Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wednesday's Live Music and Events

: WZZK presents w/ Today
@Finneyames - Open Mic w/ Finney James tonight at Pale Eddie's 9pm

Tonight @TinRoofBHam we have The Railers at 7:30 followed by Brett Eldredge at 8pm all ages show Tickets $12 at the door
Ophelia @opheliaband - We'll be on the patio @SliceBirmingham Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm. http://fb.me/2QSSqBAGy

Escondido: 10/16 @WorkPlayBham ( @escondidoband @GBOJ ) "Hey Birmingham, this is Jess & Tyler from Escondido!..." http://fb.me/I0Os6XlL

@WorkPlayBham :Wednesday- Beverly Owen and Friends 6:00 PM http://fb.me/29YID0cUZ

Glen Butts- Glen butts @Satterfields, Wednesday Oct 16 6-9pm http://fb.me/KQTs7OBe

@BillysSportGril Northport: Songwriter Night/BIRTHDAY BASH! Hosted By @HopeCassity Wed. http://fb.me/207UXkZzt

@IronCityBham : @BenRector w/ @TyroneWells: The Walking In Between Tour Wednesday at 8:00pm http://fb.me/La20CoWf

@_MargaritaGrill : Wed, 10/16 Rob West http://fb.me/2pxPMZjxk

@RojoBirmingham: Wed. Pub quiz (trivia night) with host David Phipps and Rachel Shields 7PM. Great prizes, and... http://fb.me/2NIe6fU84

@ShelbysPelham: Wed. Open Mic Night http://fb.me/1C695fPum

Oasis: Wed. -Keitha Williams http://fb.me/2shGrQ866

@BillysSportGril Liberty Park: Join Goodfellas every Wednesday http://fb.me/1QVcd8Oi2

Superior Grill: Wed. - Negotiators http://fb.me/ZVFWmNBs

@BottletreeCafe: Wed. -Wild Belle / Snowmine 9:00 PM http://fb.me/RVeaU08W

Alys Stephens @ascbham: Big Love - #CharlesMee Director Karla Koskinen Wednesday 7:30pm http://fb.me/3sZjil9Kd

Birmingham Library - Central Branch @BPL Wed. 12pm- America's Music - Why Study the Beatles http://fb.me/6j4FLjmdJ

: Wed- Jillia and Kurt http://fb.me/6xf0ybtqf

@Stardome Comedy Club: John Morgan October 8 - October 17 http://fb.me/2WVDCriRo

@Pub261: WED. 10/16 - Pearman Park http://fb.me/6uukI10MV

@RailroadPark: Wednesday- Zumba at Railroad Park! - Railroad Park! - 6PM to 7PM http://fb.me/6wOw9Q2ax

Tavern of St. Clair: Pell City- Wed. 7pm- Leonard and Phillip Free. http://fb.me/3akM4rnAJ

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