Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday's Live Music and Events 2/3/14

Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday
@_MargaritaGrill : Mon- Chip McCain

@WorkPlayBham : Mon 7pm- Singer/Songwriter Series (Week 2)

@BhamMoonlight : Mon 7:30pm- Open Mic

@Pub261: Mon- Open Mic

@Stillwaterpub : Mon- Trivia / Comikazi

Forge: Mon 7pm- STEPHEN STEINBRINK @s_steinbrink @RealFrogs / CHEAP ART / YOUNGER SIBLINGS / NULL /

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sunday's Live Music and Events 2/2/14

Check back for updates:

@_MargaritaGrill : Sun- Joe Breckenridge

Courtyard Alabaster: Sun 2pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

Listed @SuperBowl Parties: Sun- @RojoBirmingham @IronCityBham @wobfivepoints


Daniel Day Gallery: Sun 2pm- Sassy Brown Band

@Stillwaterpub : Sun- Bob Marston

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 2/1/14


Birmingham Yoga: Sat 2-4pm- Rhythmic Development PLAYshop with John Scalici - @Jscalicitweets

Rio's in Helena: Sat 9:30pm - OutShine

The Forge : Sat 6pm- Adaliah, Silence, In Shallow Waters, Broken Apparitions & Aftermath Revival

@Bar31: Sat - Big Earl  

@MoesBBQAuburn: Sat 10pm- @GypsyBegonias

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 7pm- @_MRave

T. Wayne's BBQ: Sat 7pm- Rock Salt

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 7pm- Redd Velvet with special guests "Just us three"

@champys119: Sat 7pm- Phil Dudley Trio - @PhilDudleyMusic

@IronCityBham : Sat 8pm- Bone Thugz-N-Harmony

The Foreign Exchange Experience: Sat 8pm- This is Hip Hop - @MelloJelly205 @Dizaster205 @TheForeign1

@CrestwoodTavern : Sat 8pm- Earthbound acoustic trio - @earthboundbham

Copper Top Dive N Dine in Huntsville: Sat 9pm- Envain / @KneelBeforeNone / @BuriedWithin69

@thenickrocks: Sat 10pm- Willie and the Giant / Full Moon Ride @GabrielTajeu @MandiRaemusic @WATG_music

BFP Roster: Lone Goose Saloon, Huntsville: The Dozens- @TheDozensAL

@_MargaritaGrill : Sat - Josh Wheeler

@Zydecobham : Sat 9:30pm- Sam Hunt featuring Sean Rivers Band - @SamHuntMusic @seanriversmusic

@IronHorseCafeAL: Sat 10pm- Fly By Radio

@greybar280 : Sat 10PM- Coyote Jack Band

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 5pm- @seasickbham presents FILMAGE: The Story of Descendents - @filmagemovie
(See Preview- Click here)

@Pub261: Sat- Face Down

Das HAUS : Sat 8pm- Secret City Productions Presents: The Geeked Out Tour (burlesque/ hooping /dancing- see link)

Papa Saia's: Sat 9pm- Chase Evan

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill, Argo: Sat 9pm- II Da Maxx

@Stillwaterpub : Sat- The Exhibit(s)

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

2/18/14 @WorkPlayBham : @SongsOfTheFall @GabrielKelley (preview)

"Hello good people of Birmingham! Can't wait to be back in your city for our show at Workplay Theatre on 2/18! We'll be playing a mix of Americana roots music with some country/bluegrass thrown in as well. We have some brand new tunes, some old favorites, and some new covers for y'all to stomp and sing along with! Spread the word and come hang with us and Gabriel Kelley for an awesome night of music. See you there!"

-Songs of the Fall

"I am so excited to be back in Birmingham to support Songs of the Fall. Workplay is such a lovely venue and is perfect for the intimate solo acoustic material I will be playing on Feb 18th.

"I wanted to share some special songs with you Ill be playing in Birmingham. I hope you enjoy and I hope to see you at the show!"

