Saturday, January 11, 2014

Scott Ward Dies - Birmingham Loses Another Great

See Bottom of post for updates:

We've just learned that Scott Ward has passed away! 

This sucks! 

Scott was great! 

Scott being gone from Birmingham sucks for us!

As I watch the social media sphere light up with the name Scott Ward I realize there isn't much I can say. Scott was very supportive of BFP. He always offered to help spread the word, and he was ALWAYS cool to see when I was out and about. 

I know so many have met him, and therefore know of his coolness!  RIP Scott, and I look forward to coming to your shows on the other side. How great that will be. Goodbye brother!
As always I will post updates and share them around. I'll just tack them on to the bottom of this post as I get them, so just check back here.  

UPDATE: Shit! I can't believe this! 

1/11/14 10:47am - Seeing all the reactions to this news is terrible, as people get it, the disbelief and shock! It's a tribute to Scott that so many people are reacting so hard! What a damn cool guy and he will be missed! 

1/11/14 5:48 pm - CrestwoodTavern : Tonight 7pm- Gathering to honor Scott Ward w/ donations accepted for his family.

1/11/14 10:53pm - There will be a memorial show at Stillwater pub, 2109 7th Ave S, Friday, January 17 at 8pm.

1/12/14 8:47pm - Viewing will be at New Horizon Memorial Funeral Home @ 6:00pm Tuesday January 14th

The Address is:
New Horizon Memorial Funeral Home
5203 Hollis Goodwin Road
Dora, AL 35062
Telephone: (205) 648-2323

Services are at New Horizon Memorial Funeral Home @ 11:00am Wednesday January 15th. Burial to follow at Goodhope Baptist Church in Sayre, Alabama.


  1. one of my favorite people....will miss him greatly

  2. This is terrible news. Anyone know what happened?

    1. Still waiting on word. But at the very least, confirmed.

  3. Know his Dad Well!
    Cullman, Alabama

    1. His Dad (Wayne) is my first cousin..sorry to heard of this loss.

  4. Talked with his Dad last night, sorry to hear about it.
    Our prayers go out to his family & friends
    Cullman, Alabama

  5. I'm sure his Dad would be proud of his singing ability!
    Cullman, Al.

  6. Saddens me deeply. Great musician and friend.

  7. What happened ? He will be missed. We will always have memories and deep thoughts of him

    1. What we're hearing so far is complications from the flu. But we're not in a position to confirm that with great certainty,

  8. Such loving person. Still can't believe it. We will all miss him. Birmingham Al

  9. I'm Scott's aunt. I wish people would please stop asking what happened. If you knew would it really change anything???? I mean, Scott is gone. So please stop asking!!!!! This is upsetting to his mother who has been constantly asked this question. Please respect her and her family.

  10. Scott's Aunt, hello. We are all so sorry for your family's loss.

    I'm fairly certain no disrespect is meant when people ask that question. Birmingham has a tight knit music community, and Scott, being a great guy, has left us all with a hole we try to fill up in different ways.

    Please let all the family know that the intrusion of questions and concern is, if anything, a tribute to how well loved Scott was.

    I know that it will be hard for people to come to terms with the loss, and that will be lots of people. And when faced with this kind of loss, many people will ask "why" and "how." All we can probably hope for is grace and tact from all, in all directions, More than anything, those questions are surely an attempt to figure out each person's own shock at this loss.

    Of course you are right. And tactfulness is relative. I don't believe you will get away from people expressing their disbelief and wanting to understand In many ways that's a healthy way to face grief. But at least we should expect proper manners and decorum. But I believe we've shed ourselves of much of our knowledge of manners as a culture, Maybe that's why people are so angry so much of the time. It does help us all to know how to act.

    God bless you and your family and peace to Scott on his transition. Love to you all.

    - Lee Waites