Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday's Live Music and Events

Pablo's Colonnade : Tonight 6:30-9:30pm- Adam Justin Gannon
Foreign Exchange Experience: Tonight- Sound Clash Open Mic & Feature set Ladies & GentleDudes...Foreign Friday's...
@CahabaBrewing : Today 7pm- Bob Marston & Ford Boswell Celebrating Regular Winters Return

@champys119 : Today 7pm- Sassy Brown Trio

@IronCityBham : Today 8pm- Heart of Dixie Country Jam and Tribute!

@HighNoteLounge : Today 8pm- Justin Turberville, @FiveShotJack , and The Aphids

The Spring Street Firehouse: Today 8pm- Dead Sea Flowers/ Babes/ Nowhere Squares - @HappeninRecords @paulcwilm


Black Market 5 Pts: Today 9pm- Rachel Hebert, @JeremynMoore @TheOldPaints - @BlackMarketGeo @itsrachelhebert

@thenickrocks : Today 9pm- Economy Cartel / Dirty Mikes and the Boy

@BottletreeCafe :
Today 9pm- @CateLeBon / @KevinMorby / Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle - @HappeninRecords

The Green Lantern. McCalla :
Today 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

Codzilla's : Today 9pm- Buck Wild

Red Zone in Calera: Today 9:30pm- Southlander

@Bar31 : Today 10pm- Hunting Delilah - @huntingdelilah

@Stillwaterpub : Today 10:30pm- Red Clay Revival - @redclayrevival

Egans Bar, Tuscaloosa: Today 11pm- The Junkyard Kings

Rios BarandGrill, Helena: Today 9pm- Murphy's Law No Cover

@octanebarpelham : Today 7:30pm- Jager Muffin W/DeeDee Rokstar - @jagermuffin

BFP Roster- The Green Bar, Tuscaloosa: Tonight 9pm - @GoldandtheRush/ Postwar - @thepostwarband

BFP Roster- The Camp House Chattanooga, TN: Tonight 7pm- Russell Gulley

@_MargaritaGrill : Tonight- Erath Old - @ErathOld

@BhamMoonlight (MOTM) : Tonight 7:30- ELISE DAVIS/ @Michael_on_Fire - @elisedavismusic

@eclipsecoffee : Tonight 9pm- Poetry Slam

@Zydecobham : Tonight 9:30 PM- Same As It Ever Was: A Tribute to the Talking Heads

@IronHorseCafeAL : Tonight 10- Triggerproof

The Oasis: Tonight- The Amazing Live Seamonkeys

@greybar280 : Tonight 10pm- Michael Warren and Company

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park:
Tonight 7pm- Zippy D.

Superior Grill: Tonight- The Negotiators

@onasmusicroom : Tonight- Steve McCullough Band

Alys Stephens @ascbham: today 11am- Coffee Concert: Franck's Symphony in D minor

Alys Stephens @ascbham: today 8pm- Two Pianos: Quattro Mani
Today's Treat:

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