Friday, December 6, 2013

DJ TIPS AND TECHNIQUES 12/6/13 by @JeffC80, Jeff "Djjeffc" Cohen

By  Jeff Djjeffc Cohen

Scratch track compositions aka scratch production, aka sketches:

A song composed completely from scratching samples from records. Everything from the kick, snare, hats, and every other sound you hear. The beat is done by using a scratch technique called drumming using whatever drums are on the record and scratch drumming them to make your own beat. You then scratch in other samples from records to make a composition. I use cool edit to layer the scratches. Here is an example of a scratch composition. Keep in mind everything you hear was scratched and layered through cool edit.

DJ Tips and Techniques offers short, informative posts to help educate the people of  the Birmingham area about dj techniques, language and practices. DJ Jeff also offers dj lessons and open turntable sessions, discussions from business, production, dj techniques, scratching, mixing, and turntablism at Communicating Vessels HQ on  regular basis. Click this link for more details:

 Jeff Djjeffc Cohen is:
2013 Guitar Center Spin Off Champion Atlanta.
2013 Beats And Breaks DJ Battle Champion Atlanta.
2010 Needle To The Record Dj Battle Champion Atlanta.
2010 DMC USA Finalist.
...won award for 2010 best hip hop dj in Birmingham from Lifes Great Music Awards.

...Has been a deejay for about the past 15 years, spun on krfc for two years doing a underground hip hop show called Under The Table in Fort Collins CO, spun on Basementalism Radio 1190 in Boulder CO.

For a year has Deejayed for the Cunninlynguist, Pack FM, and Tone Deff. Has gone on tour through Colorado with the QN5 family, been the opening dj for multiple shows such as Heiroglyphics, Lyrics Born, The Alkoholics, Bone Thugs, Souls of Mischief, Murs, Akil from Jurassic 5, Blue Scholars, Del The Funky Homosepian, and Devin The Dude.

Member of The Green Seed.

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