Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's Live Music and Events

Pablo's Colonnade : Tonight 6-9pm- Adam Justin Gannon I'm taking requests tonight from 6-9pm at Pablo's...
@BottletreeCafe : @Swingin_Utters @blacklistroyals /Skeptic? Today at 10:00pm http://fb.me/2y8yxm3Bp
Rios Bar & Grill in Helena: Open Mic Drinking Club with @erinagricola ! Today at 7:30pm http://fb.me 
@RareMartini : Today 7pm- @positivelyfunny Feast of Funny, or If the Plymouth's Rock-ing, Don't Come Knocking! http://fb.me/2IPR9efTj
 @_MargaritaGrill : Tonight- Brickenridge http://fb.me/6vuKmXLor

@Zydecobham :Tonight - GRiZ: THE REBEL ERA TOUR ft. SuperVision & L^FTD @mynameisGRiZ @ThatSuperVision 9:30 PM $13.00 http://fb.me/1FJUgOxJt

@RojoBirmingham :Today- End Polio at Rojo Benefit! Today http://fb.me/1bLgc5TIn

Oasis : Tonight- Sean “Rockstar” Heninger –no cover http://fb.me/26Altc1jS
@Pub261 : Tonight- Karaoke http://fb.me/2C6eKr5DH

Papa Saia's :
Tonight- Kelly From U.S. Band - 7 - 11 http://fb.me/2ZVVM0xY1
Today's Treat: 

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