- Much love GK

The talented 27-year-old raised most of the funds for his debut album with a Kickstarter campaign, but his manner of conducting his life and music runs deeper. The saga of how IT DON’T COME EASY came to be is one of steadfast determination and self-sufficiency and a commitment to doing the right thing—often against challenging odds. And, as Kelley himself notes, there’s a corollary: Even when the creative process isn’t a walk in the park, it’s worth the effort when the work is honest. 

Friday's Live Music and Events 1/31/14

FRIDAY: Event Share 1/31/14

@champys119: Fri- Sassy Brown Trio  

Daniel Day Gallery: Fri 8:30pm- Tim Boykin Blues Band - @timmehfz3 

@LakeviewSidebar: Fri 9:30pm- George Scherer & the Headlights - @GeorgeScherer1

TP Miller's: Fri 9:30pm - OutShine

@PaleEddies : Tonight- Donkey Punch - @FinneyJames

@thenickrocks: Fri 9pm- The Great American Breakdown/ Looksy / PENPAL - @LooksyMusic

Matthew's Bar & Grill: Fri - Zach Doss and Renegades of Folk/ Mandi Rae -

@_MargaritaGrill : Fri- Rob West 

@Stillwaterpub : Fri 10:30pm- featuring Eric Onimus , Jason Bailey, and Derek Nolin on keys.   

@Bar31: Fri - Z and the Party Factory

@BhamMoonlight : Fri 7:30pm- ROB NANCE, and @Rae_Fitzgerald - @rbnance

@eclipsecoffee : Fri 10pm- @RealFrogs / @TeenGetaway

@Zydecobham : Fri 10pm- @FlowTribe featuring Michael Warren

@IronHorseCafeAL: Fri 10pm- Splendid Chaos

Oasis: Fri- Heath Green Band - @HeathGreenMusic

@greybar280 : Fri 10pm- Mayo and Alan

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Fri 8pm-Simone Durand Trio - @SimoneDurand_3

@BillysSportGril Northport: Fri 8pm- GROOVE DADDY

Superior Grill: Fri- Live Wire

@BottletreeCafe: Fri 9pm- Blue Blood / Through the Sparks / @SEAFIXband - @throughthespark...

@WorkPlayBham : Fri 9pm- Who's Bad- Tribute to Michael Jackson

@onasmusicroom: Fri- Funky Knuckles / Left Field. - @Funkknuck

@IronCityBham : Fri- 11am- Carlos Pino and @BrandonPeeples 5pm- Marc Harris

@Pub261: Fri- @Deputy5

Alys Stephens @ascbham Jemison Concert Hall: Fri 8pm- @ALSymphony Regions Masterworks- Bach and Beethoven

@soundandpage: Fri 7:30pm- @theMatchcoats

T. Wayne's BBQ: Fri 7pm- Rick & Johnny Duo

Papa Saia's: Fri 9pm- Even Steven Duo

Krewe On First: Fri 8pm- Clint Chalkley and Friends

@Urban_Standard: Fri 8pm- Fresh Ground Comics - @chrisozdavis

Pablo's: Fri 6pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday's Live Music and Events 1/30/14

@thenickrocks: Thur 9pm- Geri X / Charlie Patton's War - @GeriX_Music

Courtyard 280: Tonight 6-9- Suga Buzz

@Stillwaterpub : Thur- Stuart McNair & Friends. 

T Wayne's BBQ: Thur - DB Cooper

@ secret location for only the cool kids (See Link): Thur 7:30pm- @MattHectorne & @WilderMusic - Wilder Adkins...

@champys119: Thur 6pm- Jarrett Smith 

@_MargaritaGrill : Thur- Jason Mayo

@BhamMoonlight : Thur 7:30pm- @DannySchmidt and @CarrieElkin

@Bar31: Thur - Matt Herren & Curly acoustic 9-12, No Cover! 

