Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Shall Return January 4th Faster and Stronger than Before. Till then...Self Serve Events.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Live Music and Events w/ Tunes and Goodies

Let me know if you know something I don't!
I will update as I get them-
@PlatinumBham : Tonight- Christmas Eve Edition of Tasty Tuesday 
Firenze 280: Tonight- Dan Walton & Jeremy Willis acoustic
Barrister's Bar: Tue. 8-Midnight- Uncle Mayham

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Today 8pm- Open Mic Drinking Club with @ErinAgricola !

@thenickrocks : - Open Christmas Eve!
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday's Live Music and Events w/ Piano Tuners and Opera Singer and Christmas

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Garage Cafe: Mon. 6-10pm- Rickie Castrillo... no cover.
@Bar31 in Vestavia: Mon. 10pm-2am- @TheWhiskeyDix. No cover

The Forge: Mon. 7pm- Power Trip/Mammoth Grinder/Legion/Deism/Ectovoid/Beartrap

WOB - Five Points @wobfivepoints : Mon. 7pm- the Divines at Who said Christmas Party?

@_MargaritaGrill : Mon- Chip McCain

@Pub261; Mon.- Open Mic. Monday, Free Pool

Boujee's Lounge: Mon. 8pm- @dougoutt & the PINCHHITTERS

BFP Roster- @abc3340 "Talk of Alabama" Morning Show: Mon. 9am- Mandi Rae - @mandiraemusic
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday's Live Music and Events w/ Felix the Cat (1928) and some tunes

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@CosmosSouthside : Sun. - Sassy Brown & Glen Butts Play Cosmo's Brunch - @glenandlibba


East Lake United Methodist Church : Sun. 2:30pm- Service of Lessons and Carols

@Zydecobham : Dun 7pm- @TjuanBenafactor,Septimius the Great,Mob Boss & more live

@thenickrocks : Today 9pm- The Head / Fake Flowers

@_MargaritaGrill : Today- Rob West

@BhamMoonlight MOTM:
Today 7:30pm- An Evening of Celtic Music, w/ JIL CHAMBLESS, ED MILLER, and DON PENZIEN $12

@WorkPlayBham : Today 7:30pm- Mad Skillz 10th Anniversary Showcase: Art In Motion

@IronCityBham :
Today 3PM- Mason Music's Rock Band League: Battle of the Bands

Virginia Samford Theatre : Today 2:30pm- A Bluegrass Christmas Carol

Carver Theatre : Today 4:30- I'll Be Home For Christmas: An Urban Musical Drama

@Pub261: Today- John Elrod
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday's Live Music and Events

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Cafe Firenze: Tonight- Almost Kings
Courtyard 280: Tonight 7-10- Thomas M. Trussell @ThomasTrussell

Gabriel's: Today 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix
Champy's Alabaster : Tonight 7pm- solo acoustic show - Travis Posey Music
@Bar31: Sat. - Atticus Avenue - @AtticusAve

Willow Wood Recreation Center: Today (see link) -DANCING 4 DOLLARS - @_Cutefahsum_

Bernie's on Main Street in Columbiana: Today at 6pm- Sassy Brown - @ChefBenard

@HartSoulAL : Today 6pm- Andy Harris of @theoldpaints at Andy's. Last. Thing. Of The Year.

@WorkPlayBham : Today 6pm- The Workplay All-Stars, the WPRS Christmas Band, Megan Markle at A Christmas...

Seasick Records @seasickbham: Today 6pm- SEASICK RECORDS CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Today 7pm- Leo "Bud" Welch Sr.

@cheahabrewingco Anniston: Today 7pm- Amanda Caudill - @amandarcaudill

@ShelbysPelham: Today 8pm- A.J Beavers and Co Christmas Jam

@WorkPlayBham : Today 8pm- Delbert McClinton w/ WorkPlay Rock School All-Stars

@eclipsecoffee : Today 8pm- Wide Open Mic!

Rios Bar & Grill, Helena: Today 9pm- DJ Dr. Bay Sat Night

Danny's Backstreet Lounge, Bessemer: Today 9pm- Locked & Loaded rocks Danny's Backstreet 1st annual Christmas party!

