the band’s music is best summed up as unity in diversity, simplicity in complexity. Fronted by a Vocaloid singer, their signature blend of over-the-top solos and catchy melodies, underlined by complex arrangements, pushes the envelope of modern rock music and will have you humming their tunes for days.

This husband and wife duo known as "Crunk Witch", has been delivering fantasy filled electronic rock music since late 2009. Their quickly sold out debut, 'The Battle Beyond E.P.', was soon followed by the full-length record, "The Legends Of Manicorn". The band generated a heavy youtube buzz when their single, 'The Battle Beyond', was featured in a youtube video that was seen over 25 million times. After signing a licensing deal with Bunim/Murray (creators of Real World, Road Rules, Project Runway, etc.), the band won the award for 'Best Electronic Act' at the 2011 Phoenix Awards. On March 8th 2012, Crunk Witch released their sophomore album "Faith in the Thief" to positive reviews. The band now plays over 100 shows a year nationwide

Early: $6 - Doors @ 8pm
Natalie Stovall

Show-stopping singer Natalie Stovall's high-energy, take-no-prisoners live performances and relentless, barnstorming global tours have earned her the attention she deserves from those who matter the most to her -- the fans.
After only a few short years in the college campus market, Natalie was named 2012 Entertainer of the Year by the voters of Campus Activities Magazine® in the Reader's Choice Awards. Blending her country/roots background with a strong rock sensibility, Stovall's fiddle-shredding shows are bred for wide audiences, and this year that mainstream popularity is paying off in a big way. In fact, it's the first time in over twenty years that a woman has been named Campus Entertainer of the Year in a category usually dominated by male artists.

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Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery

“Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery” may not fit on a marquis, but the name suits the band just fine. Joshua and his folk band borrowed their brand from a 1903 silent Western and have crafted their sound in that sure-footed Americana tradition ever since. The crux of their music is in the storytelling – stories that embrace the fact that we are all human together. The band has two new releases: The Commonwealth EP, available for free on Noise Trade, and a new LP, Man Is Born For Trouble, available from digital outlets.

Small Town Gossip

Steven Hall has had music flowing through his veins since before he could talk. A born and bred North Carolinian now living in LA, Hall performs his songs under the name, Small Town Gossip, and steals his audience with his warm baritone voice, and easy folk guitar playing. Seizing every musical opportunity available, Hall is also an avid film/TV scorer. His latest record, Changing of the Guard, is a group of songs from the latest chapter in his life, and was released in 2012.

Marbin first started in 2007 as an improvised music duo consisting of Israeli guitarist Dani Rabin and Israeli saxophonist Danny Markovitch Slor. Slor and Rabin met shortly after Slor had completed his military service as an infantry sergeant and Rabin had graduated from Berklee College of Music. Since 2008, Marbin has been living in Chicago and performing all over the United States, playing over 250 shows a year with the accompaniment of drummer Justyn Lawrence and Bassist Jae Gentile . They have released four albums: Impressions of a City (2009),as part of Paul Wertico’s Mideast-Midwest Alliance, and three under the name Marbin (2009), Marbin as a duo,Breaking the Cycle (2011) with drummer Paul Wertico, bassist Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group), and Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon), and Last Chapter of Dreaming (2013) with its touring band and an array of thirteen guests. Marbin is currently signed to Moonjune Records and Management.

Will Hastings
Chris Porter
Caleb Caudle
CC & the Bandits

Will Hastings
Rock n Roll from Nashville TN - Will Hastings writes and performs rock'n'roll with no filter. Pairing devilishly clever songwriting with incendiary guitar playing, Hastings blends tones of blues, funk, rockabilly and swing to create a sound that is all his own. Beginning his career in Charleston, SC, his first performances stemmed from a student record-label project at the College of Charleston. Hastings’ energy and passion while performing live earned him the moniker “the Holy City Hell-raiser”, with fans comparing him to John Lennon, Chris Isaak, and even “Buddy Holly on Acid.”