@eclipsecoffee : Thur 8pm- Team Trivia

@IronHorseCafeAL: Thur 9pm- Mike & Terry Splendid Acoustic

Oasis: Thur- Mark Kimbrell Band

@greybar280 : Thur 9pm- Jared White

@BillysSportGril English Village: Thur 9pm- JUSTIN GANNON

@WorkPlayBham : Thur 6pm- Eric Watters /// 9pm- ZOSO

@BottletreeCafe: Thur 9pm- @ZachDeputy/ Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic

@IronCityBham : Thur 5pm- Live Music in the Grill: Frank Jordan

@Pub261: Thur- Justin Harris

@WorkPlayBham : Thur 5:30pm- The Big Tasties at the 8th Annual Acoustic Soup Tickets: $35/single or $60/pair

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

@thenickrocks : Upcoming/Updated Show Schedule Highlights

Here are some highlights of the great shows we have coming up at The Nick! 

A full list of shows with band information can be downloaded at this link.


1/23 Thursday: TONIGHT! Small Town Gossip / Marbin

1/24 Friday: Will Hastings / Chris Porter / Caleb Caudle / CC & the Bandits

1/25 Saturday: Evan Andree / A Brilliant Lie / Alice Gillee / Munook

1/26 Sunday: Settly & The Disappointments *SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!* *Service Industry Night!* (1/2 price cover for Service Industry Clientele)

1/27 Monday: The Cold Start

1/29 Wednesday: Bruce Dickey Band

1/30 Thursday: Geri X /Charlie Patton's War

1/31 Friday: The Great American Breakdown/ Looksy / PENPAL

2/1 Saturday: Willie and the Giant / Full Moon Ride / Gabriel Tajeu / Mandi Rae

2/5 Wednesday: Restless Streets

2/6 Thursday: La Fin Absolute du Monde

2/7 Friday: The New Orleans Suspects / Glory -$12 Advanced / $15 Day of Show

2/8 Saturday: Juicifer / KinZie - $10Advanced

2/11 Tuesday: Koffin Kats / Economy Cartel / McPherson Struts - $6 Advanced

2/13 Thursday: Stevie Monce

2/14 Friday: Huntronik

2/20 Thursday:The Owsley Brothers / The Glass Jars / Rolling Nowhere

2/7 Friday: The New Orleans Suspects / Glory - $12 Advanced / $15 Day of Show

2/8 Saturday: Juicifer / KinZie $10

3/7 Friday: Agent Orange / Skeptic? / McPherson Struts - $10 Advanced / $12 Day of Show

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to ask!

Roberta Caldwell on behalf of:
The Nick

The Nick Phone# 205-252-3831

Wednesday's Live Music and Events 1/29/14

I'm going to go ahead and suggest that you check with any venue before you go wreck your car trying to get to a show. It's a good bet you'll be the only one there.    

@_MargaritaGrill : Wed- Rob West

@thenickrocks: Wed 9pm- Bruce Dickey Band

@Oteys: Wed 8pm- Otey's Team Trivia Charity Event w/ @theBellCenter  

@RojoBirmingham: Wed 7pm- Pub quiz (trivia night) with host Leslie Terrell. 

@Bar31: Wed- Rick Carter's Singer Songwriter Night 

@IronHorseCafeAL: Wed 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

Oasis: Wed- Tony Brook –no cover

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Wed 6-10pm- Goodfellas every Wednesday night at Billy's Liberty Park!

Superior Grill: Wed- The Haulers

@BottletreeCafe: Wed 9pm- Delorean / Until The Ribbon Breaks - @DELOREANDANZ @UTRB

@UABArts Hulsey Recital Hall: Wed 12:20pm- UAB Department of Music Faculty Potpourri Recital- Free

@WorkPlayBham : Wed 6pm- Beverly Owen and Friends

@Pub261: Wed -Jerome Walls - @rayJeromewalls

Barrister's Bar: Wed 7-11pm- Zach Doss

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Tuesday's Live Music and Events 1/28/14

Follow the links at the end of each post to confirm weather cancellation or active events! Please check with venues. If they are open and you can walk, rock on! Otherwise just be safe!! 

@_MargaritaGrill : Tue- John Elrod

Courtyard Alabaster: "I am gonna go ahead and cancel the Open Jam at Courtyard Alabaster for tonight due to the weather. I will see ya'll next week." -Ryan

@RedMtnTheatre: We are sorry to report that due to weather conditions and many area school and business closings we are POSTPONING tonight's E-Series: Economics- My Brooklyn until TUESDAY, MARCH 11. We will transfer all tickets to the March 11th screening. Thank you and please be safe.