@BottletreeCafe: Today 9pm- Dax Riggs / King Carnivore - @DaxRiggsFans

Codzillas in Argo, Alabama: Today 9:30pm- THE TURN - @TheTurnRocks

@octanebarpelham: Today 10pm- @PlutosReturn

@roguetavern: Today 10pm- Coyote Jack

Aqua Latino Night Club : Today 10:30pm- AQUA POSADA/ RODEO!!!!

Episcopal Church of The Holy Spirit - Alabaster:
Today 7pm- Sawyer Singers Christmas Concert

@innisfreepub B'ham: Today 3pm- Holi-Day Party featuring Mark Lindsey & @Billygantt

@IronCityBham : Today 8pm- "Christmas with the Cats" featuring @TheAlvinGarrett , Danny Clay, and Logan The...

Carver Theater : Today 7pm- JaPaul Vines' I'll Be Home For Christmas: @jpplaywright - An Urban Musical Drama

@ Henderson's, Bessemer: Today 7pm- Big Ro Williams Live in Concert.

Black Market Bar & Grill- 5 Pts: Today 8pm- Winter Bazaar! LOCAL ARTISTS AND VENDORS - @BlackMarketGeo

@GlassHalfBham 2213 First Avenue North: Today 8pm- The Xmascist

@ascbham Alys Stephens:
Today 7:30pm- @ALSymphony - Handel's Messiah

@theredcat_bham : Today 8pm- Meiko

@thenickrocks: Tonight 9pm- Bunny Austin / Late Night w/ Evil Eye

@_MargaritaGrill : Tonight- Jason Mayo

@IronHorseCafeAL: Tonight 10pm- @FlyByRadio

Superior Grill: Today 7pm- OutShine - @OutshineRox @rayJeromewalls

Jazz Underground: Tonight 8pm- Finale! The Christmas Concert

@onasmusicroom: Tonight- Sean Michael Ray Trio - @Guitfiddlah

@Pub261: Tonight - @CroadsJunction -"Gopher the Garland" annual fundraiser for the @AutismSocietyAL

T. Wayne's BBQ: Today 7pm- Marc Harris & Kendra Sutton

BFP Roster: Papa Saia's: Tonight 9pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

BFP Roster: The Filling Station, Tuscaloosa: Tonight 10pm- Megan McMillan - @mmcmillanmusic
Club 170 in Steele: Today 9pm- Brad Cornelius Band
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday's Live Music and Events w/ Camping Out Scrappy (1932)

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@ParksideBham: Fri. - BABES IN DRUNKLAND: Nightmare Boyzzz, Plains & The Urns See: @HappeninRecords

Superior Grill:
Fri. 6:30pm- THE TURN @TheTurnRocks

Fri. 7pm- Sassy Brown Trio

Berkeley Bob's Coffee House in Cullman:
Fri 7pm- Songwriters' Evening

TP's Bar & Grill in Kimberly: Fri. 7pm- OutShine at TP's Customer Appreciation Christmas Party

Matthew's Bar & Grill : Fri. 7pm- "Reason 2 Believe" Video premiere

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Fri. - Friday Night Karaoke

@soundandpage: Fri 7pm- Harvest Star Christmas Concert See: @HarvestStarFolk @WilderMusic @threadbarebro

@WorkPlayBham : Fri. 8PM- @BlindBoys of Alabama & -- 9PM- @MoonTaxi w/ @TheVegabonds via: @BhamMtnRadio

@CrestwoodTavern :
Fri. 8pm- Bob Marston @ Crestwood Tavern's Christmas Party

@CityVineyard : Fri. 8pm- Acoustic Earthbound Christmas party


@IronCityBham :
Fri 8pm- @theBrianPosehn featuring Christopher Davis - - @chrisozdavis

