Tuesday, December 17, 2013

@BhamMoonlight Friday, Jan. 10 @Michael_on_Fire

Friends and fans of Moonlight On the Mountain and to those of you who may have seen me the few times that I have performed in Alabama...

I would be honored with your presence at my upcoming performance in Birmingham--the best way I can express to you is using a verse from my song "Things Will Be Alright"

       Somewhere down in Alabama
      Heading to the Gulf
      The Alligator heat warmed up my mind
      Those strong tornado winds blowing like a demon
      I swear I felt a chill run up my spine
      Somewhere in the distance I heard a river flowing
      a song of love filling me with light
      I wonder where that river's flowing
      I wonder where that river's flowing
      that river tells me things will be alright...

hear the song, and others here:

I have always found the audiences in Alabama to be highly informed aware and a joy to play for...hope to see you there

-gratitude, Michael On Fire

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