Evan Andree
Indie Pop from Atlanta, GA - Electro, Roots, Rock. All of it. -

$5 *SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!* *Service Industry Night!* (1/2 price cover for Service Industry Clientele)

Indie Power Pop Rock from Brooklyn, N.Y. - Settly is a self-taught musician who started his career playing in a Power pop cover band. He later started writing his own music and started a band called - Multiple Places. Multiple Places had a good regional following in his native town of New Orleans. But the success was cut short following the death of his lead singer. So Settly decided to move to New York to play guitar in Warner Bros. recording artist band -Raw Youth. After touring with them he got a job as a house engineer at New York's Tin Pan Alley Studios where he ended up working as second engineer for the Beastie Boys album "Ill Communications". He also recorded and co-produced Matador recording artist Railroad Jerk’s “One Track mind” and “The Third Rail” to critical acclaim as well as worked with artist such as Peter Holsapple and Glen Tillbrook. But soon the recording itch to record his music was in desperate need of scratching. So he moved back to New Orleans to work on his first solo recording project. The project was released under the band name ZOOM and 8 songs were released. ZOOM was just going to be a recording project but soon the band decided to start playing live. Several years of playing in and around the gulf coast took it toll on Settly and the band and they decided to split. Now Settly is back up in New York where he as just released his first solo self-titled CD.
"Settly" is a collection of songs showing his range and depth in his songwriting. With the CDs instrumental beginning to instrumental end, in-between you will find power pop-rock gems.

The Cold Start

The Cold Start have unveiled their second release, Grateful Eyes, a six track indie pop record written, produced and record by four Englishmen living in Orlando on October 14th 2013. Grateful Eyes chronicles the bands uprooting from England and journey across Northern America moving home from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida.

Great American Breakdown

In 2005 TGAB put out their first EP “Wake You Nowa, Okinowa” on House of Love Records. In 2007 they split to venture off into other disciplines outside of music. During their break Codey Richards began playing with post-metal band Central Fires and later rejoined Greg Henderson in Azza Vega where they met their current bass player Daniel Hargett, member of Future Primitives. During this time a relationship was formed with the band Baak Gwai, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that ultimately led to their current drummer also picking up a role in TGAB. In 2011 Breakdown reformed with Chris Zeiler, member of Baak Gwai, on drums and Daniel Hargett on bass.

Looksy was formed in the winter of 2011 from former members of the local Tuscaloosa band The Classic Flame, which was active from 2008-2010. Daniel Ingram, John Laing, and Kyle Posten were driven to make new music for people to enjoy and have a lot of fun doing it. The new band's sound is a mix of loud, energetic indie rock sensibilites with bluesy hooks and fuzz thrown in to round things out. After writing and performing in small stints throughout 2012, the band added longtime friend and guitarist Rob Keating to complete their sound and bring the lineup to its current state. The members of the band have been performing together since their high school days in Walker County, working at times in different bands and sometimes together before moving to the Tuscaloosa area in 2008. With two UA Alumni in the band and one current student, the members now consider Tuscaloosa to be their hometown.


Will Stewart - Willie and the Giant

- from Nashville, TN - Will Stewart, Jon Poor, Mac Kramer, Grant Prettyman


Post-Hardcore from Albany, New York - RESTLESS STREETS is a progressive post-hardcore band hailing from Albany, NY. The outfit collages meaningful introspective lyrics with heavy dynamic musicianship to create a beautifully brutal mosaic of sound. Each member’s animation and enthusiasm manifests in every song and live performance – portraying the bands emotional and mental connection to their fan base, each other, and every track that they’ve grown to create.