@ShelbysPelham :
Fri 8:30pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

@BottletreeCafe: Fri. 9pm- Downright/ Velouria - @Downrightband

@wobfivepoints : Fri. 9pm- Matt Carroll and Aaron Branson

Red Zone Bar and Grill in Calera:
Fri. 9:30pm- Farmer's Daughter- - @FDRocks

@Bar31: Fri. - Pluto's Return - @PlutosReturn

Cafe Firenze II in Clanton: Fri. 9:30pm- Jessie Minor unplugged - @JMinorCountry

Oasis: Fri. 10pm- Rollin' In The Hay - @Haytweets

Fri. 9pm- The Golden Monica / American Animal / @ericsommer

@_MargaritaGrill :
Fri. - Pocket Change

@Zydecobham :
Fri. 9:30 PM - Tim Tyler on the Keys $5.00

@IronHorseCafeAL : Fri. 10pm- @Deputy5

@greybar280 : Fri.- Jason Mayo and Alan

@onasmusicroom: Fri- P.J. Spraggins & P.J. Spraggins Band - @pjspraggins

@Pub261: Fri- @HunterLawley Band

Papa Saia's: Fri- Chase Evan 9 - 1

T. Wayne's BBQ: Fri.- Chris Copeland

@octanebarpelham: Fri. 10pm- @HuntingDelilah

Ice & Coal Gallery, Helena: Fri. 6pm- Phil Dudley w/ Band - @PhilDudleyMusic

Little D's Bar & Grill, Bessemer:
Fri. 7pm- George Scherer - - @GeorgeScherer1

The Foreign Exchange Experience: Friday night- Nu Nation Presents... "Funktion"

@BJCC : Fri. 8pm- Mythbusters on stage
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday's Live Music and Events w/ Van Beuren's - The Office Boy (1930)

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Email: with your events or music info. 
T. Wayne's BBQ: Tonight- Open Mic
Courtyard 280: tonight - Erica Chambers -
@Bar31: Thu. 9pm- @HunterLawley acoustic -no cover Also: Metal Rocks Wearable Art Showcase

@AlsonSeventh: Thu. 6pm- The Open Mic - Holiday Songs

The Foreign Exchange Experience: Thu. 7pm- EXPERIMENT: An Open Mic

@IronCityBham : Thu. 7pm- @VulcanVape Christmas Party ON AIR

@BottletreeCafe : Thu. 9pm- Microwave Dave & The Nukes / @mandiraemusic :@TNRiverkeeper Benefit

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Th. 9pm- Gypsy Riot - @GypsyRiotRocks

Green Bar in Tuscaloosa: Thu. 10pm- The Golden Monica & Black Willis
@TinRoofBHam : Tonight- Matt Bennett Band
@thenickrocks : SHOW CANCELLED  Thu. 9pm- Robert Fortune - @rfbmusic 
MUSICIAN THEFT ALERT: ATTN!! Robert Fortune - - Our van was broken into this morning in Birmingham...

@_MargaritaGrill :
Thu. - @ErathOld

@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Thu. 7:30- DECEMBERSONGS w/ @RodPicott @amyspeace & @DandTW DOUG & TELISHA - $20

@Zydecobham : Thu. 9:30 PM - @TheParkBand $5.00

@IronHorseCafeAL ;
Thu. 6pm- Toys for Tots Party w/ Craig Campbell - @craigcampbelltv

@ShelbysPelham: Thu. - Kolby and Jerm Show

@greybar280 : Thu. 9pm- Michael Warren

Superior Grill: Thu. - Hutch Edwards Project

Today 6:30pm- Big Newtone Live at the Cahaba Brewery
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Live Music and Events Starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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Email: with your events or music info. 
Superbowl Lanes : Tonight 7pm- Open Mic w/ Rokstar
@octanebarpelham: Tonight 6;30- Open Mic

@PaleEddies : Tonight 9pm- Open Mic w/FinneyJames

Das Haus: Today 6pm- Birmingham's Spring of Light (Org. Meeting) Via: @JosephCBakerIII 

Matthew's Bar & Grill : Tonight- Zach Doss acoustic $2.50 Fireball and $2 Domestics! @Giftedmf 

@Satterfields: Today at 6:30pm- GLEN BUTTS - @glenandlibba
@IronCityBham : wed. 7pm- @positivelyfunny 's Narcissistic Holiday Special, or Hark the Herald Angels Sing About Me!

