Monday, November 4, 2013

Henry Gip Gipson Needs Help

Gip Gipson's fingers have spent a lifetime working guitar strings, shaking hands and spreading the spirit of the blues.

When it comes to putting on a show, hosting a party and running a world renowned juke-joint, he's your man.

Gip's notoriety has grown and spread and been featured by blues magazines across the globe and on radio.  

Recently, however, those very guitar picking, music loving fingers have fallen prey to an all too common malady.

No, it isn't what you might think. 

Well into his 80s Gip's fingers are still able to pick up a guitar and play music for his friends. This malady, this new struggle, is one many of you might relate to..."how in the world can those fingers cram a lifetime's worth of living into a space no more than 140 words."       

As trivial as it might sound, it's the same problem so much of the world is struggling to understand today, social media. 

What's your reach? Is your message getting out? Yes, that sort of thing. Where do paragraphs end, is it 4 or for, you or u? #badgrammar

The social structure at Gip's, which can best be described as a "family of friends," recently went through some changes. If we were talking about a business we would say "under new management." But in the "family of friends," that doesn't really fit. #Confusing #it'safamilything

Suffice it to say there was recently a slight change in the family dynamics. There have been many questions put forth about this change. A number of stories were told.

Let me put it to you this way. Go to Gip's yourself, as his is an open and accepting family, sit down and ask any questions you might need answered. 

Recent changes would not affect the safety or fun at Gip's one way or the other. The shows will still be the same. The bands and spirit will still be the same.

So what has changed that you, the reader, should know?

Its very simple: Gip's has a new page, a new Twitter account and a new friend helping him with social media.  The importance of this should not be overlooked. Gip needs your help. In order to return the "reach" of Gip's information back to its former numbers, all of those who love and follow Gip need to help spread the word about his new information outlets. 

Friends and family who have come to know and love Gip and Gip's Place will need to know where to get updates and show information. So take a minute for an old blues man to share. Tell your friends, tag Gip, forward and suggest friends.

All the irritating little social media musts that need to be done, please do. 

Here's the list:
 (If you're having trouble with the links, copy and paste into your browser. i don't understand why there would be a problem. they are all correct and functional.)  

Gip on Facebook- 

Gip's new Fan Page-   

Gip on twitter- @HenryGipGipson


  1. I have not had the opportunity to go to Gip's but a friend is there frequently. My friend raves about Gip's and says he would rather go there than anywhere and that is good enough for me. If I lived there I would go, if you live there and don't go I think you will have really missed a great time !

  2. The links are not working

    1. Not sure why not. They are working for me. Try copy and paste if the problem continues. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    2. As for me that link was working long enough for me to see the schedule. I am traveling and hope to make it to this place at some point but the link and schedule are no longer working for me. Maybe with all the drama you have spoken of the page has been deleted.

  3. They aren't working for me either

  4. The links aren't working......

  5. this article is not completely true!

  6. Mr. Gip was doing perfectly fine for decades before outside forces decided they wanted to "help" I don't know what's going on but I think it's having the reverse effect. Does Mr. Gip even know he's got a Facebook page? Probably not and he probably doesn't care either.

    1. Mr. Gipson does love to share his music. His notoriety and ability to share with a larger audience has been directly related to his ability share his scheduling, his photographs, his friends' comments and the content of bands that play at his place. I have observed, and in a number of ways, been part of his ability to share to a MUCH wider audience. This is ALWAYS a double edged sword. But everyone has to make choices in life. This, in many ways, is even more true for entertainers.

      The people who have "helped" Mr. Gipson over the years, including those who have just left, have done a wonderful job of spreading the word. Once Gip's Place was picked up by wider media coverage, regional, national and International, he became known to a FAR greater audience than ever before possible.

      Mr. Gip does know he has a Facebook page, He does appear in videos and effect the messages sent through his various outlets, of that I am sure. As with any entertainer, does he have a hand in every aspect of the message? Probably not. My answer to that is, thank God Mr. Gip Gipson in Bessemer Alabama has the advantage of any promotional "help" which, in the past, has been reserved for rich publicity companies and main stream acts.

      God Bless Mr. Gip Gipson and also his choices. I can say that once a person reaches 70 years old, from then on, if within a reasonable social framework of responsibility, let them make their own decisions. If at any point in any person's life they choose to be a danger to themselves or others, then by all means, question it. But if someone chooses to, well, change the people he uses to "help" him publicize his craft, or get a new Facebook page, then all I can do is what I always do, help spread the word.

      I'm not closely associated with the inner workings at Gip's so I can't speak to any deep or hidden motives, agendas, etc. That's part of the point of what I do. I stay OUT of the cliques and OUT of the drama as much as possible and just facilitate communication and the spreading of credible, up to date information to the best of my ability.

      You may be 100% correct by the way. But I did follow the story for over a week before i said anything, and purposefully omitted a almost all of the "drama" which I KNOW the readers of today would eat up. Unfortunately if you go to any of these pages above you are likely to witness said drama. So beware.

      Thanks for posting your opinion. I just need you to know mine and why I even reported anything at all. Otherwise the ability of Mr. Gip to share with people would be greatly reduced.

  7. Has anyone ever thought that Mr. Gipson wanted to invite more people to his backyard, to allow the world to experience what others had experienced at his gatherings? Mr. Gipson is not a victim. Mr. Gipson has a gift that allows him to invite 1000's to his backyard and give them the opportunity to hear a prayer, which for some, is rarely heard. Is this not what he wanted?
    Sometimes with fame people have to deal with the snakes that come around. From what I've been told those snakes brought on a new lifestyle for Mr. Gipson that the past helpers did not agree with.

  8. I have been able to view the Henry Gip Gipson page until today. Now what?