Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday's Live Music and Events 

@Zydecobham :Tonight- The Story So Far, Stick To Your Guns @SuchGold @RottingOut @Souvenirsca @STYGoc @thestorysofarca..

@WorkPlayBham : Beverly Owen with Michael D. Callahan (and Friends) Today at 6:00pm Beverly Owen's photo.

@IronHorseCafeAL ; @DoryDrive @Crimson_Season @downthephoenix and Bedlam Today 7pm

Codzilla's in Argo : Greg Tolbert of BuckWild, acoustic Today at 7:30pm

@WorkPlayBham :
@stevevai Today at 8:00pm

@BottletreeCafe : Geographer / @royalbangs Today at 9:00pm @geographermusic

@thenickrocks: Tonight- @Velvet_Elvis / @AllThemWitches

@_MargaritaGrill ; Tonight- Rob West

@RojoBirmingham : Tonight- Pub quiz (trivia night) with host Wes Frazer! 7PM

@ShelbysPelham : Tonight-Open Mic Night w/Kolby

Oasis: Tonight Live Music (?) –no cover

@greybar280 : Tonight - Acoustic Music (?)

@BillysSportGril Northport: Tonight- CHASE EVAN

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Join Goodfellas every Wednesday night

Superior Grill: Tonight- The Haulers

Alys Stephens @ascbham: Tonight 7:30 - UAB Theatre Twelfth Night @UABArts

@IronCityBham : Tonight- Frank Jordan 5:15 PM

@onasmusicroom: Tonight-Martini Wednesday/Andy Nevala Trio

Tonight- Cicili & Adam

Tonight 7:30- Sixteenth Annual Rushton Concert By Antonio Pompa-Baldi @PompaBaldiPiano
Today's Treat:  

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