@AvondaleBrewing : Wed. 6pm- #CeltureKiltie via: @Celture

Barrister's, Hoover: Wed. 8-11pm- Conley Knott

@thenickrocks: Wed. 7pm- Annual Martini Christmas Party

@WorkPlayBham : Wednesday 8pm- @TabBenoit w/ @SolDrivenTrain

Wed. 9pm- Haley Bopp/ A Touch of Black - @dragonflygigi @8Carly

@Stillwaterpub : Wed. 10:30pm- Bob Marston & Ford Boswell

@Zydecobham : Wed. 9:30PM -LaGoons

@_MargaritaGrill :
Wed. - Rob West

@ShelbysPelham: Wed. - Open Mic Night

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Wed. - Join Goodfellas every Wednesday night

Superior Grill:
Wed. - Matt & Alan

@onasmusicroom : Wed.- Meat & Three

@WorkPlayBham : Wed. 6PM- Beverly Owen and Friends

@IronCityBham : Wed. 5:15 PM- Frank Jordan

Wed. - Jerome Walls - @rayJeromewalls

Northbrook Baptist Church, Cullman:
Wed. 6:30pm- @act_of_congress

@Freshfully Avondale Location: Today 6pm- This is Renaissance Holiday Open House

Shades Valley Presbyterian Church:
Today 6:45pm- Keyboard Christmas 2013 Keyboard Christmas 2013 w/ Pianist Ty...

41stStreetPub : Today 8pm- @YAL_UAB Young Americans for Liberty, YALiday Christmas Party @YALiberty
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Cascio Interstate Music

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

@BhamMoonlight Friday, Jan. 10 @Michael_on_Fire

Friends and fans of Moonlight On the Mountain and to those of you who may have seen me the few times that I have performed in Alabama...

I would be honored with your presence at my upcoming performance in Birmingham--the best way I can express to you is using a verse from my song "Things Will Be Alright"

       Somewhere down in Alabama
      Heading to the Gulf
      The Alligator heat warmed up my mind
      Those strong tornado winds blowing like a demon
      I swear I felt a chill run up my spine
      Somewhere in the distance I heard a river flowing
      a song of love filling me with light
      I wonder where that river's flowing
      I wonder where that river's flowing
      that river tells me things will be alright...

hear the song, and others here:

I have always found the audiences in Alabama to be highly informed aware and a joy to play for...hope to see you there

-gratitude, Michael On Fire

Cascio Interstate Music

Tuesday's Live Music and Events

Dave's : Tonight 9pm- The Regals welcome Josh Butler -
@Stillwaterpub : Tuesday 6pm- Metal and Rocks Wearable Art Showcase

@CafeFirenze280 : Tuesday 7pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

Due to illness the jam is cancelled tonight. Courtyard Alabaster: Tuesday 7pm- Last Open Jam for the Year @BigHillDilligaf

@BottletreeCafe : Tuesday 8pm- Ugly Baby Fires Billy Ray and Tim!

@_MargaritaGrill : Tuesday 12/17- Jason Mayo

The Forge: Today 7pm- Bad Habits / With Increase / Wound Up / Idols

@IronHorseCafeAL : Tonight- (həd) p.e. with Righteous Vendetta - @hedpe @rvmusiconline

@bamatheatre ,Tuscaloosa: Tonight 7pm- Bible Study, Mark Hughes Cobb, Blaine Duncan, Callooh! Callay!, GoLightly...
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Live Music and Events

Barristers, Hoover: Tonight 7-11- Ryan Flynt
@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Today, 12/16 - OPEN MIC NIGHT


Rios Bar & Grill, Helena: Today 7:30pm- Uptown Art (Painting)

@BottletreeCafe : Tonight 8pm- @E_I_T - Everything Is Terrible! Holiday Special 2013!...

@thenickrocks : Today 9pm- @BorrowedArts @Form_Constant @kinzie_music

@_MargaritaGrill :
Tonight- Chip McCain

@BhamMoonlight MOTM: Tonight 7:30pm- OPEN MIC NIGHT- $5

@Pub261: Tonight- Open Mic. Monday w/ DeeDee Rokstar

Boujee's Lounge: Tonight 8pm- @dougoutt & the PINCHHITTERS
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday's Live Music and Events

TP Millers: Tonight 7-11- Open Mic night w/ DeeDee Rokstar
The Blue Iguana Bar and Grill in Prattville: Today 1pm- Tribute Concert & Benefit For #WayneMills

Central Club, Leeds: Today 1pm- @whoshotlizzy @OutshineRox, @huntingdelilah Kris Cody & the Silver Tongues,K.D....