Still active as of 11am- - @RojoBirmingham: Tue 5-10pm- Fundraiser for CanSurvive GYN Cancer Support Group 5-10PM. 10% of sales benefit this...

@soundandpage: Tue 7:30pm- Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore-Tonight's show at Sound and Page is being rescheduled. When we get a new date, I'll let you know.

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Today 8pm- Open Mic Drinking Club with Erin - @erinagricola
Rios- We are moving open mic night to Thursday!!

@davespub : Tue 9pm- The Regals w/ @FinneyJames welcome Tim Boykin - @timmehfz3       (205) 933-4030

@Bar31: Tue- Karaoke with DJ KOP

@IronHorseCafeAL: Tue 8pm- Open Mic w/ DeeDee
DeeDee is forced to cancel Iron Horse open mic tonight because of the weather.

Oasis: Tue- Tony Brook –no cover
      (205) 323-5538

@BottletreeCafe: Tue 9pm- Gull
       (205) 533-6288

@IronCityBham : Tue 8pm- @NekoCase with special guest @ThaoGetStayDown- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

@Pub261: Tue- Karaoke
pub261 at @3:15pm - We are here!! Come in warm up! Eat! Full menu with Taco soup!:) we will warm you up here!

@SamfordU Brock Recital Hall: Tue 7:30- @ALSymphony Concertmaster & Friends Contemporary Visions - Daniel Szasz,...

Samford University is closing at 11 a.m. today (Jan. 28) due to inclement weather. Students and employees are advised to check the Samford website, the Samford weather hotline -- (205) 726-4636 -- or local media outlets for any updates.

Barrister's Bar: Tue 7-11pm- John and Gio Acoustic Show
Due to inclement weather, ( ICE & SNOW), Barrister's will be closed today. If you're in this mess, be safe and keep warm. We will open tomorrow for Hump Day Happy Hour @ 3 p.m.- come out from the cold!!

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Monday's Live Music and Events 1/27/14

@thenickrocks: Mon 9pm-- @TheColdStart

Southside Baptist Church Birmingham: Mon 7pm- W.C. Open Rehearsal -No audition required. This is Birmingham's...

Barrister's Bar: Tonight 8-10pm- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic

Hideaways Lounge in Huntsville: Mon 7pm- SINGER SONG WRITERS NIGHTS

Champion Latin & Ballroom: Mon 7:30pm- Open House!! There will be LOTS of general dancing and you will get to...

@_MargaritaGrill : Mon- Chip McCain

@IronHorseCafeAL: Mon 7pm- Trivia night w/ all you can eat crab legs and shrimp

Oasis: Mon- Stephen McCollough –no cover

@Pub261: Mon- Open Mic w/ DeeDee -Free Pool!!!

BFP Roster: Courtyard Alabaster: Mon 6pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

@CommVess HQ: Mon 7pm- D.L.S. Institute Dj Lessons And Sessions - @JeffC80

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunday's Live Music and Events 1/26/14

 SUNDAY: Event Share 1/26/14

Courtyard 280: Sun 4-7pm - Thomas M. Trussell ‏@ThomasTrussell

Black Market 5 Pts @BlackMarketGeo: Sun 5:30pm- January Celtic Music Session - @BhamBagpiper

Pablo Lee Branch: Sun 6-9pm - Adam Justin Gannon

@RareMartini: Sun 7 -10pm - Matt Willis, John Kulinich. Sam Gunderson

@CosmosSouthside : Sun 12pm- Sassy Brown & Glen Butts Play Cosmo's Brunch - @glenandlibba 

@thenickrocks : Sun 9pm- @Settly & The Disappointments

@_MargaritaGrill : Sun - Joe Breckenridge

@BhamMoonlight : Sun 7:30pm- CHAD ELLIOTT,and ROY SCHNEIDER - @ChadElliottLive @royschneider