Neo-noir from California - We are La Fin Absolute du Monde, a neo-noir, husband-and-wife team from California, and we play unconventional music that is passionate, dark and ambient. We have been on a serious mission for the last couple of years to expose our vulnerable side while performing live in order to bring us closer to this madly confusing world and to the wildly colorful people that live in it. Ya dig? -
Jason and Chicky Myles

New Orleans Suspects

Start with members of three of the top bands to come out of New Orleans, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, and The Dirty Dozen - then add a saxophonist who was James Brown's horn director for 12 years, and a keyboard player with extraordinary talent, and you have The New Orleans Suspects. With well over a century of touring experience combined, this is a real band with genuine musicianship and more seasoning than any of New Orleans' greatest dishes. They have been making an enormous impact with their live performances across the country, and have established themselves as one of the brightest new lights out of the Crescent City. Funky drumbeats, greasy wailing saxophones, razor-sharp guitar playing, rollicking piano and swampy organ swells, strutting bass lines and tight vocal harmonies make this band stand above the rest. Just as the wind shifts over the Mississippi River, so does the music the band creates - strains of Dr John and the Nevilles, The Meters and Allan Toussaint, brass bands and piano legends, hot nights and sweat-soaked streets, all combine in an original way to create what is now known as The New Orleans Suspects.


Jucifer - founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom metal two piece. They are notorious for their use of massive amplification, and for their entirely nomadic lifestyle.
Jucifer has spent all year, every year on the road since moving into their tour vehicle 12 years ago.
They typically utilize a wall of speakers approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet wide.
The band has performed steadily and released albums through the 90's and 00's on both major and indie labels as well as recently founding their own Nomadic Fortress label which is distributed by Relapse.
During the 90's Jucifer was based in Georgia, but in 2001 moved permanently into their tour vehicle. They have lived entirely on wheels for the decade since and have stated that this nomadic life was undertaken to facilitate playing "as many shows as we possibly can". Their endless tour typically covers 20 or more countries each year.
Jucifer shows are known for being extremely heavy and loud, blending elements of sludge, doom, black metal, death metal, thrash, crust, grind, drone, and noise with occasional melodic passages. Performances are ritual and cathartic, and frequently include improvised sections between or even during the songs. The guitar is downtuned to various non-standard tunings, which lends an unexpectedly pleasing quality to the high volume employed.
Gazelle Amber Valentine - Guitar, Vocals
Edgar Livengood - Drums

KinZie - Experimental Pop with Loud Guitars from Birmingham, AL - KinZie is the musical project of P. Ori with rotating casts of talented individuals. After his tenure in Bremen, he set out to reidentify his sound. What he found was a new a fun way to make his brain speak to people. He collaborates with artists and creates a live entity that adapts with each release. The band's sound has been described weird, eccentric, accessible, and loud.

Koffin Kats

With over ten years of touring internationally and 1500+ shows, the Detroit based Koffin Kats new home is on the road. This trio kicked it off in June of 2003 with the mission to not stop for anything. Vic Victor (Lead Vocal, Upright Bass) would join forces with long time friend Tommy Koffin (Guitar) and start laying the ground work for the sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats.


Major Power-Psych Rock Trio from Brooklyn, NY - Steve Harms, Dan Siles, and Greg Hunt


Thrash metal/Speed metal from Birmingham, AL - Old school Thrash from the heart of the South.
Frank Walker(Vocals), Lee Kader(Guitar), Josh Jarvis(Guitar), Andrew Paullus(Bass), Eric Reid(Drums)


Garage-Blues from Freeport FL. - Hailing from the Gulf Coast of Florida The Owsley Brothers Began as the Bedroom Recording project of multi-instrumentalist J.E. Reynolds. Armed with a cheap guitar, half a drum kit and an 8-track recorder, Reynolds crafted Last Years Acclaimed EP Pure Lust. Within a few months his Unique blend of Lo-Fi Scuzz & Gut Bucket Blues attracted much attention & glowing reviews of blog community stalwarts; My Old Kentucky Blog, Aquariaum Drunkard, Rollo & Grady, & Some Velvet Blog. The Owsley Brothers showcase his darker punk & blues underbelly: pounding drums, soulful vocals, reverb drenched guitars and undeniably catchy hooks.,The songs on this EP are charmingly lo-fi, each track draws the listener in, transporting them to a place where the past and present collide. The Owsley Brothers are garage-blues from the dark side, a complex, genre-bending puzzle that is immediately listenable.

