Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Live Music and Events Starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Superbowl Lanes : Tonight 7pm- Open Mic w/ Rokstar
@octanebarpelham: Tonight 6;30- Open Mic

@PaleEddies : Tonight 9pm- Open Mic w/FinneyJames

Das Haus: Today 6pm- Birmingham's Spring of Light (Org. Meeting) Via: @JosephCBakerIII 

Matthew's Bar & Grill : Tonight- Zach Doss acoustic $2.50 Fireball and $2 Domestics! @Giftedmf 

@Satterfields: Today at 6:30pm- GLEN BUTTS - @glenandlibba
@IronCityBham : wed. 7pm- @positivelyfunny 's Narcissistic Holiday Special, or Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me!

@AvondaleBrewing : Wed. 6pm- #CeltureKiltie via: @Celture

Barrister's, Hoover: Wed. 8-11pm- Conley Knott

@thenickrocks: Wed. 7pm- Annual Martini Christmas Party

@WorkPlayBham : Wednesday 8pm- @TabBenoit w/ @SolDrivenTrain

Wed. 9pm- Haley Bopp/ A Touch of Black - @dragonflygigi @8Carly

@Stillwaterpub : Wed. 10:30pm- Bob Marston & Ford Boswell

@Zydecobham : Wed. 9:30PM -LaGoons

@_MargaritaGrill :
Wed. - Rob West

@ShelbysPelham: Wed. - Open Mic Night

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Wed. - Join Goodfellas every Wednesday night

Superior Grill:
Wed. - Matt & Alan

@onasmusicroom : Wed.- Meat & Three

@WorkPlayBham : Wed. 6PM- Beverly Owen and Friends

@IronCityBham : Wed. 5:15 PM- Frank Jordan

Wed. - Jerome Walls - @rayJeromewalls

Northbrook Baptist Church, Cullman:
Wed. 6:30pm- @act_of_congress

@Freshfully Avondale Location: Today 6pm- This is Renaissance Holiday Open House

Shades Valley Presbyterian Church:
Today 6:45pm- Keyboard Christmas 2013 Keyboard Christmas 2013 w/ Pianist Ty...

41stStreetPub : Today 8pm- @YAL_UAB Young Americans for Liberty, YALiday Christmas Party @YALiberty
Today's Treat:  
Cascio Interstate Music

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