Bluff Park United Methodist Church :
Today 6pm- MCCS Holiday Concert - True Light

@Zydecobham : Today 7pm- @DirtyThingsRock/ @TumbleweedCo Music / Megan McMillan: @mmcmillanmusic

@_MargaritaGrill : Today- Chris Erwing

@BhamMoonlight MOTM:
Tonight 7:30pm- LEE ANNA CULP, w/ Aaron Denver Crites @LeeAnnaRocks @DenverCrites

@thenickrocks: Tonight 9PM- The StereoFidelics -@stereofs

@BottletreeCafe : Tonight 9PM- @BaakGwai/ Grandaddy Ghostlegs / Wray

@Pub261 : Tonight- Susannah Stuckey/ Free -@stuckeylikeomg

Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts, Gadsden:
Today 2PM- Etowah Youth Orchestra's Holiday Pops Concert

Alys Stephens @ascbham ; Today 7pm- Take 6

Riverchase Galleria:
Today 2 and 4pm- Alabama Symphony Youth Orchestra Holiday Performance
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday's Live Music and Events

Check in frequently: this is updated as we get them! 
@Champys119, Alabaster: Tonight 7pm- Matt Willis and
@RhythmNBrewsBar Tuscaloosa: Saturday 12/14- Farmer's Daughter -@FDRocks

Central Club in Leeds:
Saturday 9pm- Hutch Edwards Project

T Wayne's BBQ, Acton Road:
Tonight 7-10- Marc Harris and Greg Gentry acoustic. -@MarcHarrisMusic

JC Arena, Hanceville:
Tonight- Cullman Music Fest / @dark_beforedawn @shot2piecesband @FalseF8...

@HighNoteLounge :
Tonight- Piercing Deception
/ Formulus/ /Thothamon/Sweet Violence  - @PiercingDecepti

The Forge: Today 7pm- COVE / FOREIGN WAR / NEST / CENTRAL FIRES / COUNTER - @ForeignWarMusic

Bluewater Brewing Company, Florence: Today 7pm- Chaos Inception, Ectovoid, Sightings & Ridge

Gip's Place @HenryGipGipson: Today 7pm- Kevin Ball & The Busters - @stairwaytokevin

Jazz Underground: Today 8pm- Christmas Underground w/ Christinay , Nadia Tellis , Sharron , danI

@WorkPlayBham :Today 8pm- Christmas with @act_of_congress (Sold Out)

@BottletreeCafe: Today 8pm- Dean & Company Christmas Special Premiere & KARAOKE NIGHT

Fuego Cantina: Today 9pm- Frank and Tommy - Via: Roosevelt Franklyn

@PaleEddies : Today 9pm- @StuartMcNair Band

Humphrey's Bar & Grill, Huntsville: Today at 9:00pm- Rollin' In The Hay

@Pub261: Today 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

@LakeviewSidebar : Today 9:30pm- Post War w/ The Whiskey River Kings @thepostwarband @The_WRK

@octanebarpelham : Today 10pm- TODD SIMPSON & @MOJOCHILD

@_MargaritaGrill : Tonight - @ErathOld

@Zydecobham : Tonight- Curren$y feat. Shaheed & DJ Supreme - @shaheedtawheed @QDOTDAVIS

Tonight 10PM- Splendid Chaos

@ShelbysPelham: Tonight- Paul Sisson

@greybar280 : Tonight 10pm- Outshine - @OutshineRox @rayJeromewalls

Superior Grill: Tonight - Kaloc

@UABArts @ascbham, Jemison Concert Hall: Today 3pm- High School Honor Bands Concert

@onasmusicroom: Tonight- Ona Watson and Champagne

Codzilla's Sports Pub & Grill in Argo: Today 9pm- 2 DA MAXX !!!

@SamfordU @WrightCenterSU: @alabamaballet- George Balanchine's The Nutcracker- 2:30 & 7:30

@AtlantisEnt: Today 9pm- @kmichelle ATLANTIS $1 TAKEOVER CONCERT

BFP Roster: Courtyard Alabaster: Today 2pm- Susannah Stuckey - @stuckeylikeomg

BFP Roster: The Green Lantern, Tuscaloosa: Megan McMillan - @mmcmillanmusic

Avondale Bricks Gallery: Today 11am- 1pm- @djlovedeluxe at HOLIDAY OPENING WEEKEND
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday's Live Music and Events