@RojoBirmingham: Sun 6pm- Music by Feather Canyon. No cover! - @FeatherCanyon1

@IronCityBham:  Sun 12:30pm-Jam 4 Sam Battle of the Bands

@Pub261: Sun- Susannah Stuckey -plus Free Pool!!! - @stuckeylikeomg

Sun 2pm- KING FISH

@Bar31: Sun- Karaoke with Judy Johnson

TP Miller's: Sun 7-11pm- Open Mic w/ DeeDee

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Saturday's Live Music and Events 1/25/14

T. Wayne's BBQ: Sat - Neil Dover

@AvondaleBrewing: Sat 8pm- Earthbound at Avondale upstairs - @earthboundbham

@HartSoulAL : Sat 7pm- Cardinal Show at Hart And Soul Coffee
Creative Mindz Dance Studio : Sat 7:45pm- House of Battle - Jookin & AllStyles Edition

Courtyard 280: Sat 9pm- Rebel Live

@CrestwoodTavern : Sat 8pm- The Headlight Duo - @ryanflynt @GeorgeScherer1

@stickandstrum : Sat 3:30pm- Free Songwriting Clinic w/ Justin Cross

@cheahabrewingco Anniston: Sat 7:30- Secondhand Jones - Acoustic Show

@_MargaritaGrill : Sat- Erath Old

Mellow Mushroom in Prattville: Sat 7pm- Britt Johnson 

@CahabaBrewing: Sat 6:30pm- That Beautiful, Old Magic 

Olivia's Bar & Lounge: Sat 9pm- Todd Simpson &

The Flying Monkey in Huntsville @lowemillarts: Sat 7pm- Belle Adair w/Post War - @thepostwarband @belleadairmusic

Superior Grill: Sat 7pm- Crooked Road

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Sat 7pm- Johnny No Band Henry Gip Gipson's photo.

The Central Club in Leeds: Sat 9pm- Hutch Edwards Project

Auburn's Balcony Bar : Sat 9pm- @TheFuriant, Dead Reckoning and Vagrant

RUSH Nightclub in Huntsville: Sat 9pm- 1200 Hustle/ Hustlers Ball - Via: @Renegade_WS

@BottletreeCafe: Sat 9pm- @Maria_Taylor / PJ Bond / Feather Canyon - @FeatherCanyon1 @pjbondmusic

@StirAuburn: Sat 9pm- Shaheed & DJ Supreme @shaheedsupreme @Supremebeats Jay-Ease & Willie Spade, and DJ Greg-C....

Codzillas in Argo: Sat 9:30- THE TURN - @TheTurnRocks

@Bar31: Sat 9:35pm- @GentlemanZero

@thenickrocks: Sat 10pm- Evan Andree /@ABrilliantLie /
@AliceGillee - @EvanAndreeMusic 

Horseshoe Tavern in Dadeville: Sat 10pm- Confederate Hipster

@Zydecobham : Sat 10pm- Archnemesis featuring Bad Robotz (first 100 get in FREE)

@Stillwaterpub : Sat 10pm- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic

@eclipsecoffee : Sat 9pm- Hazel Ra

@BhamMoonlight : Sat 7pm- Kendra Sutton's Songwriter Friends

Sat 10pm- Missused

Oasis: Sat- The Schmohawks

Courtyard Alabaster: Sat 9pm- Sudden Impact

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 7pm- Cody Simpson w/ Plug in Stereo (Sold Out)

@WorkPlayBham : Sat 8pm- The Ringers featuring: Jimmy Herring, Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau, Etienne Mbappe and...

@onasmusicroom: Sat- Big Tasties

@Pub261 : Sat- @TheWhiskeyDix

@roguetavern: Sat - River Dan One Man Band

The Forge: Sat 7pm- HCOTV / LIABW RELEASE SHOW - Holiness Church of the Valley Love is a Black Widow

BFP Roster: Basil Gourmet Pizza & Wine: Sat 6:30- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Sat 9pm- Under The Covers

Creative Mindz Dance Studio in Birmingham: Sat 6pm- Ladia Yates - Alabama DWLY Workshop

TP's Bar & Grill in Kimberly: Sat 9pm- @JohnathanEast Band W/sg Link Detten - @JEastBand

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Friday's Live Music and Events 1/24/14

@innisfreepub:  Fri - James Miller band & DJ Blake

@CityVineyard : Fri 8pm- Todd Simpson and @MojoChild

The Foreign Exchange Experience: Fri 10pm- Sound Clash...Open Mic...featuring CORY SAVAGE

@PaleEddies : Tonight 9:30pm- The Regals w/ @FinneyJames - No Cover. 

