Tuesday, October 15, 2013

@QuietHollers: 11/22 @thenickrocks

"Hello, Birmingham!  My name is Shadwick and I play in a band called Quiet Hollers.  We're on tour from Louisville, Kentucky and we're gonna be visiting Birmingham for the first time on Friday November 22nd.  I've heard great things about the Birmingham scene, and we're looking forward to rocking out with you guys, meeting some new friends, and gently melting your face off with our Southern Indie Rock / Alt Country style." 

Quiet Hollers is a band that can't quit. Formed in Kentucky in 2010, and touring since... the Hollers just released their first album, "I Am The Morning," recorded upstairs from a working funeral home, and with a drummer whose neck was literally broken.

 The Louisville-based band seamlessly bridges the gap between the raw energy of Punk rock and the woeful wisdom of American heartland music, in seedy bars all around the country, and with little sleep in between.

 Fronted by singer/songwriter Shadwick Wilde, a veteran of hardcore punk outfits Brassknuckle Boys and Iron Cross, and whose self released solo album (Unforgivable Things, 2010) was the vehicle that sparked Quiet Hollers' inception -- originally to play just one show. But a chemistry like theirs doesn't come often... and when it does, you've got to hold on to it. Countless shows later, Quiet Hollers are still showing us why.

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