Check in frequently: this is updated as we get them! 
The Foreign Exchange Experience : Today 8pm- (Open Mic) FOREIGN FRIDAYS (Free Admission before 10pm)
 Courtyard Alabaster: Tonight 6-9pm - Thomas M. Trussell
@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Tonight 7-10- John Elrod solo acoustic
Courtyard Bar, Childersburg: Tonight- - "The Big Solo Show. Chi chi chi Ha ha ha. "
@SawsJukeJoint : Tonight 8-11- Jimmy Allen Trio
Chelsea Coffee : Today 12/13 7:30pm- Catalyst Red @CatalystRed

@innisfreepub B'ham: Today 12/13 8pm- The Bama Gamblers @TheBamaGamblers

@soundandpage: Today 7pm- @jessepayne w/ special appearances by Taylor Shaw & Noel -@pipeandgun @Noelmusicc

Avondale Bricks Gallery: Today 11am-9 pm-HOLIDAY OPENING WEEKEND-House music by @djlovedeluxe

Forest Park South Avondale Neighborhood: 8th Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar Today at 5:00pm

@UABArts Artlab/Visual Arts Gallery: Fall 2013 UAB Bachelor of Fine arts Exhibition Today at 5:00pm

7028 3rd ave south Birmingham: Avavago/Formulus/Scum Lord/The New Masters of Evil - @timmehfz3 "Got the basement...

Ice & Coal Gallery, Helena: Today 6pm- First Friday of Helena -@jgeezer

Pleasure Is All Wine, Pelham: Today 6:30pm- Sassy Brown and @glenbutts -@allaboutwine

@CahabaBrewing: Today 7pm- WAG | @wesandgreg

The Forge: Today 7pm- New Lands / Wet Brain / White Sands Missile Range / Camping In Alaska / Bird's Nest

Sportsters Bar & Grill, Bessemer:
Today 6pm- Charlie's Angels Benefit w/ Exit 97 - Host: @DirtyDeedsMC

Berkley Bob's, Cullman: Today 7pm- Russell Gulley Debut

@WorkPlayBham :
Today 8pm- Rick Carter's Big Ol' Birthday Bash

@IronCityBham : Today 8pm- @JasonIsbell with special guest @SturgillSimpson

DANIELDAY GALLERY: Tonight- Spoonful

Codzilla's: Tonight 9pm- The Dozens -@TheDozensAL

Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Today 9pm- @TheWhiskeyDix

Matthew's Bar & Grill: Tonight 9pm- COAL FOR XMAS 2013 @JasperCoal

@ChestnutStation, Gadsden: Tonight 9:30- @TheTurnRocks

@octanebarpelham : Tonight 9:30- Robbie & Cole acoustic

Big Star Tavern, Prattville: Tonight 10pm- Confederate Hipster --@ConfedHipster

@Stillwaterpub :
Tonight 10:30- Earthbound's Freaky Friday 13th

@thenickrocks: Tonight 9pm- THIS HOUSE

@_MargaritaGrill : Tonight- Tad Hill

Tonight 10PM- @Molly_Ringwalds

@Zydecobham :
Tonight- Festival Expressions & Strung Like a Horse -@FestExpressions @slahtweets

@ShelbysPelham: Tonight- Excalibur

@greybar280 : Tonight 10pm- Almost Brothers

Superior Grill:
Tonight- Radio X

Tonight- Seven Chinese Brothers,local musicians, paying homage to early R.E.M.

Jazz Underground: Tonight 8pm–2am - The Connection Band! 8:00 pm – 2:00 am

@onasmusicroom: tonight- Gary Motley Quartet

@TylerNavarres: Tonight 9pm- Matt Bennett Jarrod George duo

South City Theatre, Columbiana: Tonight 8pm- WILEY AND THE HAIRY MAN

BJCC: Tonight 8pm- P!NK: The Truth About Love Tour

ASFA Dorothy Jemison Day Theater: Tonight 7:30pm- Holiday Music Concert @ASFA_Tweets w/ ASFA's Orchestra, Jazz...

@Pub261: Tonight - Zippy D & Dirty Luv

@SamfordU Wright Fine Arts Ctr: Tonight 7:30 PM- George Balanchine's The Nutcracker -@ascbham

@HighNoteLounge : Tonight- @AABrasfield / @TheNovadais / Tyler and Jimmie of @thepostwarband

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