Prestor John

With a unique blend of acoustic folk, rock, jazz, pop, classical, bluegrass and the avant-garde, New Haven, CT duo Prester John has a sound that is entirely their own. Formed in 2008 by underground guitar-hero Shawn Persinger, Prester John also showcases the musical talents of David Miller on mandolin and harmony vocals.

Ben Gallaher

Country from Nashville TN - The twenty one-year-old Pennsylvania-native has captured national media attention, built an adoring online community, and is proving himself as a singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, and entertainer. Sharing the stage with headlining acts Brantley Gilbert, Colt Ford, Craig Campbell, Frankie Ballard, and more, Ben is fire and kerosene on stage. His live performance is full of an energy and enthusiasm that comes from deep within his DNA. With equal parts passion, heart, and hard work, he is building a loyal fan base one song and one town at a time.

Against the Grain

Against the Grain is a 4 piece band out of The Motor City. They are a Speed Rock band blazing through the US with their brand of Gear-shifting Balls to the Wall music that incorporates all things heavy from Punk, Rock n roll, Doom and thrash culminated together for one huge sound of a rock n roll musical speed-ball. Putting rock music at the forefront, and leaving behind any pretentious gimmick to the side ATG plans on being being heard.


FrazierBand is an original, multi-genre, acoustic/electric quintet from East Nashville, Tennessee, USA started in 2010 by John Frazier (composer/singer/guitar/mandolin). Members include Kevin Knapp (bass/vocals), Billy Contreras (fiddle), Rick Wilkerson (drums), and Matt Meneffee (banjo). The band has also included Shad Cobb (fiddle), Matt Flinner (banjo), and Louis Winfield (drums). The band’s first full-length recording project is slated for release in 2012 and FrazierBand is currently touring in advance of the release.


72nd & Central - ClassicAlternativeIndieAcousticMetalRock from Greenville, SC.

King Carnivore - Wave Pop from Birmingham, AL - A bit of relief from the day to day.
Carson Mitchell, Michael Shackelford, Scotty Lee, Ra-Jaan Parmely



InAeona - Progressive Spaceyrock Heavy Post-Metal Rock from Boston MA


Folk/Pop from Nashville, TN
A pop/folk six piece blending their unique styles to create a dynamic alliance you won't forget.
Charlie and the Foxtrots
RIYL: The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons
Nashville-born Charlie and the Foxtrots is a meeting of seven musical minds. Starting in January 2013, Chas Wilson (vocals/guitar) recruited each of the ‘foxtrots’ one by one into the current line up: James Varner (drums/vocals), Matt McClure (bass), Jeremy Webster (piano/vocals), Andrew Mcpheters (banjo/mandolin/trumpet , Josh Ramos (guitar/harmonica/banjo/mandolin), and Rob Hutchison (fiddle). The folk/pop group worked at a galloping pace to record their first EP in March 2013 after the support of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, officially launching the band in June 2013.
A melting pot of sounds, Charlie and the Foxtrots draw on its members influences to create poppy, energetic writing intertwined with country/folk instrumentation reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, and Local Natives. Blending their unique styles to create a dynamic alliance, the band is slated to release their first full-length album in 2014.


Soul Rock from Atlanta, GA
Started in Jan 2013, DAMS hails from Atlanta and the super group cast consists of drummer Sarah Wilson, vocalist Kace Brennan, bassist Bret Phillips, and guitarist David Carter.
Sarah, David, and Bret have worked and played music together in the Atlanta music scene for years. It was inevitable that they would start a project together. Adding Kace Brennan’s soulful vocals brought a powerful icing for the cake.
The first half of 2013 has seen DAMS travel all over the southeast building and wowing audiences.
With only a few demo’s available, they will be hitting the studio hard with intentions of a release early 2014.

Agent Orange / Skeptic? / McPherson Struts
$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show

Agent Orange - The Original Punk/Surf Power Trio from Orange, CA
Mike Palm: Vocals/Guitar
Perry Gx: Bass/Vocals
Dave Klein: Drums/Vocals

Skeptic? - Punk from Birmingham AL
What's to say? Since 2001, punk rock from people who should be old enough to know better, but somehow just don't get the message. A frivolous waste of time, as well as an exercise in striving for mediocrity. But it's fun, though...Currently Birmingham's longest-running punk band. We've played all over the Southeast, hitting Alabama (obviously), Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana at least once.