Red Shamrock, Mt. Laurel: Fri 8pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

T. Wayne's BBQ: Fri- Billy Droze

@CafeFirenze280: Fri 9pm- Justin P. Harris

@Stillwaterpub : Fri 10:30- Clay Connor band featuring Stephen McCullough

Green Bar in Tuscaloosa: Fri 10pm- Battito Trio

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill in Argo: Fri 9pm- Buckwild (TWERKING CONTEST...$ 100 TO THE WINNER)

@ShelbysPelham: Fri 8pm- Rick Carter & Erin Mitchell - @Rickguitar @ErinMitchellpjt

Henderson's in Midfield: Fri 8pm- Ms. Johnnie & The Jammers band- Friday Night's Special January Jam

@octanebarpelham: Fri 9:30pm- Mike Kelley from Four On The Floor

Chestnut Station in Gadsden: Fri 9pm- Rebel

@champys119: Fri 7pm- @TaylorHunnicutt and Matt Willis 

Courtyard Alabaster : Fri 6-9- SK5 - 10-2- Atticus Avenue - @AtticusAve

Oasis: Fri- Tony Brook Band

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Fri 9pm- DJ Jimbo

@theredcat_bham Fri 8pm- ELLIS PAUL - @ellispaulsongs

@CahabaBrewing : Fri 8pm- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic

Irish Bred Pub Opelika: Fri 8pm- Amanda Caudill - @amandarcaudill


Black Market 5Pts @BlackMarketGeo- Fri 9pm- @SlossMinor and @CoolossusAtBest

@eclipsecoffee :
Fri 9pm- Hazel Ra/Andy Dale Petty

Danny's Backstreet Lounge in Bessemer: Fri 9pm- Locked N loaded

Sportster's in Hueytown: Fri 9-ish - OutShine -  

@thenickrocks: Fri 9pm- @TheWillHastings Chris Porter Caleb Caudle CeCe and The Bandits - @Caudlethrottle...

@BottletreeCafe: Fri 9pm- @DiarrheaPlanet / The Urns

North Street Bar in Talladega: Fri 9:30- Mike Erwin

TP's Bar & Grill in Kimberly: Fri 10pm- THE TURN - @TheTurnRocks

@Zydecobham : Fri 10pm-

@BhamMoonlight : Fri 7:30- TOSHA HILL, and BAD BRAD & THE Bad Brad & The @SipseySlims - @toshahillmusic

@IronHorseCafeAL: Fri 7pm- @DoryDrive , Traverser, Koralyst, Dropshot

@greybar280 : Fri 10pm- Almost Brothers

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park:
Fri 7pm- John Elrod

Superior Grill: Fri - Radio X

@WorkPlayBham : Fri 8pm- Via- @BhamMtnRadio- Lucius w/ You Won't - @ilovelucius @YouWontMusic

@IronCityBham :
Fri 8pm- GrooveDaddy

Fri- Bonus Round

@Pub261: Fri - Coyote Jack

@SamfordU @WrightCenterSU : Fri 7:30pm- @OperaBham presents Rigoletto -Todd Thomas – Sharpless in last season’s...

@roguetavern :
Fri- The Good Doctor

@_MargaritaGrill : Fri- Chip McCain / Rob West

Papa Saia's : Fri 9pm- DB Cooper Project

BFP Roster: The Green Lantern, McCalla: Fri 9pm - Megan McMillan @mmcmillanmusic w/ @NathanJ_Music

@CrestwoodTavern : Fri 8pm- Philip Allman

Olivia's: Fri 8-11pm- @DomenionBand- See link

@Bar31: Fri - Josh Butler and Friends - @jobu2677

Barrister's Bar: Fri- DJ Kop

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