Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 1/25/14

T. Wayne's BBQ: Sat - Neil Dover http://fb.me/2TrA0lTu0

@AvondaleBrewing: Sat 8pm- Earthbound at Avondale upstairs - @earthboundbham http://fb.me/3ghtMgjW6

@HartSoulAL : Sat 7pm- Cardinal Show at Hart And Soul Coffee http://fb.me/2l0MAMe9i
Creative Mindz Dance Studio : Sat 7:45pm- House of Battle - Jookin & AllStyles Edition http://fb.me/2NEjSkdXQ

Courtyard 280: Sat 9pm- Rebel Live http://fb.me/6ql7SJJzf

@CrestwoodTavern : Sat 8pm- The Headlight Duo - @ryanflynt @GeorgeScherer1 http://fb.me/3zeGo8gNc

@stickandstrum : Sat 3:30pm- Free Songwriting Clinic w/ Justin Cross http://fb.me/28tmeeAHw

@cheahabrewingco Anniston: Sat 7:30- Secondhand Jones - Acoustic Show http://fb.me/3AbuZZhoB

@_MargaritaGrill : Sat- Erath Old http://fb.me/1hIpE0tpA

Mellow Mushroom in Prattville: Sat 7pm- Britt Johnson http://fb.me/3bOcnimnr 

@CahabaBrewing: Sat 6:30pm- That Beautiful, Old Magic http://fb.me/1xrKuW5wk 

Olivia's Bar & Lounge: Sat 9pm- Todd Simpson & http://tinyurl.com/pvg3a3k

The Flying Monkey in Huntsville @lowemillarts: Sat 7pm- Belle Adair w/Post War - @thepostwarband @belleadairmusic http://fb.me/3BNrYHg4V

Superior Grill: Sat 7pm- Crooked Road http://fb.me/1XzK7pUX4

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 7pm- Johnny No Band Henry Gip Gipson's photo. http://fb.me/6AF6cTrh4

The Central Club in Leeds: Sat 9pm- Hutch Edwards Project http://fb.me/1PL6Hqz1m

Auburn's Balcony Bar : Sat 9pm- @TheFuriant, Dead Reckoning and Vagrant http://fb.me/6uMvBlSWm

RUSH Nightclub in Huntsville: Sat 9pm- 1200 Hustle/ Hustlers Ball - Via: @Renegade_WS http://fb.me/31wDvYV1k

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 9pm- @Maria_Taylor / PJ Bond / Feather Canyon - @FeatherCanyon1 @pjbondmusic http://fb.me/6ik0mdGYF

@StirAuburn: Sat 9pm- Shaheed & DJ Supreme @shaheedsupreme @Supremebeats Jay-Ease & Willie Spade, and DJ Greg-C.... http://fb.me/2Px3jm16u

Codzillas in Argo: Sat 9:30- THE TURN - @TheTurnRocks http://fb.me/1ANaIhO5i

@Bar31: Sat 9:35pm- @GentlemanZero http://fb.me/19SGDLaSb

@thenickrocks: Sat 10pm- Evan Andree /@ABrilliantLie /
@AliceGillee - @EvanAndreeMusic http://fb.me/6tnaP69We 

Horseshoe Tavern in Dadeville: Sat 10pm- Confederate Hipster http://fb.me/CD8an8Zi

@Zydecobham : Sat 10pm- Archnemesis featuring Bad Robotz (first 100 get in FREE) http://fb.me/1eLDZ62Dt

@Stillwaterpub : Sat 10pm- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic http://fb.me/6tbv4eej8

@eclipsecoffee : Sat 9pm- Hazel Ra http://fb.me/2OZnukDb3

@BhamMoonlight : Sat 7pm- Kendra Sutton's Songwriter Friends http://fb.me/2FEXn2vS2

Sat 10pm- Missused http://fb.me/UFCBc0mE

Oasis: Sat- The Schmohawks http://fb.me/6CQ2WOORW

Courtyard Alabaster: Sat 9pm- Sudden Impact

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 7pm- Cody Simpson w/ Plug in Stereo (Sold Out) http://fb.me/1a7taozWR

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 8pm- The Ringers featuring: Jimmy Herring, Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau, Etienne Mbappe and... http://fb.me/1P6LzSqZH

@onasmusicroom: Sat- Big Tasties http://fb.me/2WYIkwGLn

@Pub261 : Sat- @TheWhiskeyDix http://fb.me/2f92yh2ZQ

@roguetavern: Sat - River Dan One Man Band http://fb.me/6uOdrc7fy

The Forge: Sat 7pm- HCOTV / LIABW RELEASE SHOW - Holiness Church of the Valley Love is a Black Widow http://fb.me/UbsNXfNV

BFP Roster: Basil Gourmet Pizza & Wine: Sat 6:30- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg http://fb.me/6FnVCajb4

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Sat 9pm- Under The Covers

Creative Mindz Dance Studio in Birmingham: Sat 6pm- Ladia Yates - Alabama DWLY Workshop http://fb.me/1aMf63U9w

TP's Bar & Grill in Kimberly: Sat 9pm- @JohnathanEast Band W/sg Link Detten - @JEastBand http://fb.me/6Y9UzAJOj

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  1. Love the pics you have been using lately. Pretty sharp.

    1. Thank you. i figured if it's coming out every day i might as well express!