McPherson Struts - Rockabilly/CowPunk from Anniston, AL
Buck McPherson- Drums/Lead Vocal
Jeff Freeman- Bass/Vocals
Devin Williams- Guitar/vocals


Hard Rock from Columbus OH - One Pretty Minute is an energetic hard rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Driven by anger, lies, and deception, the band presents emotional and powerful content backed by driving and aggressive arrangements of active rock.


Good Morning Love - Indie / experimental / ambient from Deltona, FL
Cory James Worsley, Kevin Kroeker, Daniel Sanchez, Gavin Brennan

Insubordination - Punk Rock from Mechanicsville, VA - Scott, Dan and Bryan of INSUBORDINATION bring together the punk sensibilities of NOFX, The Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, and Husker DU, mixed up with their own brand of youthful angst and wry sense of humor. Bringing back to punk what has been taken away in more recent years as punk became more mainstream. Extremely catchy riffs thought provoking lyrics added in with some anthem style gang vocals, produces a great mix of songs that are sure to become PUNK ANTHEMS!


Miss Shevaught & The Yuma Way - Americana, Psych Folk, Soul Rock from Paso Robles, Washington D.C. - Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray is an Americana Rock Trio blending well-traveled vintage warmth with the exuberance synonymous with Rock & Roll. Known for the intensity of their live show, hauntingly emotive songs and evocative imagery, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray has an almost impossibly large and dynamic sound.

Motel Ice Machine - Americana, Rockabilly, Ghost Surf Blues Rock from Birmingham, AL - Wanting to blend American country music and his love of rockabilly, Ryan Flynt decided to start a new band doing things his own way. So he called in some old friends and made some new ones along the way. Blending rockabilly, bluegrass, and old country, Motel Ice Machine plays a variety of styles true to themselves.

$5 *SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!* *Service Industry Night!* (1/2 price cover for Service Industry Clientele)

**22 KINGS - Folk, Americana, Rock from San Diego CA - A friendship of over 15 years has morphed into one of the most exciting times in both Sam and Sandi's lives. Through hardships, life crises, tears and laughter, this last year has brought them closer together than ever before. As a result, they have moved to San Diego to spend 100% of their time focusing on creating music. To both Sam and Sandi, this seems to be the right time and right place: throwing themselves into songwriting and performing has proven to be what they should have been doing all along. It's a magical crossroads in their lives in which a loving friendship, talent, and a little luck may prove to take them to the top.
22 Kings was formed through an evolution of Sam Bybee and Sandi King singing harmonies together on Sam's last album, "I Hate Pretty Girls". It didn’t take long for the two to realize how special their sound could be.
Sandi began her singing career at the age of 10, harmonizing to her father’s music. Her love of music and her eclectic training and experiences in the musical world span from choirs, musicals, rock bands, jazz bands and rock operas. Her other love is food, having completed Culinary School and worked as a chef at various restaurants in San Francisco. It's been a busy and exciting time having been able to put a very promising and loved culinary career on the back burner as the prospect of following her first love -music- is becoming a reality.
Sam has spent the better part of 20 years as a singer/songwriter making music his priority, funding his passion with all kinds of jobs ranging from government contracting all the way to managing an upscale bakery. With 2 albums under his belt and a 3rd recorded but never released he has a wealth of experience and knowledge that has jumpstarted 22 Kings and the songwriting process with Sandi.
Sam Bybee
Sandi King

**Playing two Nights 3/23 & 3/24**


$5 *SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!* *Service Industry Night!* (1/2 price cover for Service Industry Clientele)

Pop / Southern Soul / Songwriter from Austin TX - Austin-based singer/songwriter Wendy Colonna invites us to taste the sweetness of life in stories of redemption on her new release, “Nectar.” With grit, grace and a sense of humor, she shares her journey of a return to innocence with southern, soulful storytelling.

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