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"Hello, Birmingham, this is Turk Tresize. We’re looking forward to our show at The Nick on Halloween. We’d love to see some of your faces."

No matter what life dishes up, Australian roots rock artist Turk Tresize believes, “Ya gotta roll with it.” This theme is evident in both his personal and professional life and is highly reflected in his music. 



With more than 20 years of experience, Tresize hails from Cannons Creek, Victoria, Australia, where he learned the value of a hard day’s work growing up on his family’s farm. Stemming from his love of heartland country and later bands like Black Sabbath and AC/DC, he started as a self-taught vocalist and transformed into an artist dedicated to his craft.


Tresize didn’t begin playing music until he was 20 when his mother gave him his first guitar, which has been his friend in moments of solace ever since. A rooted family man, Tresize found truth and comfort in music while watching his family fight to keep their farm.
After fronting several local bands that developed a strong following, Tresize ventured to London, but stayed longer than he originally anticipated. He began playing regular gigs with a group of fellow travelers under the name ‘Skippy’s Nightmare,’ many of who returned to Melbourne and continued to play with Tresize for years.

From there, Tresize built a recording studio in a milking shed on his family farm, now aptly called, “The Shed.” The soundproofed studio provided Tresize the opportunity and means to explore his passion for songwriting and laying down his own tracks. Inspired by ‘man-of-the-land’ roots of southern rock, grunge, and 70s general with a twist of country rawness, Tresize’s debut album, Soul Casino, came to life.

A follow-up to his EP Miles ‘N’ Miles, Soul Casino was written by Turk Tresize and produced by Andrija Tokic (Bomb Shelter – Nashville, Alabama Shakes). The highly personal and original album infuses soundscapes that are southern rock-based with elements of rock, roots rock, blues, alternative country, and Americana tossed in for good measure. Although Tresize cites many musical and songwriting influences ranging from Chris Cornell to Hank Williams, Jr., he avoids being pigeonholed. He has truly created a sound that is pure ‘Turk.’

The first single off the record, “Miles ‘N’ Miles,” is a track that celebrates riding through the Australian outback, kicking back, and enjoying life. The song showcases Tresize’s remarkable ability to let his raw vocals do that talking in a simple yet catchy tune. The bluesy rock track and second single off the record, “Daddy Wazza Roller,” sets the tone for the album with its edgy sound, strong storytelling, and profound themes about the tumultuousness of life. Another highlight is the driving track, “West On Train,” which features guest-backing vocals from the lead singer of the Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard. The lively rock song gives a warm look into Tresize’s promising future as an artist.

With Tresize’s raspy vocals that complement his organic arrangements and keen ear for composition, listeners are exposed to Tresize’s authentic, honest ability to tell stories through his songs. Tresize’s desire to connect and experience people’s reactions to something that was created from within him has allowed for a successful and highly personal relationship with listeners. Dubbed by his mates as ‘Church of Turk” due to his ability to heal troubled souls, Tresize’s nickname is truly reflected in his music, that is intended to provide healing in the midst of anguish.

A fun and honest, yet adventurous and unorthodox soul, Tresize’s natural ability to just “roll with it” and combined stellar work ethic have allowed him to defy genres and his own expectations. The ‘Church of Turk’ has the power to lift, heal, calm, and electrify and is an instant friend to those who are so lonely that can only relate to a good song.


Bones Hillman - Bass
Venom - Drums
Patch Brown - Lead Guitar
Turk Tresize - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals


Miles 'n' Miles (Single)
Miles 'n' Miles (EP)
Soul Casino (Album)

Official Website


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